New Dances Reply

Samantha Skocilic, Thao Vy Phan

The Stacey Middle School Dance Club, lead by Mrs. Mi Linda Valverde, is currently producing two dances, one for the pep rally and another for the winter dance in December.

Dance Club is excited to express their passion and perform for the students of Stacey Middle School in these two large events. Ms Valverde said, “I am always excited about dance and my girls.”

Taman Tran stated, “Yeah, I’m pretty excited, but we’re going to  be tired. We don’t stop practicing til’ four or five.”

Zeenia Merida is excited that they are going to do cheerful Christmas dances such as Jingle Bell Rock. She also enjoyed performing to Thriller at Darkfest on October 29.

The upcoming dances are creating excitement and anticipation among the students. Come and enjoy the dances as well as the Pep Rally and Winter Dance, One Snowy Night, with food, fun, and a great time with your friends.

NJHS Cares For The Brave Reply

Operation gratitude

Quang Truong

NJHS is creating care packages for our brave soldiers fighting for our freedom overseas. Members will be bringing Ziploc bags, shaving cream, lotions, along with small items to lend a taste of home like stuffed animals, as well as earbuds for music and other media.

NJHS volunteers created the care packages using items brought in by Mrs. Gates and other members. Most of the items in the care packages were hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissues, and chapstick.

These care packages will be shipped to Van Nuys for Operation Gratitude. Service family members are also able to request a care package from their loved ones.

Profiling Ms.Thach Reply


Thao Vy Phan

Ms. Thach is currently a math and CCR teacher at Stacey Middle School. Her dream of becoming a teacher started her sophomore year. Ms. Thach has been fulfilling her dreams for 12 years, 10 years at Webber Elementary and two at Stacey.

One of her greatest accomplishments is starting the garden club at Stacey. Ms.Thach found gardening in May 2013, when she had tried to prevent weeds from growing. She said that she “fell in love with it” and had found “something she was good at.” Ms.Thach is also proud of fixing her house, graduating from college, and her teaching career.

Had teaching not panned out, Ms.Thach’s second career choice would have been Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. She said as a young child she thought the job of FBI agent would be “active and something new.” However, Ms.Thach states,” I love teaching, so it will never happen.” More…

2015 Stacey Girls Football Reply

Destiney Hagberg

Congratulation to all the girls who made the football game here at Stacey Middle School. The game schedule hasn’t been posted yet, but the games will be held after the Thanksgiving Break.

Good luck to the girls, and support the girls by going to the games and cheering them on.

The girls who were selected to be on the team are:

Hannah Pendleton

Thanh Danh

Jeannie Skidmore

Aine Drury

Bella McGookin

Ashley Reyes

Natalie Gonzalez

Jocelynn Timmer

Blythe Walker

Krisante Igarta

Julia Le

Alicia Rodriguez

Lily Foster

Hailey Braddock

Mackenzie Bialek

Sela Aranda

Good Grief or Good Gratitude? Reply


Kristen Fernandez

The smell of pumpkin pie is in the air and a fall breeze is here. The Peanuts Gang is rounding the corner and that can only mean one thing. This month on the 26th, Thanksgiving will arrive once again, bringing its festivities along.

“I am excited to see all my family in one place,” said seventh grader Justin Samone. More…