Mrs. Doyle-Math is Cool! 6

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Kevin Luu

Hello, Cougars! Mrs. Doyle, born in Palm Springs, CA, has some things she wants to say. If you are struggling in her classes, her advice is, “Ask for help and use the internet for help.” Mrs. Doyle also states, “I believe students can’t give up and need to have a growth mindset. Don’t give up even if it is hard for you!” 

Mrs. Doyle would be delighted to help those in need of help in her class!

She used to teach at Warner Middle School, Hayden Elementary School, Buena Vista High School, and Colton Middle School. More…

Middle School: The Most Unphotogenic Time for Students 15

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Did you take an embarrassing picture that you wouldn’t want your future children to see?

Well, thank goodness for Makeup Picture Day! Make-up picture day will be held on September 25th.

Make-up picture day will be held on September 25th.

If you did not have your picture taken at registration, or simply didn’t like your picture, you are able to retake it. Simply head over during your PE class to the MPR to retake your picture.

Stay smiling, Stacey!

Welcome Back, Stacey! It’s time to Dance! 6

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Welcome Back to School! We know students are just so excited to be back at school they just want to dance!

Well, fear no more because the Welcome Back Dance is coming Wednesday, September 27th in the MPR from 1:45 – 3:00. Tickets will be sold the week of the dance for $6 or $5 with ASB.

To get into the dance, you will need your school ID and dance ticket to show at the door.

Get dancing students, and have fun!

A Chat With Mr. Vivar 4

mathGavin Mercado

Cougars, welcome one of our newest teachers to Stacey! Rolando Vivar, also known as Mr. Vivar, lives in Huntington Beach and is from Mexico. He moved from Mexico to California when he was just ten years old. His birthday is January 9th and he loves to spend time with his son Oliver. What Mr. Vivar likes to do in his free time is Salsa dance! Mr. Vivar states, “Maybe one day I could start a salsa dance club.”  

Mr. Vivar loves to teach! He chose to teach because it would be a good career choice for him when he was in high school. However, after high school, he became very “undecided.” He wanted to be an architect, artist, soccer player, dance teacher, and even a restaurant manager!

Mr. Vivar can teach all grades, but for now, he teaches 7th. He states, “I like to teach middle school rather than high school because it is easier to re-teach subjects.” He also says, “I want to teach middle school so that I can reach [students] at this point.” More…

Flag Football Tryouts 4

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Mia Grasse

Calling all boys and girls who love football: tryouts are this Friday after school. Please come and join us out on the field for an hour and a half to two hours of tryouts. It is a great way to show off your athleticism, stay healthy and fit, and make new friends in the process. Remember, this is a tryout for both genders, so all are welcome. Hope to see you out on the field.

Mr. Rick, the head flag football coach at Stacey Middle School, and Mr. Cota, the assistant flag football coach, have a few expectations for the new incoming flag football players. All players must be respectful, good students, competitive, athletic, and have good sportsmanship. To be on the team, you must be able to throw and catch a football and must have speed. More…

Wowza! It’s Back to School Night Already? 22



Katie Mills

As students know, Back to School Night is here, Wednesday, September 13th. Although students are not expected to come, it is anticipated that at least one parent attends.

Parents will go from class to class just like their children. During each class, teachers will walk the parents through what their students will be learning this year.

At 5:30 p.m., a PTSA meeting will be held in the MPR. They will introduce the officers and give an outline of the activities this year.


6:30 p.m. is when parents will start touring their children’s classrooms. PE classes will be in the MPR.

Students, make sure to give the parents a copy of a personal schedule.

Welcome back, or welcome to Stacey Middle School!

Do Cats Really Deserve To Die? 11

Kelsey Bisetti

There is no way to make death okay. That seems to be a generally accepted belief, right? Then, why are we killing millions upon millions of animals each year for classroom experiments and dissections? How can we excuse that as education when there are so many humane options to consider as replacements?

Alright, since you’ll probably just mock any moral argument I make, I’ll start with some facts. Almost nobody remembers what they learned during dissections. I, for example, don’t remember a single idea I learned during the squid dissection I was forced into during sixth grade. More…

Is AR Really Necessary? 6

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Oanh Tran

For all reading classes, AR has been a contributing factor to grades, but is it really necessary?  In order to pass a reading class, Accelerated Reader, or AR, is a requirement that needs to be accomplished.  Every Language Arts/Reading teacher sets a minimum point goal for each student depending on their Star Reading score.

Goals over the trimester can lead up to over 150 points per trimester (if in 8th-grade honors) which is tedious to most students and sometimes makes it difficult for students keep up in class.  

“Usually at the end of the trimester, I pay attention to AR making me not pay attention to most assignments due in class. And when I am too busy paying attention to AR my effort is not used for my assignments, and my grade goes down.”, says 7th grade Hailey Penn. More…

#OneLoveManchester 1

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Elaine Tong

Ariana Grande is known to many as a “phenomenal” singer, or as quoted from other people, as “this generation’s best”. Or, perhaps, she is just an ordinary singer with a dream to pursue. On a concert date of this singer, an incident took place on May 22 that lost mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, and loved ones.

On May 22 towards the end of the show, a suicide bombing was initiated that had 119 injured 22 killed. This action happened around the exit of the arena where many people began to exit. On the night of this day, loved ones received calls, alerts, and messages of what happened. Social media platforms were covered with missing people. This day deeply stirred the hearts of many. More…

Paper and Pencil 10

paper and pencilElaine Tong

With the increasing amount of technology, it not only affects our homes but our school environments.

Technology rules several areas of the world today. Actually, it is safe to say our lives technically (pun?) revolve around it. Let’s face it. We use technology for entertainment, communicating, building, and creating. As if we could not have made it worse, we are now working towards incorporating it within our school education. So how does this harm our school, you ask? More…