Glowintine Dance Reply

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Leah Kurihara

Leadership is hosting this year’s Glowintine Dance on Thursday, February 11.

Black lights will create a glowing effect, so wearing vibrant clothes, such as white or neon clothes, is recommended.

Tickets are $6.00 without a Claw Club card. Claw Club members get a one dollar discount.

An I.D. and ticket will be required to enter the dance.

Ticket sales will start on Tuesday, February 2nd outside the classroom G2B. Candy, pizza, and drinks will be sold at the dance.

All of these items can be purchased using tickets you can buy at a booth at the dance.

Skate Night Reply


Leah Kurihara

On February 9th, Stacey’s PTSA is holding a skate night. It will be from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Fountain Valley Skating Rink.

There are skates there to rent or one can bring their own pair from home. It costs $2.00 to enter the rink.

They also have a snack bar and a gaming area. One can buy coins at the rink and play all different types or arcade games.

Support your school and Stacey’s PTSA by going to this awesome event.


Valentine’s Day Grams: A Special Gift for a Special Someone Reply

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Jennifer Ly

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Want to show your appreciation for a friend? Look no further, for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be found right here, at Stacey Middle School.

Valentine’s Day Grams are being sold by College Career Readiness (CCR) and Mr. Ghaul’s class from February 1 to February 11 in front of the teacher’s lounge at 7:30- 8:05 AM.

Valentine Grams will include a carnation and can be bought for $2.

Extra Credit Reply


Thao Vy Phan

It is only natural that almost everyone loves extra credit. Extra credit provides an opportunity for students to increase their grades.

However, some teachers offer it for attending school functions. For example, some teachers convince students to go to school dances or school plays for extra credit. Although I don’t disagree with the idea, students should support our school without bribery. Extra credit should be earned, not bought. More…