Discord In Class!?! 5

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Gavin Mercado

We all love talking to our best friends, right? Now, admit it, we’ve all talked to some of our friends in class at least once when we weren’t supposed to. That is just middle school.

Now, what about with an online system called “Discord”? Discord was released March 6, 2015. It is very popular among most of our Stacey students. According to discord’s main office, “As of December 2017, there were about 87 million unique users of the software.” That is insane. More…

Fergie’s National Anthem 2

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Katie Mills

Singer Fergie sang the national anthem prior to The 67th NBA All-Star Game: Team LeBron Vs. Team Stephen at Staples Center on February 18, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

The Black Eyed Peas star said she’s “been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA,” according to People.

“I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone,” Fergie said. “I love this country and honestly tried my best.” More…

Benchmarks?!? Reply

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Kevin Luu

It’s that time of year again, everyone. It’s time for benchmarks.

A benchmark is a test that will test you on what you learned during the trimester. Some people’s scores will be better than others. Over time, you will hopefully show improvement. It is not about the grade, it is about what you learned.

Benchmarks help schools move people into higher level programs. Study.com says, “This assessment is not limited to assisting with placement.

For example, educators can use benchmarks to improve performance among specific students or even among students at large in at-risk schools and districts.” More…

The Stacey Math Scandal 3

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Maddie Fracassa

Recently, there was a cheating scandal on the chapter seven test in the Math 8A classes. Math 8A students might not sound like the type of kids to cheat, but according to Mrs. DeBritton, Stacey Middle School’s principal, “Usually the really smart kids [cheat].”

The reason she gave for why the honors kids usually cheat is due to “the pressure to get good grades by their parents or themselves”

Also, Mrs. DeBritton remarked that “Cheating comes from someone who doesn’t feel secure in their learning . . .”

Honors kids feel like they have to live up to the expectations of getting perfect grades while they are in the more difficult classes, like the Math 8A class. More…

March Madness with Cougars for Christ Reply

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Mia Grasse

The month of March is very exciting for Cougars for Christ. There will be a meeting after school in G2B on March 9, March 16, March 23, and March 30.

On March 9th the snack will be Cup o’ Noodles, March 16th will be pizza, March 23rd will be hot dogs, and March 30th will be donuts and milk.

However, there won’t just be food at the Cougars for Christ. There will be lots of people and special guests. The best part is, you don’t have to be religious to come.

Cougars for Christ just wants to show the school what this club is about. So come check it out!

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Mar. 5th – Mar. 9th) 1

Kelsey Bisetti

Hello, my delicious little muffin children! How are you on this fine morning? I hope you all had a lovely time at Multicultural Night!

Anime Club is meeting this Friday. Have fun doing whatever it is you do there.

Cougars for Christ is also meeting this Friday. I’m not entirely sure what goes on in there either, but have a fabulous time!

This is the last week of the trimester, so get those grades up while you can.

Good luck, Cougars!

P.S. Sunday, March 4th was the start of “No More Week.” Stand with us to fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse. Change is possible. We can say “No more.”

Girls Only Math Tournament 8

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Juneau Resnick

How many girls out there are intimidated by all the boys who have dominated fields like science and robotics? How many girls don’t want to be the Barbie doll, fashionista girl?

Finally, there is an all girls’ math competition. It’s sponsored by the Vietnamese American Aerospace Professional Association or VAAPA. It will take place at Warner Middle School.

This competition will take place on Saturday, April 21 from 1:00 to 4:30 and is open to girls between third and eighth grades.

Registration opened on March 1st. More…

Medal Count 1


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Ashley Wolf

With the Winter Olympics coming to a close, let’s see which countries won the most medals.

– Norway has 14 gold, 14 silver, 11 bronze, 39 in total

– Germany has 14 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze, 31 in total

– Canada has 11 gold, 8 silver, 10 bronze, 29 in total

– The United States has 9 gold, 8 silver, 6 bronze, 23 in total

– The Netherlands has 8 gold, 6 silver, 6 bronze, 20 in total

– South Korea 5 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze, 17 in total

– Olympic Athlete from Russia has 2 gold, 6 silver, 9 gold, 17 in total More…

What is the Illuminati? A Triangle of Hope, or Something More Sinister? 6

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Gavin Mercado

Ah yes, we all know of the very famous internet meme. The Illuminati crushed other memes and was popular for a whopping two years! Even Taco Bell featured the Illuminati on their commercial for a triangular shaped treat.

Now, some may be wondering, how was this whole Illuminati thing started? Well, in 1776 Bavarian Illuminati started his self-titled “secret society organization” In the 19th and 20th century, the Illuminati vanished never to be seen again until, well, pretty recent actually.

With the rise of internet memes like Pepe, the Illuminati was rediscovered and became popular. Many believe that there are members of the Illuminati today. Also, many others think the government may be involved. More…

Silly Holidays You Didn’t Know About 2


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Madelyn Fracassa

Everyone knows Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day. Those are all very well known and recognized holidays, but did you know this is a holiday for celebrating pizza, pets, chili, pigs, left-handed people, and so much more.

January 6th is National Bean Day, so go get some beans to cook. January 21st is National Hugging day, so grab a friend and give them a big hug.

February 4th is Thank a Mailman Day, February 10th is National Umbrella day, and February 27th is National Polar Bear Day.

National Earmuff Day falls on March 13th and on March 23rd, it’s puppy day. March 23rd is also Chip and Dip Day. More…