Getting to Know Mrs. Redmond Reply


Erin Brown and Delaney Powell

For the last twelve years, Mrs. Redmond has been a seventh and eighth-grade history teacher at Stacey Middle School. On campus, she is quite well known for her large shoe collection. She is also known for her kindness towards her students.

The Cougar Chronicle had an opportunity to ask her a few questions and get to know her better. More…

One Melted Night Reply

FullSizeRenderNikki Do

On December 16th, One Snowy Night was hosted by the College Career Readiness program. Throughout the dance, there were various activities available for students who bought tickets (aside from the ticket to enter).

At the dance, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., Santa Claus took pictures with students in the school library. In front of the library was a food stand which contained chips, candy, pizza, hot chocolate, and soda.

One section of the multipurpose room was reserved for an activity where students were able to get whipped cream sprayed into their face. In order to do the activity, students payed one ticket. More…

Musical Mondays Reply

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Tyler Serrano and Delaney Powell

According to Billboard Top 100, these are you hot top ten for January 4, 2016!

In tenth place we have,“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor. This song has been on the charts for 26 weeks and has maintained the number ten spot, its peak position as number eight. More…

Just Fangirlin’ 1

#FangirlDelaney Powell

Have you ever been left on a “cliffhanger” and wanted to throw your TV or book out the window? Well, it’s common for humans to get attached to fictional characters like perhaps Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens, or Dean Winchester from Supernatural. More…

Tis’ The Season of Awards Reply

golden-globes-2016-ricky-gervais-posterQuang Truong

The award season has started, with the release of the nominations for the Golden Globes in 2016. Many movies, such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Trainwreck, and Spy as well as TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, Scream Queens, and Orange is the New Black, were honored with the nominations. More…

Lawyers In The Making: Anime Edition – Naruto vs Attack on Titan!!! 8


Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez and Nikki Do

Oi! Nigen (meaning “human”)! 🐼 WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR! We hoped you had a great Christmas and New Year and ate a lot. 🎉 We are here to entertain you once again. The winner of last week’s poll is Harry Potter!!!  This week we will be discussing the ultimate anime. We’re all fired up!🔥 More…