Clown or Frown – Poll Reply

Katelyn Hooker

The month of October is about frights and scares, but are people in clown masks taking it too far? Many are debating if the recent clown sightings are just a hoax or if it’s real.  Are people in clown suits really coming to schools and scaring children, or is it just an immature photoshop prank?  


Goal Setting Conferences Reply


Evelyn Huynh

Hello, Stacey Students!

Monday, October 17th is when parent-teacher-student conferences start. These will be goal setting conferences and will last all week through the 21st. That also means the student release time will be 1:29 the whole week and not just on Wednesday.

Every student is required to come to this conference along with his or her backpack and planner. Be prepared to discuss your goals and a few strategies to aid in achieving them.

We are looking forward to reaching some amazing goals!

Volleyball Practice! 1


Oanh Tran

Are you interested in playing and practicing volleyball for fun?  If so, Mr. Cota will be running volleyball practices open for new members starting Friday, October 7th after school on the P.E. field! 

In order to participate, the Athletic and Activity Registration Form must be filled out and turned in by the day of the practice.  Copies of the registration forms are found on the Stacey Middle School website, or pick one up from Mr. Cota.

How to find form on website:

  1. Click on Clubs & Sports
  2. Click on Sports
  3. Click on Forms
  4. After clicking forms, click the form that says ATHLETIC and ACTIVITY REGISTRATION FORM (There will be athletic forms provided in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.)  

Musical Mondays 2


Delaney Powell and Justin Pham

According to Billboard Top 100, this is the hot top ten for September 2016!

In tenth place, we have, “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna! They were in seventh place last week, but they are still so, so amazing!! YOU GO, RIRI!! More…

Sleep is NOT for the Weak! 3


Elaine Tong

Many people believe that their sleeping habits are healthy. However, this article may prove many wrong and show the real dangers of not getting enough sleep.

The typical amount of hours teenagers usually get are between seven to seven-and-a-half. When in fact, the recommended amount of sleep is nine to nine-and-a-half hours. More…

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Educational Views 5


Victor Garibay

This year’s presidential campaign has been pretty interesting. The candidate who seems to stand out the most out of all is Donald Trump. He is an American businessman, television personality, author, and politician.  Many of you may know him for making racist remarks about Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims. You may also know him for his idea to build a wall between the Mexican-American border.

However, some agree with what he says. More…