New Trimester, Cougars Reply

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Mia Grasse

Now that Thanksgiving break is over, we are officially in our second trimester here at Stacey Middle School.

There will be many new opportunities put in place for each and every student. Now that you’ve made it through one trimester, you will know what you need to improve and what you are already good at.

For some students, there will be a change in schedules and classes. Teachers will also have higher standards and expectations going into the new trimester. Remember, coming back from Thanksgiving break does not mean you get to talk in class; school will still be a time to work and a place to stay on task and focus.

Going into the new trimester remember this:

  1. You’re are two trimesters away from the end of the school year.
  2. The second trimester is always harder than the first.
  3. As long as you are working hard and trying your best on every assignment and test, you will most likely be successful throughout your middle school years.

Volleyball 1

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Mia Grasse

Volleyball is starting soon. The girls first tryout was Tuesday, November 14th and the boys was Thursday, November 16th.

If you were selected to be on the team, make sure to come out to the field dressed out and ready to play. The first official practice will be November 28th after school.

Also, for those in Volleyball Club, the club ends November 17 and will start again sometime in the spring.

Mr. Cota is very excited to coach the volleyball team especially since he has seen so much talent in Volleyball Club. Just remember to try your best, Cougars!

Stacey vs Warner 5

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Gwyndalynn Kent

That’s right Cougars, Stacey had another football game November 8th against Warner Middle School. Plenty of students showed up to support Stacey’s team.

The Stacey Football Team had been practicing and was positive that they would win. But, unfortunately, it was another loss to us. Warner beat our Stacey team with a score of 24-20. Better luck next time!

Did You Enjoy the Fall Fest? 9

Avalyn Walton

Fall Fest, Stacey’s annual outdoor evening event, was last Thursday and many students had a terrific time. With great snacks and an awesome movie to watch, students had the perfect opportunity to spend a night making memories.

Despite having some small difficulties with getting the movie Beetlejuice, directed by Tim Burton, in color in the beginning, this movie was thrilling and fun. 

For two hours, students had fun either watching the movie, or just hanging out with friends. And although most students really enjoyed themselves, when talking to a few it is apparent some people want the function to change slightly. It’s all a matter of opinion and we want to hear yours.

Cougars for What? Cougars for Christ! 13


Mariah Escatel and Caitlyn Timmons

Throughout the years here at Stacey Middle School, there have only been clubs that are for gaming, service hours, dance, etc. But as the years go on, one particular Stacey Middle School student realized that Stacey needed Jesus. She then created a Christian club for students to gather and share their common beliefs.

What even is CFC?

CFC or Cougars for Christ is a new Christian club at Stacey Middle School.

When asked what the club is, Mia Grasse, 7th-grade founder, said, “CFC is a club where even if you’re not Christian you can just come in and, uh, figure out what we’re all about. It’s for the most part pretty religious, we talk about a lot of stories from the bible. But it’s a lot of fun.” 

During the club, they participate in many Bible trivia games and prayer. More…

Weekly Support Guide #2 5


Alyssa Manson

Hello, Staconians! Happy Thanksgiving! Next week we will fill your stomachs with some of our favorite foods. We will see family and enjoy a needed break from school. Ahh, what could be better? Well, not everyone experiences life the same way.

Life can be complicated, especially for teenagers. A common problem experienced by most middle school students are a variety of mixed emotions:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Confusion
  • Puppy Love
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy

Now the struggle isn’t feeling the emotion itself, because it’s okay to feel those emotions. It is normal. Many of your peers also feel these emotions, even if they act like they don’t. More…

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Nov. 13 – Nov. 17) 4


Kelsey Bisetti

Welcome! Welcome, welcome. Happy Hunger Ga– Whoops, wrong line.

Welcome to Staconia and, unfortunately, you may as well be in the Hunger Games this week. Want to guess why? That’s right: Benchmarks.

Make sure you study hard and eat a healthy breakfast each and every day. Don’t worry, though. Just do your best and I can assure you, you’ll be on fire.

In other news, Cougars for Christ is still open to new members. If you’re interested, the club will be meeting in District– Sorry, wrong again. This club meets in Room F-4. More…

What Can Possibly be Bad on Thanksgiving? Reply

Katie Mills

It’s Thanksgiving day. You walk into your kitchen and get a blast of the freshly baked food: sweet cranberry sauce, hot gravy, buttery mashed potatoes, cold pumpkin pie, salty green bean casserole, warm cornbread, and there even might be monkey bread stuffing. But over in the next corner, a big giant box of pizza is sitting opened on a table. And inside there is… pizza with gravy instead of tomato sauce?

Well, people may actually like that. Anyways, everyone knows that there are definitely some foods that are too unhealthy for Thanksgiving.

According to the article, “Top 10 Least Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes”, by Marissa Lippert, some extremely unhealthy foods are spinach and artichoke dips, deep fried turkey, candied sweet potatoes, and even pecan pie. More…

What Even is Builders Club? 6

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Averi Farren

What even is Builders Club?

Builders Club is a new club here at Stacey, and it is a student-led service organization. Ms. Walters decided to advise Builders Club because it is similar to clubs you may participate in later on in High School such as Kiwins, and Key Club. These can be joined by students that attend Marina High School. If attending another high school, check the online website of that school for the clubs that they have listed and provided, depending on the high school or college you are attending. More…

But The School Year Just Started? 4

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Averi Farren

Attention Stacey Middle School students. The end of the first trimester is quickly approaching, and trimester two will be here in a flash. In the upcoming week, trimester one will be officially gone.

To ensure that students will get good grades on their report cards, they should check Jupiter Ed frequently, turn in all missing assignments if still possible, and ask teachers for extra credit assignments if possible to add points to your grades.

Most teachers offer special assignments students can complete to earn extra credit points which are then added to their final grade. In the end, it ends up making a great impact, especially for the students in eighth grade. More…