Stacey’s Broadcast Journalism World Records! 4

Gavin Mercado

Broadcast Journalism has had a good run, we have been posting weekly articles since 2014. Although Broadcast Journalism is going down to its last few articles. We have a few records that were broken on the Cougar Chronicle. Let’s get into this:

First Article Ever Published:

And the record goes to…

Teacher Aid or Distraction to the Action? by Kristen Fernandez, Thao Vy Phan, and Samantha Skocilic!

This article was the birth of the Cougar Chronicle and quite a historical feat for many Journalism students. Occasionally some current Journalism students will go back and read the article that created 96+ more pages of articles! Congratulations you three! More…

Tornadoes in the Midwest Reply

Kirra Kirby

Over the past several weeks, the midwest has been hit with more than 200 tornadoes, and they are still going on. Twenty-seven tornadoes were reported on a single day and at least 8 of them broke the record that had been set in 1980. The Washington post says 225 tornadoes have been reported and confirmed since May 17th. Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania all experienced massive twisters touch the earth over the past several days.

Many people have been killed, dozens injured, and a lot of homes destroyed by these storms. One of the most serious reported damage was in Dayton, Ohio on Monday where crews had to use snow plows to clear the debris. Near Lawrence, Kansas there was also a mile-wide tornado but only damaged 30 houses. Even though storm damages are getting progressively worse, climate change may be a factor towards these much stronger tornadoes.

Although it is not unusual for tornadoes to occur during this time of year, the concerning part is the sheer fact of how many tornadoes have occurred. Researchers are saying that jet streams are fueling strong thunderstorms, which then spawn and form strong tornadoes. They say that over the central United States and energy forms in the spring month in March and April. When these energies weaken and move along, they create a jet stream. More…

Top Movies Coming Out in Summer 2019 Reply

Isabella Gonzalez

  1. Toy Story 4– Hitting the theaters June 24th after fans waited for almost 10 years, the sequel to Toy Story 3 finally has come.
  2. Annabelle Comes Home – Coming out June 24th as well, this exciting horror story will be a thrill to watch.
  3. Spider-Man: Far From Home – Available July 2nd yet another Spider-man movie takes the theaters.
  4. The Lion King – July 19th it hits the big screen, everyone is very excited to see this amazing story be re-told with modern animation.
  5. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – This movie comes out on August 2nd starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.
  6. Dora and The Lost City of Gold– This is available August 9th and it is based on the hit Nickelodeon show, Dora the Explorer.
  7. The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Coming to theaters August 16th this Angry Birds sequel takes birds and pigs on an adventure to an arctic island.
  8. Good Boys– On August 16th the producers of Superbad will release this movie about three 6th grade boys and telling their story.
  9. My Spy– This is available on August 23rd and it is starring Dave Bautista as a CIA operative.
  10. It: Chapter Two– At the very end of summer, on September 6th it will end people’s summer with a scream with the sequel of the hit movie It.

James Charles Is Still in A Sister Scandal 1

Gavin Mercado & Grace Baer

The butterfly effect.The theory that something as small as a butterfly could launch a sequence of events leading to a tornado. This happened to YouTuber/Influencer James Charles when he accepted SugarBearHair security at Coachella. This contract had him promote the company on his Instagram story. Many subscribers sent this to close friend and Influencer Tati Westbrook. She broke down on her Instagram story. She deleted it soon after. Following the breakdown, the next Thursday, she uploaded a video titled “BYE SISTER.”

The video addresses all the drama between her and James, stating that their relationship was not transactional but in fact, she paid his way to the top, with brand deals and collabs, he started to climb the ladder of fame. She then told of him at her birthday dinner, making explicit comments about the waiter and when she told him that the waiter was straight, James Charles reportedly made the comment, “It doesn’t matter, I’m a celebrity.” WOW! How egocentric and manipulative this can seem to some fans. Tati said she had to call everyone afterword and apologize on his behalf. She repeats that she thought he would mature out of this behavior. Alas, he “didn’t” and it came back for the worst. More…

Is the “OK” Gesture OK? 4

Jolie Phan

A few days ago, Marine Le Pen took a selfie, posing with the “OK” gesture and didn’t know that it had a dark meaning. “I’d never heard of the second meaning of this trivial gesture,” she said.

The sign can mean “troll the media”, OK, or ruffle feathers from many murderers. But it’s known as the white power symbol to many (WP). The three fingers – middle, ring, and pinkie – represents the letter “W” and the thumb, index finger, and the palm under the thumb stands for “P”. It got its name when a suspect of the Christchurch killings gestured with it and attracted many people’s attention afterward the suspect’s arrest.

