Dyed Hair, Is it Fair? 9

Mia Grasse

Most people say it is unfair that we are not allowed to have dyed hair at school unless it’s a natural hair color. Some people say dyed hair is a way to express who you are. Others may say that bright colored hair can be distracting to others students learning and education.

According to, www.stapaw.com, ¨ Upon further study, over 120 high schools and colleges kicked out students with colored hair and even more placed students in In School Suspension (ISS).¨ Can you imagine being kicked out of college for having your hair dyed? More…

Innapropri-IT? 3

Katie Mills

Everyone knows of the phenomenon It by Stephen King. The original film was produced in 1990, but times have changed a lot since then. Special effects are more advanced, and the characters are far more complex in the remake.

Pennywise has a far more sinister edge, marked by piercing yellow eyes and contorted movements, while it made the 1990’s Pennywise look cartoonish. Bill Skarsgård who plays Pennywise, said he even frightened the kids who were cast.

In addition, it came out close to Halloween, which made it even spookier.

So, Why Did Boo Grams Get Sold? 9

Screenshot 2017-11-07 at 9.02.26 AM

Avalyn Walton

This year, AVID did something new for Halloween. Many of the students are already aware of the fundraiser AVID had last week, but in case someone wasn’t, Boo Grams were sent out this year. They were a fun little gift that almost all students enjoyed, but most students don’t even know the reason behind them.

AVID sold these Boo Grams to raise money for future AVID field trips.

Boo Grams officially were sent out October 31st, Halloween. AVID hopes to have raised enough to help them get a field trip to Chapman University, and maybe even UC Santa Barbara. More…

What is Veteran’s Day All About? 2

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Gwyndalynn Kent

Veterans Day is approaching, and that means that we have the day off of school to celebrate and say thanks to the people who served in the United States armed forces. Veterans Day takes place on Saturday, November 11th, and because of that, most schools are closed on Friday 10th.

Veterans Day is all about thanking the people that served in the United States armed forces; so in other words, we celebrate Veterans Day to pay tribute to the people who risked and/or lost their lives to keep everyone else safe. More…

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Nov. 6 – Nov. 10) Reply

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Kelsey Bisetti

Hello, Lovelies!

Fall Fest is finally here! November 8th, there will be a movie night on the field where you gossip freely and attempt the mannequin challenge while completing ignoring the movie, Beetlejuice.

The movie runs from five to seven p.m. You can buy your ticket before school or during lunch for just five dollars with ASB or six without. Feel free to bring blankets and chairs.

The See’s Candy fundraiser is still running strong, so ask your friends and family to embrace their sweet tooth and buy some candy!

There’s no school this Friday in observance of Veteran’s Day– We’re just full of good news today, aren’t we? More…

The Artist Living In Darkness 5

Kelsey Bisetti

Let’s face it, the majority of us can’t even draw a stick figure without feeling like a complete failure. So can you even imagine how hard it would be to create images as beautiful as the one below?

Now imagine doing it blind. That’s right, the artist behind this stunning photo is Pete Eckert, a photographer, and painter suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes its victims to slowly lose their vision until they can no longer see anything. More…

What’s Up in Woodshop? 4

Ashley Wolf

Woodshop students are building away in room G-3. The students are building basketball hoops, walking ducks, wooden airplanes, Co2 Racecars, and other cool things too.

Mr. Olmscheid is teaching the students how to cut, drill, sand, polish, and paint wood. The advanced woodshop students also have been working on 3D printing.

The students like their teacher and enjoy the class.

Mason Haynes is working on a basketball hoop. He said, “I like my teacher. He is very nice and has taught me a lot.”

Chloe Mahurien says, “Mr. Olmscheid is really nice. He is willing to help anyone who needs it. I love this class.”

From what the students have said, this seems like a very fun class to take.

Students Struggling With Homework Reply

FullSizeRender (17).jpgKevin Luu

Teachers are important in helping students learn, but students, parents, and caregivers all play vital roles in the homework process. So how can teachers use homework to make students feel like they are learning?

All students must set goals for themselves. The goals shouldn’t be impossible, but possible so that students can reach them. Parents must let students know that homework meaning and not doing homework can cause consequences such as a significant drop in grades.

The major academic purposes of homework are that the students can review and understand what they just learned so that they can get ready for the next day of school, using resources such as the Internet and encyclopedias, and explore subjects more than time permits in the classroom. More…

What’s Going on Between North Korea and America? 4

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Brian Lam

Since Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States, Kim Jong Un, the Supreme People’s Assembly leader, and Donald J. Trump have been verbally “taking shots” at each other. North Korea and the United States have been threatening each other since the American/Korean war in 1950, but the election of Trump triggered something and brought the threats up another octave.

On August 1, 2017,  Kim Jong Un told reporters that North Korea’s military had constructed a surplus amount of new and destructive nuclear missiles that are able to reach America from North Korea. Kim Jong Un also stated that he would execute an experiment where he would launch three missiles near the shores of Guam, a U.S. military base, by mid-August, 2017. 

President Trump responded to this threat in an interview saying, “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He has been very threatening beyond a normal state. They will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power by the likes of which this world has never seen before.” The missile strikes never did occur. More…