Changes in the Making Reply


Destiney Hagberg

Mr. Yohn’s classes are generating ideas to make Stacey a better place. He explained to everyone that Stacey ASB has funds amounting to about $25,000 that can be spent on our school for the benefit of the students. Mr. Yohn said all the money came from students when paying for dances and other events. More…

Amazon Takes Over? Reply


Quang Truong

When you hear the word “Amazon,” most people think of the online shopping titan that many love for their wide variety of items.

Now, Amazon is planning to open physical stores that may appear in malls across the country. They are opening particularly bookstores and department stores, which is BIG trouble for the bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble. More…

Internet Safety Reply


Thao Vy Phan

Since the arrival of Chromebooks, the GoGuardian has been effectively blocking inappropriate websites. However, the software has also prevented legitimate sites such as along with other websites. According to Education World, the internet service provider of the public education system claims that 75 to 80 percent of the school districts filter the internet or plan to do so. The issue regarding the method of monitoring the internet has caused many intense debates among educators, parents, technological experts and others.

Handing Humanity Hope Reply


Many around the world have been impacted by war and violence. Students at Stacey Middle School can help. If, in the next two weeks, each student donates $2 we can reach our goal of $2000 and hand humanity hope.

Mrs. Peters, a former Stacey history teacher sees the tragedy of many refugees first hand. Watch her video to hear her experience in her own words:

This new kindness challenge fundraiser is being promoted by CCR and Leadership from now until May 2nd.

The top three activists, as well as homerooms, will win a prize.

Teachers will be handing out flyers to homeroom classes which can be used for fundraising in the community.


We will miss you, Ms. Erdelyi! Reply


Erin Brown

Ms. Erdelyi is a seventh-grade science teacher who is  known around campus for her power points that start off every period in her class. She is a fun and carefree person who is always teaching with a smile on her face. I started off with an important question just to get warmed up.

CC- One of the more common questions that have gone around campus is: what are your fish’s names? More…

DC Opportunity! Reply

Quang Truong

Attention 7th Graders! On Wednesday, April 20, there will be an informational meeting regarding the Washington DC trip for next year.

The meeting will be before Open House at the lunch tables.

At the meeting, students and parents will learn about the trip and the possible benefits that it has for everyone.

This trip is highly recommended. Students learn about the history of our nation as well as the culture in different cities. It is both educational and fun, and some especially enjoy the chance to room with friends throughout the week.

The trip will take students to various places in Virginia, Washington DC, and New York.

Hello Ms. Sale! Reply

IMG_2498 (1)Erin Brown

Ms. Sale is a seventh and eighth grade Language Arts teacher. She is also in charge of Stacey Middle School’s talented choir. She has a pet snake that she allows the classes to hold, and she helps students in her class read up to three grade levels above where they first started.

CC- Why did you decide to become a teacher? More…