Many people in the world take it offensive or racist. This is the reason why some people are accused of being racist when using the gesture just to say “OK.” There were many people who were banned or suspended from their jobs due to the white power symbol. A US coast guard suspended a member for forming the alleged symbol. Four police were also suspended for posing the sign in a photo. More…

Wake Up and Smell the Burning of Fossil Fuels Reply

Avalyn Walton

Editorial: This is an opinion piece. All opinions are of the author and may or may not be shared by the Cougar Chronicle staff.

Climate change is absolutely real, and it will affect you sooner than you think. We need to start making changes soon before everything we’ve already done to our Earth is completely irreversible.

But then, there’s another question. Is it already too late to go back? According to NASA, “Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades, if not centuries. That’s because it takes a while for the planet (for example, the oceans) to respond, and because carbon dioxide – the predominant heat-trapping gas – lingers in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.” Basically, NASA explains that even if we where to stop, the effect would not be immediate.

NASA also explains that a multitude of experts are concerned that we will, or already have, passed numerous tipping points, after which we will never be able to undo the effects of climate change. These changes would be irreversible. More…

Why There Should Not Be State Testing 2

Isabella Gonzalez

Editorial: This is an opinion piece. All opinions are of the author and may or may not be shared by the Cougar Chronicle staff.

State testing, most students dread the long hours spent each day that they have to take multiple tests for three weeks. Although there are some/few benefits of standardized tests, there are many more downfalls to weigh down the benefits.

One of many reasons state testing is hurting students as well as teachers is because teachers have to “teach the test” instead of teaching the students more important things they will need to know later. Teachers instead, just try to cram everything in. Students will not benefit from doing this, and most teachers probably do not enjoy it either.

State testing uses test scores to reward or punish teachers for the students’ grades. This could cause teachers to cheat for their own gain or teachers may be punished because students may not remember exactly what they learned from the beginning of the year since the test is in May. According to USA Today, 178 Atlanta public school teachers and administrators from 44 schools were found to be cheating on standardized tests according to a state report. More…

Stacey Promotion Dress Code 1

Gwyndalynn Kent and Ashley Wolf

Recently there was a flyer handed out to eighth-graders giving the schedule for the last couple days of school. It has information for eighth graders such as practice for promotion and exit interviews. At the bottom of the page, there is a paragraph about what students should wear to graduation. After receiving the flyers and talking to people around campus, many students disliked what it said.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how dress codes tend to mostly target female students. Most schools had rules like “no necklines lower than an inch below the collar bone,” “ shirts must have straps being one inch thick,” and “ shorts, dresses, and skirts must reach to the fingertips.” Most girls attending schools with these rules think that these rules target the girls especially and don’t make sense in general. Most girls don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts that are super short or a shirt that is backless. When girls get dress coded, many are forced to wear their P.E. shirt or clothes given to them by the office. In fact, when a girl is walking around it her PE clothes, she definitely gets more attention than wearing a shirt with a strap thinner than one inch. More…

David Airth Legacy Awards 2

Annabelle Lona

Ahhh, awards. A symbol of a person’s accomplishments. However, at Stacey, there aren’t just Student of the Month and AR awards. We have the David Airth Legacy Awards.

Some may be wondering, “What are the Legacy awards for?” or “What is the purpose?”

First, a little bit of background knowledge. The awards were created by Mrs. Airth who explains, “They chose the name in honor of my husband who passed away 2 years ago.”

There are 3 different legacy awards: Perseverance, Art, and Community Service. Community Service and Perseverance are only for 8th graders. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders can earn the Art award. Mr. Airth’s first college degree was in art, and he was a professional photographer. The art awards honor what he valued in life.

To earn these awards, there is a selection process. For art, there are a number of art pieces chosen by teachers. Ms. Airths daughter, Evangeline, chooses the winner.

To earn the Community Service award, students need to write an essay on why he/she should earn it. One is then chosen by Mrs. Airth and one of Mr. Airth’s friends. This award was added because Mr. Airth spent most of his time doing community service.

For the perseverance award, teachers choose. The perseverance award is to show that a student was able to overcome obstacles and not give up, as Mr. Airth would want them to keep going to achieve.

“Each award comes with $100 cash because Mr. Airth was a very generous man,” she says.

The David Airth Legacy awards, what a great addition to Stacey’s list.

Knott’s Field Trip Guide; Making Sure That You Don’t Wait In Lines 6

Gavin Mercado



Knott’s History

Part 1: Getting There

Part 2: Being Prepared for Knott’s

Part 3: Dining At Knott’s

Part 4: Attractions and Beating the Lines

Part 5: Final Thoughts



Hello students, are you in eighth grade this year? If so, buckle uptight because you’re about to take on one of the best field trips you will ever experience.

Remember, to go on this field trip you must be in eighth grade, you must have finished all three of your service hours, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA, and you have to turn in a TBD amount of money to Mr. Yohn. More…