Tech Trek 3

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Avalyn Walton

Students at Stacey Middle School value different things and excel in different things. Some students value the arts more than anything, whereas some value athleticism. However, many students have made math and science their number one priority and will take any opportunity to advance in those subjects.

Luckily for a chosen few, a science camp called Tech Trek just might give an opportunity to advance their learning. Of course, it isn’t open for all kids at Stacey Middle School. For starters, it’s only open to seventh graders. Second, it’s a girls-only camp. Whether that’s because the students will have to share dorms with one another or to aid the female empowerment movement is unknown, but one thing is for certain, there will be no boys at this camp. More…

Sunken Dreams Reply

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Alyssa Manson

Have you ever been so desperate for a fresh start, a new beginning, a new life, that you’d go as far as selling all your possessions to have enough money to accomplish that goal of a new beginning?

Chances are, you can’t even imagine being that forlorn. Well, one couple was and their plan for a better life was sunk.

Nikki Walsh, 24, and her boyfriend Tanner Broadwell, 26, decided about a year ago that they were tired of working. More…

25th Anniversary of ToonTown! 1

Caitlyn Timmons

You all know Disneyland, right? Well, Walt Disney’s very own Toontown has turned 25.

What is Toontown, you may ask? Toontown is a “themed land” at Disneyland here in California where visitors can meet the characters and visit their homes which are constructed in a cartoonish style. It was inspired by “Toontown” in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in which cartoon characters live alongside humans. More…

YouTuber of the Week: iiSuperwomanii Reply

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Gavin Mercado

This YouTuber of the Week was requested by Eve Jordan.

It’s ya girl sup—, whoops, wrong line. Anyways, iiSuperwomanii or Superwoman is a comedic and inspirational YouTuber.

Her goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams. The majority of her videos are collaborations with various YouTubers such as Liza Koshy.

Videos that she publishes on the internet are always non-explicit so any age can watch Superwoman. She loves the diversity of her audience.

One thing she talks about is how anyone can be his or her own Superman or Superwoman. Or maybe Superperson? You can be your own hero.

She works with foundations like ME to WE and promotes #GirlLove. She’s working towards equality by touching one life at a time.

Well my lovelies, I am afraid that the YouTuber of the Week series is coming to an end. To vote for the last YouTuber please click  (HERE).  That’s all for now, Cougars. Please have a super day!

The Future Belongs to Robots Reply

IMG_8336.JPGJuneau Resnick

Stacey’s robotics classes are having a lot of fun building the technology of the future. They’ve even built robotic crocodiles! Yes, that seems random, but that’s what they wanted to create. With this class being offered at Stacey, we could make robots to better the world we live in.

There was an article in the news that Raju Institute of Technology built a robot for people with arthritis and strokes. It was specifically made to help these patients read books without the struggle. More…

What’s Going On In Staconia? (Mar. 12 – Mar. 16) Reply

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Kelsey Bisetti

Hello, Stacey Cougars! How are you? Fabulous? Fabulous.

Okay, so first thing’s first. This Tuesday, Builders Club will be meeting to go over our next fundraiser.

GSA is scheduled for this Wednesday. Gay, straight, trans, ace; it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy. We welcome everybody. You do you.

Cougars for Christ meets this Friday and with a special guest– PIZZA! That’s right, you can stuff your mouth with pizza this Friday in G2B. Sounds divine. (I’ll go home.)

March 30th is your last day to change schools. If you don’t want to go to the school you’ve been assigned to, you have to apply by then. It’s first come, first serve, so get moving! More…

Pi Day 3/14 6

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Mia Grasse

Guess what, Cougars? March 14th is Pi Day. No, it is not pie day, and we don’t do it to eat pie.

Pi is a math term which means the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter. Pi is an irrational number which means it is a non-terminating and non-repeating decimal.

In other words, it goes on forever. To represent pi you can use 3.14, 22/7, or the pi symbol.

To celebrate Pi Day, surprise your teacher with how much you know about Pi. The more you know the smarter you are.

Is the iPhone X Even Worth It?? Reply

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Kevin Luu

Well first, we need to understand the history of the iPhone X. The technology made in the iPhone X started back in 2012.

Rumors of the new iPhone design began when the iPhone 7’s announcement, and it escalated when a hack on the HomePod firmware suggested that Apple would release the new iPhone. That was the iPhone X.

There are two types of the phone, one with sixty-four gigabytes, and one with two hundred fifty-six gigabytes.

Let’s get into the box that comes with the phone. It comes with a  wall charger, wired EarPods, and the dongle. More…

Snapchat Update Shenanigans 2

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Caitlyn Timmons

The new Snapchat update has redefined the meaning of Snapchat. Many of Snapchat’s users are asking for an ‘un-update’ because the new update is just not cutting it.

“Ok, so the new Snapchat update is really bad. It makes me want to not watch stories and it is very confusing to navigate,” says Lisa Ponti, 8th grader.

The new snapchat update has separated the social from the media. This means that the stories from your friends appear on the left side along with your chats and the stories from publishers, creators, and the community are on the right. This has caused some confusion with what time people’s stories had been sent and if it is a private snap or their story. More…

Would You Make That Deal?: 70’s Edition Reply

Welcome back to your least favorite game-show here at Would You Make That Deal? This week we are going back in time! Let’s go to the 70’s!

Now here’s the life-changing deal. The deal is, you can time travel back into the 70’s and be a millionaire. However, you would be stuck in the 70’s foreverrrr. Or until you die.

If you decline, you just live your normal life. Also, if you take the deal you have to have a mullet or some weird 70’s style, hehe. Anyways, would you make that deal?