Water Channel – 6th Grade Lab Reply

6th scienceLeah Kurihara and Leandra Gimenez

The six-grade science classes had a lab in which they experimented with water systems. Running water is a very powerful force that shapes the landscape as it travels down a slope.

On Friday and Monday, April 29th and May 2nd, I went over to Mrs. Dandridge’s class to observe the lab and asked the students what they learned from it. More…

Lawyers in the Making! – Welcome Back Edition 👋😁 Reply

Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, and Nikki Do

Kamusta ka na, children! (How are you, in Filipino) 💂🙌 Welcome back! We apologize for the month long hiatus, but we are back in business. Hopefully, another hiatus will not take place after this. More…

Leadership: Come One, Come All! Reply

Quang Truong

Are you creative, outgoing, responsible, or trustworthy? Then pick up an application for Leadership ASB!

Leadership will be a 0 Period class, which means that it will start at 7:30 am every day.

In Leadership, students will learn leadership skills, money management, time management, responsibility, and business techniques that will contribute to their life.

Future 7th and 8th graders can also run for office! 8th graders can run for president, secretary, and treasurer. 7th graders can run for vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The president helps Mr. Yohn lead the class and helps lead the students to success. The vice president will be on call in the case of the president’s absence and take over all of those responsibilities, but they too have their own tasks.

The secretary will take notes on meetings and such while the Treasurer counts and deals with all of the money the goes in and out of the school.

If you don’t want to run, that’s okay; being a representative is still cool.

To pick up an application, see Mr. Yohn in Room G2B.

Musical Mondays Reply

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Tyler Serrano and Delaney Powell

Hello, Stacey Cougars! According to the Billboard Top 100, these are your hot, top ten songs for May 14th, 2016!

In tenth place, we have, “Love Yourselfby Justin Bieber. Wow, what a shocker! It’s been a long time since this song was on the charts. Now, it’s back- again! More…

Last Band Concert of the Year Reply

Jennifer Ly

Stacey Middle School’s upcoming band program will be showcasing their skills for the last time on May 25th. This concert begins at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. in the Stacey multipurpose room. Beyond the sheer musical enjoyment, it is sure to deliver, it serves also as a fundraiser for Stacey’s music program.

The tickets cost $4.00 for adults, $2.00 for students, and are free for children under the age of ten. Tickets will be sold beforehand and at the door.

The money raised from this performance will go towards funding for music festivals, repairs for instruments, and purchases for new instruments.

Stacey’s band performance is definitely worth the price to pay. Come to the concert and support Stacey’s band!

Unmissable Movies #1- Sharknado Reply


Samantha Skocilic Thao Vy Phan

All across the country, Sharknado has become a household name, so if you haven’t seen it, you need to.

In this campy horror movie, a monstrous hurricane sweeps through LA, leaving it flooded and infested with sharks that terrorize the waterlogged populace. It was released 3 years ago on July 11, 2013. More…

Put down your phone! 2


Destiney Hagberg

When we go out  with our families, it really is a time to spend time with them.  Yet, I have often been to restaurants and seen families sit in complete silence all staring at their little screens. Technology shouldn’t be taking over our lives. More…

CCR Field trip to UCLA Reply


Samantha Skcoilic

On Tuesday, April 19th College Career Readiness went to UCLA. Seventh and eighth graders went to the campus and had the privilege to explore.The purpose of these school-outings is for more “hands-on” experience. Educating through “in-person” experiences helps show students the college world in a whole new way. More…