WSD Track and Field Meet Results Reply


Leah Kurihara

On Wednesday, May 18, Stacey Middle School took part in the WSD Track and Field Meet. At this event, all students took part in the 1600 meter race, 100-meter race, 400-meter race, 200-meter race, 4×100 meter relay, long jump, and softball throw. Everyone tried their best, however only Stacey’s boys took home the trophy. More…

NHJS Graduation Medallion Reply

Kristen Fernandez

Attention all 8th graders in NJHS! If you are purchasing a medallion for graduation, be sure to turn in your money to Mrs. Gates or Mrs. Doyle by May 27th.

Those who are eligible for this medallion must have been in NJHS for two trimesters, one of them being the third trimester. The medal costs $19.00 and may be

The medallion costs $19.00 and may be paid for by cash or check.

Purchasing the medallion is not required; students can borrow a medallion for the ceremony as long as they are returned immediately after.

Congratulations NJHS members!

8th Grade Astronomy Dodecahedrons 2

DodecahedronsJonah Vu

Students from Mrs. Cleckler’s and Mrs. Ibbetson’s science class recently completed one of their last projects of the year, a dodecahedron! A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional polyhedron with twelve flat faces, and eight graders were required to fill up each side with researched information on space. More…

Publication Possé 📚📑 Reply


Nikki Do, Kristen Fernandez, Jonah Vu, and Quang Truong

Hello again, all you lovers of books!!!! Today we’re going to recommend the best realistic teen fiction books out there! We will be joined today by a special guest: Quang, who gave us his ideas for our topic! Whether it be a story of self-discovery or unexpected love, the following reads are inspirational and captivating. Get ready to be bombarded by a huge array of novels!! More…

Musical Mondays Reply

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Tyler Serrano and Delaney Powell

Hello, Stacey Cougars! According to the Billboard Top 100, these are your hot, top ten songs for May 23rd, 2016!

In the tenth place, we have, “Needed Me” By Rihanna. Since one of Rihanna’s new songs went off the charts, she’s throwing a new one at us- and it has an awesome beat!   More…

#13 For the Win!🏀👟 2


Nikki Do and Kristen Fernandez

February 3rd, 2002. Be sure to mark this memorable day because that day is basketball player #13’s birthday!

Who is #13, you may ask? Well, his name is Stanley Nguyen. Stanley is a well-known basketball player at Stacey that often is seen playing at the courts with his friends. While everyone knows “ball is life”, Stanley has more in mind than just sports. More…

MHSA Awards and ARTS Night Reply

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Leah Kurihara

On Tuesday, May 3rd,  PTSA hosted their HSA Awards and ARTS Night. There, both parents and teachers won awards for their time commitment to Stacey Middle School this year. Other teachers and/or parents presented the awards to the winners, without exposing their gender, by saying what they have accomplished and why they deserve to win. More…

Life of a Star – Thanh Danh 2


Thao Vy Phan

Thanh Danh is one of the most valuable athletes on Stacey campus. Widely known for being a star on the girl’s basketball team, she possesses a caring and humble personality. Her friends describe her to be sweet, humorous and helpful. She says, “I’m a punny person and in that way, I can sometimes cheer people up with jokes.” More…