Found Poems Reply

0530181844-2Gwyndalynn Kent

In Mrs. Walters Language Arts classes, she has been having them evaluate and analyze pieces of art (poems, songs, paintings, etc.), most of which were about Harlem. The poems were both by Langston Hughes, one entitled ¨Jukebox Love Song¨ and the other called ¨Harlem¨. The painting was titled ¨The Block” and the song was ¨The Tattooed Bride¨.

But, let’s just focus on these poems ¨Jukebox Love Song” and ¨Harlem¨, both of which have completely different moods, tones, and themes to them. One has this very loving mood to it and the other talks about something rotting and exploding. More…

What’s Wrong With Joking Around??? 1

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Gwyndalynn Kent

As all Stacey Students should know, on Monday, May 21st, 2018, there were bag checks, police, and even a news van here at Stacey Middle School. The reasons for this which some of you still may not know is all because of a school shooting threat was written on the boys’ bathroom wall. No violence actually occurred and this message was apparently meant as a joke, but what some people don’t realize is that things like this, even if it was meant as a joke,  have to be taken seriously.

Most people have that one friend that takes jokes a hair too far, right? When people joke, they expect others to think that it is just a joke too, but what they don’t realize is how personal or realistic people can take these jokes.

A large example of this is bullying, the people doing it may not be noticing how personally a person can be affected by one silly little statement or joke. More…

#JusticePourNaomi Reply

Kelsey Bisetti

Picture it. Your stomach is tearing itself apart, the pain more than you’ve ever had to bear. It feels like your own stomach acid is folding into your other organs and fire spreads through your body. You call emergency services and the operator’s response is, “Yes, you’re definitely going to die…”

In Strasbourg, France, Naomi Musenga, 22 years old and a mother of one, died of multiple organ failures and cardiac arrest. The case was dismissed as a sad and senseless death, made worse by the mystery surrounding her condition. The exact cause of death remains unknown.

However, a recording of Musenga’s call to emergency services surfaced recently, and it has horrified thousands across the globe.

Here is the full transcript: More…

Theedle Thee 3

Gavin Mercado

Theedle them,

Theedle thee,

How many heartbreaks are inside my spleen?

If they arise will they burn

Or maybe turn into an unpleasant surge,

If I make them whole again,

Will they swell like a sore?

Or bleed out like a dying boar?

Theedle them,

Theedle thee,

Why do you keep doing this to me?

If the pain is swelling up inside,

Then I will feel so that they die,

If I make them whole again,

Will they fester like a torn soul?

Or burn up like a hot piece of coal? More…

The Home Stretch Reply

Juneau Resnick

We only have a few weeks before summer, which is a relief. But in the weeks prior to the end, we are racing around with our heads chopped off trying to get things done and turned in. This is the final countdown before all of the summer fun.

For instance,  the portfolio in Mrs. Ortega’s fourth and fifth-period class was due this past Friday so the class could peer edit. There is a whole lot of stuff that goes into the portfolio so they will be working hard to finish everything.

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Safety Measures in The Event of a School Shooting Reply

Mia Grasse

As you all know on Friday, May 18, a male student wrote in the Stacey bathrooms that he was going to “shoot up” the school the following Monday. This threat scared a lot of people and over a third of Stacey’s student body was absent Monday, May 21. This was unfortunate. If this student took a few moments to think about consequences, he could have prevented a lot of trouble for himself and his family.

Even so, it did give us a lot to think about. In the event that there ever is a student with a weapon at Stacey Middle School, we need to be prepared. There are some basic protocols to follow.

If there is an active shooter on campus, the first thing you do is run. It is much harder to hit a moving target. Don’t keep yourself in a place with too many objects. It is better to be out in the open where there will be lots of places to run. If you can, run to the Westminster Mall because that is Stacey’s meeting place if anything bad were to happen at Stacey Middle School. More…

Open House Poll 5

Hey, Stacey parents and students. We hope you had a fantastic Open House experience!

Many new Stacey Middle school parents probably didn’t realize that this is Stacey’s first time trying this new format for Open House. Last year, Open House was formatted just like the student’s schedules from their first period to last. This year it was scheduled by subjects. That means a teacher may have had up to seven periods in the same room at the same time. That could be interesting.

The real question is, did you like the new Open House format? Please respond to the poll and leave comments about any specific ideas you might have.

No More Holes! 5

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Juneau Resnick

Has anyone ever noticed how full of holes our field is? It’s because of all the gopher tunnels underneath the grass. This issue poses a danger to all the students during PE and when they are on the field during lunch.

Many students have slipped into a hole while running the mile or twisted their ankle during lunch. These holes need to go. “We have many boys and girls who are on outside sports teams who refuse to try at school, for fear of twisting their ankle,“ says Mr. Yohn.  “Even our own Stacey running team won’t go out on the field anymore.”

Besides the danger, these holes are prohibiting the grass from growing. At the moment, our field is not something to be proud of. The gopher holes are preventing that. More…

Breaking News: Construction: Spring Edition 15

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Madelyn Fracassa

Recently, the construction at Stacey Middle School has been crazy and keeping up with it has been overwhelming. The good news is that the gym will be done in time for graduation, but the bad news is that there will be a limited amount of people allowed into graduation and the tickets will be back.

For the kids with a big family, you can always request more tickets than the original amount given. But it will be more expensive to have to get tickets, and that could put a weight on some families decision on how many family members are coming.

Even though there are a few negatives of graduating in the gym, there are many positives outweighing the negatives. More…

Let’s Lessen the Stressin’ 13


Juneau Resnick

No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop time. No matter how hard we try, the future will always come. It’s something we cannot stop, us growing up. We might be scared out of our minds about what it holds, but our future comes to make us better people. Even though we want to be more adult and more independent, getting there can be more daunting than we ever thought.