Irma Strikes 2

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Madelyn Fracassa and Avalyn Walton

From August 30th until September 16th Irma killed over 120 innocent people with its fatal winds and deadly waves. With winds reaching 185 mph, Irma was no laughing matter. A countless amount of lives were ruined, and many homes were completely obliterated.  

Irma devastated many lives, including Robin Charrasse, who lives on St. Martin, an island in the Carribean. Robin Charrasse was in Irma’s direct path of destruction.

Most people would think that with Irma’s strong forces his house would be ruined. Fortunately, though, it was not. “Our roof was one of two roofs to stay on in the neighborhood. We are so lucky,” stated Robin Charrasse.  All other roofs were damaged heavily, leaving many houses uninhabitable. More…

Ready, Set, Goal! 7

Averi Farren

Attention Stacey!

The whole week starting October 16th students will be dismissed early at 1:29 pm for our Goal Setting conferences.

All students will meet with either their homeroom teacher or another teacher to discuss their progress and their goals for this current year.

This is a mandatory meeting for all parents and students.

Students attend with their parent and will bring their backpack and their planner with them to the conference to discuss their goals.

Eureka!!! 5

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Madelyn Fracassa

Eureka! Eureka! We found some campers that went to Eureka camp, Jamie Alvarez, and Nicole Hageman. 

Before we start getting into the juicy details, let’s start with what Eureka camp is. “Eureka camp is a program run by Girls Inc.,” said Jamie Alvarez an 8th grader at Stacey.

“It is a little camp where girls have a chance to learn new things, socialize, and make friends with other girls.,” said a 7th-grade student at Stacey, Nicole.

Eureka camp is a day camp over the summer. It started on July 10th and ended August 4th. It took place at Orange Coast College, in Costa Mesa. More…

There Was a Luau, At The Aloha Dance! 8

Gavin Mercado

Sometimes school can be stressful. Homework, quizzes, projects, and even sometimes your elective! Summer was a break from all the stress of school, and I am sure everyone enjoyed their summer of 2017. However, summer is gone and we are already on our second month of school.  So to remind us of all the fun, there was the Aloha Dance.

The dance took place in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) on Wednesday, September 27th. To get into the dance students needed to have purchased a PTSA membership. The cost of the membership was $10. Many students attended the event. Before the dance started there was a huge line of students! More…

Is It Time for Club Rush Already? 14

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Katie Mills and Caitlyn Timmons

Is it time for Club Rush already?

Clubs are a very important aspect of a student’s middle school career. After middle school, they may not remember what Language Arts class they were in or their Math teacher’s name, but they will most likely remember all of the fun times they had and all of the great friends they made while being apart of a club.

Maybe a dance club or a program for a student’s specific needs and interests may quench their thirst for a great year. Well, Club Rush is the perfect event to find out what you can do as a Stacey cougar.

Club Rush will be happening during lunchtime on Wednesday, October 4th. The student leadership will be advertising all the clubs that they’re trying to get up and running. Students can see a list of the clubs on the Stacey website. More…

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Oct. 2 – Oct. 6) 6

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Kelsey Bisetti and Alyssa Manson

Good morning, Cougars!

How did everyone enjoy the Back To School Dance? We hope you had a wonderful time and now you’re ready to throw yourself back into your work.

It’s also time to get your brave on! Archery Club with Mr. Dandridge starts on October 4th. Remember, your GPA must be a 2.5 or above to join this club. Sorry sixth graders, maybe next year! Archery Club is for any seventh and eighth graders who are interested. Sessions usually fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so clear your schedule!

Also on October 4th is the Club Rush! This is the time for you to check out all the clubs and see which ones you would like to join.

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy your week and remember to always put your best foot forward.

Fun fact: Thursday is National Do Something Nice Day, but honestly, you should be celebrating it every day. Remember to show those around you that you love and appreciate them. What’s something nice you plan to do for National Do Something Nice Day?

What in Tarnation is this Thing?! 9

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Brian Lam

The devastating 2017, category-3 Atlantic hurricane, notoriously known as Hurricane Harvey, brought many sorrows to the Southern and Eastern parts of the United States. Although destructive and costly requiring tens of billions of dollars for the area to recover, the hurricane also brought many mysteries. 

One of these involves a dead aquatic creature that washed up on the shores of Texas. Social media blew up with pictures of this sharp-fanged creature lying dead on the shores of Texas City, Texas.

While walking along the deserted beaches of Texas City, Preeti Desai encountered what to her looked like a large, dead rat. Curiously, she walked up to the mysterious creature only to figure out it was the carcass of a dead animal she was unfamiliar with.  More…

Bullying Needs To End . . . Now!! 8


Gavin Mercado 

I don’t know about you, but it seems there has been a lot of bullying recently. We interviewed various Stacey students and teachers to see what they think about bullying in the video above. Remember, if you are being bullied, please let Mrs. Mondt or Mrs. DeBritton know.

Stacey is a school or respect, right? Respect yourself, property, learning, and of course others! Everyone has a friend or a best friend, and we treat them with love and respect. Everyone should be treated with love and respect.

Many kids are put down by their peers because of their race, looks, voice, and even for being smart. Why can’t we just love everyone?  Many kids get called nerds or dweebs because of what they can’t do but also what they can. More…