Extra Credit Reply


Thao Vy Phan

It is only natural that almost everyone loves extra credit. Extra credit provides an opportunity for students to increase their grades.

However, some teachers offer it for attending school functions. For example, some teachers convince students to go to school dances or school plays for extra credit. Although I don’t disagree with the idea, students should support our school without bribery. Extra credit should be earned, not bought. More…

Mr. Yohn, who? 5


Leah  Kurihara and Leandra Gimenez

Where to begin? If you don’t already know (and you’d have to be living under a rock not to) Mr.Yohn is currently a Leadership and 8th-grade American history teacher here at Stacey Middle School.

Beginning his teaching career as a substitute at different schools, Mr. Yohn also taught at a small Vietnamese school in Little Saigon. Eventually, he became a teacher at Stacey and has been for the past thirteen years. He describes his teaching style as alternative and different compared to what people learn in college. He says in five years he still sees himself at Stacey teaching American history. More…