MathCon 1

IMG_1827Quang Truong

On February 25, Mrs. Doyle’s Math 7A classes competed in MathCon, a nationwide math competition where students took a 40 problem, 40 minute timed test on grade level appropriate problems.

The classes were competing with 45,000 students from over 330 schools in 40 states, but the 7th graders only competed against other 7th graders.

On the test, competitors faced grade level questions, patterns and problem solving, but as Mrs. Doyle said, the problems were “stepping it up a notch”.

She stated “I am very proud of my students”. Good job to our mathematicians!


First Soccer Games! Reply

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Destiney Hagberg

Stacey Middle School Soccer was on fire March 2! Both girls and boys soccer teams went to Westminster High School to play Warner.

The girls did really well against Warner beating them five to zero.

Leandra Gimenez said, “We all did very well. We were passing the ball and moving around. The halves were really short too.”  

Lexi Vanhorn, who was on fire, scored two times! Reese Rosas did great and scored off a free kick. Jocelynn Timmer and Leandra Gimenez, amazing athletes, each scored one time. More…

Publication Possé 📑📚- Reply

Nikki Do, Kristen Fernandez, and Jonah Vu

Welcome back to Publication Possé, all you book nerds! It is time for Bo0oOoO0o𐐃𐐬OoKkk paradise! Today, we are back with two highly recommended books. Prepare to hallucinate while looking at a dead tree!

Inkheart 📖: In this stunning novel by Cornelia Funke, words truly come alive for Meggie, a heroine able to read to an extraordinary extent. When her father gets kidnapped, Meggie finds herself reading objects and people out of a book, literally. As she journeys on a quest to save her father, she becomes hostage to a villainous book character.

Pegasus🐴by Kate O’Hearn: On a stormy night, a mystical beast from Olympian mythology crashes onto thirteen-year-old Emily’s apartment roof, and her world is turned upside down. Caught between a war between Roman gods and stone creatures called Nirads, Emily must help the goddess Diana return Pegasus to Olympus before the Olympus flame runs out and the gods are destroyed.

Thank you once again for reading this week’s edition of Publication Possé! If you have any book recommendations, feel free to comment! Have a prosperous AR life!

Would You Make That Deal? 8


Heather Tran

Hello, children. This is a new column. The basic idea of this column is for you, the readers, to vote yes or no to a deal that is “offered.” Now, let’s  begin the deal. More…

The Seventh Galactic Samsung Reply


Quang Truong

Samsung released their new two phones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, on February 21 at the anticipated press event in Barcelona, Spain.

The Galaxy S7 arrived in black and gold and is 5.1 inches. It provides a storage of 32 GB. The new S7 has the new Android Marshmallow OS for an operating system More…

OC Fair Imaginology Reply

OC fair imaginology

Thao Vy Phan

Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead! OC Fair Imaginology is featuring Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics related exhibits and hands-on activities for everyone at OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa. It is a free admission event lasting from April 15 to 17. The entry deadline is Friday, March 25.    More…