Is Vaping Cool? 8

Dylan Weber and Savannah McVey

Ah yes, vaping with your friends, looking cool and making yourself look like a complete tool. It’s funny how people find blowing smoke out of your mouth and getting a possible nicotine fix makes you look cool at your own body’s expense. These days vaping is viewed by the younger generation as edgy or “savage.” The only thing is, kids know that vaping is unhealthy but they still proceed to do it. From the outside point of view, it is not cool, vaping makes them look like a complete loser. It’s essentially a millennial pacifier.

What are in vape cigarettes? Besides the obvious nicotine, there are chemicals like glycerol and propylene glycol. To make it easy to understand, those are highly explosive and addictive. As you are inhaling that explosive goodness, you’re also inhaling some good ol’ poison, literally poison. Many teens believe that these vapes have natural ingredients and water making them better than a cigarette, which is completely wrong. More…

The Knowledgeable Nardeen Gebraeel 2

Madison Evans

Nardeen is obviously very busy in school, but in her free time, she likes to read. She would rather read a series of books than a single book. She sometimes likes to take a break from schoolwork and hang out with her best friends.

Nardeen states that she is no expert in sports or musical instruments. She is a student who has all A’s, a GPA of 4.2, in all honors classes and is very proud of her accomplishments in the past years.

Nardeen is not your average everyday girl. She won the outstanding student award in both fifth and sixth grade and pushes hard in everything she does. She is in honors reading, language arts, and math. She loves to read, and her favorite subject is math. When anybody asks her why she likes math so much, she states, “Numbers are just easy to understand.” More…

The Phenomenal Summer Boren 3


Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 10.07.53 AM.png

Summer Boren


Isabella Gonzalez

Summer Boren is an outstanding student, friend, and classmate. She is not only very kind hearted and a friendly person, but she is an exemplary student and role model for her fellow 7th graders.

Summer is not a girl that likes to waste her time, she does an extraordinary amount of activities and hobbies. Her favorite and main sport is soccer, but she loves to do Taekwondo after school, voice lessons, girl scouts, and the drums.

She not only does all of this for after school, but she also wants to join the Stacey soccer team, and she is already enrolled in badminton club, cornhole club, and book club. That takes us into her hobbies, she really loves to read, play outside, sing, dance, and take funny quizzes online. This definitely shows that Summer is not a lazy and non-interesting person, she does not like to have a minute wasted.

Summer is not going to pass up on having the best 7th-grade year, she has many goals that she is hoping to succeed in, and some that she has already accomplished. Summer’s goals for this year are having straight A’s, a 4.0, and to make 40 friends. She has already made 30 friends and this because of how truly kind she is to her peers. More…

Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday Palooza! Reply

Gavin Mercado and Annabelle Lona

Everyone’s favorite mouse has turned 90 on Monday, November 5th. At Disneyland and other Disney parks around the world, it was quite a palooza!

At Walt Disney World, a whole new dance party was created for the mouse himself. Strolling through Main Street, a huge float soars through the streets and above guests. When the float stops, the celebration becomes less of a parade and more of an incredible dance party.

At Disneyland, wait times to meet Mickey Mouse in his house, soared up to hours. Some Disney fans celebrated at home in their living rooms with Mickey’s 90th Spectacular. ABC says this, ¨Mickey’s 90th Spectacular,” a dazzling two-hour primetime event celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse, aired Sunday, November 4 8|7c on ABC. From the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, the elegant affair will feature star-studded musical performances, moving tributes and never-before-seen short films. Superstars from music, film, and television will join the festivities to celebrate the birthday of the internationally beloved character on Mickey’s 90th Spectacular

If viewers missed the episode, they can still watch the extreme celebration on the ABC app.

Mickey was initially created as a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was an earlier cartoon character for the Disney Studio and originally belonged to Charles Mintz. During the time Mickey was being put together, it was decided he would have 4 fingers on each hand. His ears were drawn to look circular no matter what direction he was facing.

Drug Abuse Is Life Abuse 2

Annabelle Lona

Drug abuse is known to take physical and mental control over a person body. What is it some may ask? Well, the answer is here.   

Currently, more than seven million people are suffering from a drug disorder. Drugs aren’t cool, nor okay to abuse. They have negative effects on the body and eventually take control of the brain and interfere with one’s ability to make their own choices.

There are different ways people use drugs, such as inhalation, injection, and ingestion. Ingestion of drugs has a delayed effect, while the injection goes into the bloodstream and has an immediate effect. Dopamine levels are affected by most of the drugs that people tend to abuse, which helps regulate emotion, motivation, and feelings of pleasure.

Drugs can have physical and mental effects on your body. They can affect your brain, body, behavior, and health. Substance abuse can stand for many things, like illegal drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions, improper use of a prescription, and underage drinking. Some drugs like cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy, and heroin are known to have the ability to controlling someone’s mood.

Different emotions can be either dampened or aroused by these types of drugs. Take cannabis and mix it with schizophrenia for example. Using cannabis gives you a higher risk of triggering a schizophrenic episode, and for people smoking it on a daily basis.

Drugs have negative effects on your brain, body etc. Your friends may think doing drugs is cool, but it can be deadly and not safe.

Mr. Ginex Orinion and Coding Club Reply

Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 10.02.27 AM

Savannah McVey and Dylan Weber

Mr. Ginex Orinion, otherwise known as Mr. Go, the new eighth-grade science teacher at Stacey middle school, is already improving our school. What path did he walk that resulted in him teaching here? Interestingly,  Mr. Go has never had an official classroom before making his way to SMS. He has been a digital learning coach, meaning he studied and learned about the technology teachers use for students. He then taught the teachers about the technology, like Chromebooks! He then moved onto teaching here as a science teacher, instructing chemistry and physical science to his pupils. Being at Stacey for only about two months, he already loves it.

