Tahoe City & Its Mighty Lake 2

Gavin Mercado

Welcome to a new series at the Cougar Chronicle. Welcome to Vacation Destinations 101! This is a series in which we talk about vacation destinations.

We all got a nice vacation during spring break. Maybe you went to your grandparent’s house, or maybe even drove to the Grand Canyon.

There is one destination which most usually don’t think of when they hear vacation: Tahoe City! Or more famously, Lake Tahoe. More…

Everything You Need to Know About Thirteen Reasons Why Season Two Reply

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Avalyn Walton

2017’s most tweeted about show, 13 Reasons Why, is nothing less than a phenomenon. And so, fans around the world have been buzzing about the release of season two, in hopes that it will come out soon.

There was even a rumor that it would come out at midnight on March 30, which many fans of the show took as a credible release date. However, those who believed the rumor were disappointed to see it was anything but truthful. However, as of now, there has been no given release date besides the year of 2018.

Even still, there is no doubt that a second season will, in fact, be coming and soon. Netflix has announced that fans can expect a second season sometime in 2018. This wasn’t a big shock though, because everyone from the fans to the cast was hoping for it. More…

What The Plush Is Toreba? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

They are in most to all toy stores, decadent plushies with beautiful buttons or ribbons around them. Instead of buying these plushies, many people may win these fabulous toys out of a claw machine.

What is a claw machine you may ask? Well, a claw machine is a machine with one, two, three, or even four prongs (arms) to pick up a toy or drag it.

When you think of these types of complicated games, you may think of them being in an arcade or at a supermarket like “Albertsons.” More…

What Movie Genre Do You Like? 1

Madelyn Fracassa

There are many different types of movies out there, including horror, comedy, thriller, romance, drama, action, war, science fiction, crime, animation, documentary, historical, etc. Which one of those topics is the best to you?

Superhero Profiles Reply

Gwyndalynn Kent, Avalyn Walton, and Ashley Wolf

Superheroes have become a very large part of the media over the course of the last few decades. Whether in the form of colorful comic books, engaging Marvel and DC movies, or any other medium, superheroes have had a way of depicting powerful and interesting characters.

And the day to truly celebrate them just occurred. Saturday, April 28, is national superhero day. And to commemorate these beloved superheroes, we have compiled a list of profiles on some of the most widely known figures in the superhero sub-genre, including both DC and Marvel characters.


Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 4.51.46 PM More…

DBL Decision?!? Reply

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Kevin Luu

DBL (Design-Based Learning), a sixth-grade elective here at Stacey, is learning about ecosystems, landforms, and history. As a team, the students have debated about their landforms and what their priorities were.  They used percentages to help them with their decision. The students created landforms for science, history, and math. 

This project furthers their learning about ecosystems in science. Their goal is to learn how land and ecosystems affect civilization.

The three teachers involved are Ms. Winemiller, Mrs. Kleen, and Ms. Faulkner. Mrs. Winemiller teaches the students how the ecosystem is affected by land. Mrs. Kleen teaches the students how to use ratios and area to design the land, and Ms. Faulkner helps by teaching how the land affects trade in history.

Did You Know?: Animals 3

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Ashley Wolf

Welcome to my brand new series! For the next couple weeks, each week there will be a new story with a new category of facts. Enjoy!

This week you will be getting fascinating facts about . . . . Animals! So let’s get started.

  • Like 10% of the world, All polar bears are left-handed, unlike most other animals who can be both.
  • A snail can sleep for three years. I wish I could do that, their dreams must be like full movies.
  • A scorpion can hold its breath for 6 days. They aren’t built for swimming, but some varieties can stay underwater for up to 48 hours.
  • Cows have best friends and get stressed when they are separated. If they get in a fight, how do they MOOOO-ve on? I’m funny.


Dear Sam; Who’s Annoying? Reply

Dear Sam,

I know for a fact that my friends are telling people I’m annoying behind my back, however, when I tried to confront them they laughed and told me I was just being silly. My sources were reliable and I had proof of them talking bad about me. And some of these people I’ve cut ties with, but some of them hold too much power to cut them off. Am I overreacting? What should I do?


Lil Miss Annoying More…

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Apr 23 – Apr 27) 3


Kelsey Bisetti

Valourous day, mine lovely children! How art thou on this glorious afternoon?

Onto the events of this week!

Spring grams wilt selleth Monday ‘ere school and during lunch. Buyeth one for someone special! They wilt be delivered Wednesday.

Walking Club is meeting this Wednesday. If ‘t be true you’re looking for a relaxing way to doth some exercise, thee should forsooth cometh. And don’t forget to bringeth thy friends!

On April 26, Mrs. Valverde wilt beest hosting an AVID meeting for all students interested in joining the high school AVID class. Thither, thee can discuss field trips, assignments, and standards. Desire to see thee thither! More…

Another Walkout? 23

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Mia Grasse

We all knew about the walkout on March 14, but that was not enough. Students want to be able to know that they are safe at school. After the Parkland, Florida shooting, students have had enough and demanded to take matters into their own hands.

The National School Walkout took place on April 20, to honor the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre and the 13 people who died. ABC states, “The event was organized by 16-year-old Lane Murdock, a sophomore at Ridgefield High School in Connecticut, along with three of her classmates.” More…