Basketball Game Times Reply

Come and support your fellow Cougars in the upcoming basketball games! They begin right after school. Here are the dates and locations for the upcoming games:

Thursday, April 14: Stacey vs Warner at Stacey

Tuesday, April 19: Stacey vs Warner at Warner

Thursday, April 28: Stacey vs Johnson at Johnson

Should Kids be Allowed to Play Football? Reply


Delaney Powell

Many feel that kids should play football as long as they use the safety precautions. When the NFL came out with Pop Warner, a non-profit organization that provides youth football, students rushed directly to the signups. But what these students did not realize is that danger may be lurking in the future for them. More…

Who Runs the World? Girls! Reply

Tammy Barnett

Leandra Gimenez

Tammy Barnett is a 25 year old woman from the town of  Robeline, Louisiana who is making history. She was once a police officer in her hometown, but she is turning in her badge to join the military. Many women in the US are apart of the military but the reason that Tammy is making history is because she is the first woman in the United States to be a part of the infantry. More…

Bullying Issues – Just Make it Stop Reply


Jennifer Ly

Bullying is a major worldwide problem that has been occurring for centuries. School bullying is a huge contributing factor of it.

About one out of every four students are being bullied on a regular basis, according to Bullying Statistics. Additionally, Kidpower reports that in 2007 approximately 80% of students were bullied within the school grounds. More…

8th Grade History Newscast Project Reply

download (9)

Kristen Fernandez

The glory of being in 8th grade comes with new classes, new teachers, and new projects. All 8th graders are required to do a history project with a group of their choice and make a historically accurate video in the form of a newscast. This project was given to all 8th graders at the beginning of February and will be due on May 25th. More…

Mrs. Valverde 1

image1Thao Vy Phan, Samantha Skocilic

Mi Linda Valverde, a current Language Arts, Spanish, and CCR teacher wants to share her story. She has been teaching for 11 years and uses all her experience to teach her students to the best of her ability.

Mrs. Valverde’s family includes two younger sisters and her parents. She had multiple jobs before becoming an English teacher. Starting to work at the age of 16, she has been a tutor, house cleaner, and a babysitter. More…

1960s PE vs 2016 PE Reply

push ups - Edited

Jennifer Ly

A Physical Education program at La Sierra High created by Coach Stan LeProtti in 1957 was notorious in the 1960s for regularly asking more of the students there than the military today. According to mental_floss, push-ups, pull-ups, and suspended sit-ups were done on a circuit throughout a twelve-minute warm-up and a five-minute exercise through an obstacle course. The program even had custom equipment like peg boards and monkey bars. More…

Flightless Fledglings Reply


Nikki Do

Spring has been in full play at Stacey since March 20th, the equinox. Naturally, the birds and the famous Stacey gophers have woken up to its sweet smell. This is time for celebration as the earth is reborn, but problems with Mother Nature can occur, specifically with the birds.

Fledglings, birds that are learning to fly, litter Stacey’s campus. According to Mass Audubon, statistics show that only thirty percent of these creatures survive. The greatest problem, however, is not their ability, or rather their inability, to fly but the interference of humans while learning to do so. More…

NJHS Update Reply


Tyler Serrano

Stacey students still have an opportunity to join the National Junior Honors Society club for the third trimester.

Interested students must attain at least a 3.2 grade point average in the second trimester of this year and have no N’s or U’s on their report card in order to join this club. They’ll need to show it to Mrs. Gates by Friday, April 15th, along with paying a $6.00 membership fee. More…