Mr. Ginex Orinion, otherwise known as Mr. Go, the new eighth-grade science teacher at Stacey middle school, is already improving our school. What path did he walk that resulted in him teaching here? Interestingly,  Mr. Go has never had an official classroom before making his way to SMS. He has been a digital learning coach, meaning he studied and learned about the technology teachers will use for students. He then taught the teachers about the technology, like Chromebooks! He then moved onto teaching as a science teacher, instructing chemistry and physical science to his pupils. Being at Stacey for only about two months, he already loves it.

“The students and fellow teachers are all amazing, I truly love teaching here. Everyone is engaged and ready to learn.” Mr. Go finds that SMS scholars are increasingly more interested in learning, and they have drive and dedication in them. He loves teaching, molding the next generation, and educating them to be the best student they could be. More…

A Candy’s Shelf Life Reply

Kirra Kirby

A candy’s shelf life is directly influenced by its ingredients. “For most sugar-based confections, losing moisture or drying out is the main reason,” says Richard W. Hartel, a professor of food engineering. “Find an old box of Peeps or Dots or jelly beans, and you’ll quickly see what that means,” he also says.

Jelly Belly, the major producer of jelly beans with two factories in the U.S., cautions against eating dried-out candies. “If it’s hard to bite down on your beans, you most likely have old jelly beans in your hand,” its website reads. Similar candies with chewy, sugary centers, like gumdrops, also dry out over time, becoming brittle and glassy.

Packaging can help sugar-based candies retain their shelf life. Such candies are often wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture loss, but once you open the package and expose the candies to air, they can dry out within days or weeks. More…

The Eliminate Project through UNICEF – Builders Club Reply

Annabelle Lona

Builders Club members raised money to support The Eliminate Project through UNICEF collecting donations from houses whilst trick-or-treating. Each member was given a box to keep the change they collected. The club’s goal was to raise at least $75.

The Eliminate Project aims to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus around the world. The donations will provide a series of vaccine doses to protect pregnant women and newborns from this devastating disease.

Every 15 minutes, a newborn baby dies from tetanus. Their short life is marked by pain, extreme sensitivity to light, sound or contact that prevents even a mother’s touch. More…

Live Music and Child Waiters; Cabaret Night Reply

Avalyn Walton

When Perry Como sang, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” he was certainly not alone in his opinion. Being home and with your loved ones is the perfect way to celebrate, and so it’s only fitting that this year West Arts “Cabaret Night” follows that theme. “I’ll be Home for the Holidays” will be a Cabaret Night to remember.

The majority of students at Stacey have probably never been to one of West Art’s Cabaret Nights, but the breakdown is simple. Guests at Cabaret Night will find that Stacey Middle School multi-purpose room has been transformed into a winter wonderland, with tables and waiters everywhere, waiting for a chance to serve. A number of singers perform, most of which are West Art’s students, accompanied by a live band. An MC introduces all the acts and keeps the audience entertained, while desserts and drinks are brought to everyone’s table. Booths for popcorn, nachos, and raffle baskets are in the back of the room, out of the way of the main tables. For only ten dollars, it’s one amazing steal of a night.

As previously mentioned, there are tons of waiters and waitresses, anxiously awaiting a request from the diners. These waiters though, are none other than the West Arts kids themselves. All of them are 5th grade and up. Imagine coming to see a friend perform, only to have them be your server for the night. The hilarious and adorable twist is a fun one for friends and family.

Cabaret Night though is obviously not just about dining, it’s about watching a live performance. These performers, though they are mostly West Arts kids and staff, can be anyone. Anyone at all is allowed to come in an audition on November thirteenth. Whoever makes the cut will need to attend two more rehearsals before performing, but for the most part, it’s a very simple task. West Arts Productions is always hoping for some new and friendly faces at their auditions, so there is no need to be shy. More…

National Love Your Red Hair Day Reply

Ashley Wolf

Gingers, Strawberry Blondes, Redheads of all kinds, I hope you celebrate and appreciate your red hair. Even if you are not a redhead, National Love Your Red Hair Day was a day to celebrate. November 5th was National Love Your Red Hair Day. Here are some facts and reasons to love red hair.

  • Redheads feel pain differently, they feel stinging pain less than anyone else
  • The ancient Greeks believed that redheads turned into vampires after they die
  • Red hair never turns gray, it only turns to a shade of blonde
  • Only 2% of the world’s population are natural redheads
  • Redheads are harder to sedate than other people and require up to 20% more anesthetic
  • In ancient Rome, redhead slaves were typically more expensive than others
  • The redheaded stepchild joke still annoys us even though we have heard it literally 1000 times
  • A mutation called MCR 1 gene causes red hair
  • Redheads generate their own vitamin D
  • People with Red Hair and Blue eyes only take up 1% of the Earth
  • Red Heads feel toothaches more than anyone else so they have a valid reason to hate the dentist
  • Redheads soak up more sun because they usually have less melanin producing capacity in their skin and thus are more sensitive to the sun
  • They have more pain tolerance
  • Are less tolerant of the heat and the cold
  • Redheads bruise easier
  • Contrary to popular belief, Redheads do have souls
  • Climate change is threatening the MCR 1 gene, even so, redheads won’t be going extinct any time soon

Redheads, these are some reasons to love and appreciate your beautiful, unique hair. Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day.