Grumpy Cat-Astrophe Reply

Madison Evans

Before his success and fame, Tartar Sauce, a deformed snowshoe cat, was an American cat owned by Tabatha Bundesen. He suffered from an underbite in his mouth and feline dwarfism, causing his forever-grumpy expression.

He was born on April 4th, 2012. He instantly became a celebrity through the internet; mainly making his appearances through memes. His pictures, taken by his owner, spread throughout the world wide web with captions such as “Mondays Suck,” “I had fun once; it was horrible,” and so much more. He made people laugh and smile daily, even though his face showed no care for it. More…

Topsoil Disappearing Reply

Jolie Phan

In the past 150 years, there have been many changes on the Earth. One of those changes is the decreasing amount of topsoil. Topsoil helps grow 95% of food but it’s starting to disappear.

Known as one of the most important things to grow food, without topsoil, the earth will lose the ability to filter water, absorb carbon, and feed people. The most important consequence is that our food will no longer have their full vital nutrients.

“We never want to see our soil unless we go looking for it,” says Keith Berns, a Nebraska farmer whose land hasn’t seen a plow in three decades.

He and his brother, Brian, noticed that their soil started to decrease. They came up with a plan to keep watering it and see what happens. Soon, they noticed that their soil started to increase. Not only did they notice that their soil was increasing but for every 1% increase of carbon, an acre of land can hold up to 40,000 gallons of water. More…

Tornadoes in the Midwest Reply

Kirra Kirby

Over the past several weeks, the midwest has been hit with more than 200 tornadoes, and they are still going on. Twenty-seven tornadoes were reported on a single day and at least 8 of them broke the record that had been set in 1980. The Washington post says 225 tornadoes have been reported and confirmed since May 17th. Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania all experienced massive twisters touch the earth over the past several days.

Many people have been killed, dozens injured, and a lot of homes destroyed by these storms. One of the most serious reported damage was in Dayton, Ohio on Monday where crews had to use snow plows to clear the debris. Near Lawrence, Kansas there was also a mile-wide tornado but only damaged 30 houses. Even though storm damages are getting progressively worse, climate change may be a factor towards these much stronger tornadoes.

Although it is not unusual for tornadoes to occur during this time of year, the concerning part is the sheer fact of how many tornadoes have occurred. Researchers are saying that jet streams are fueling strong thunderstorms, which then spawn and form strong tornadoes. They say that over the central United States and energy forms in the spring month in March and April. When these energies weaken and move along, they create a jet stream. More…

Wake Up and Smell the Burning of Fossil Fuels Reply

Avalyn Walton

Editorial: This is an opinion piece. All opinions are of the author and may or may not be shared by the Cougar Chronicle staff.

Climate change is absolutely real, and it will affect you sooner than you think. We need to start making changes soon before everything we’ve already done to our Earth is completely irreversible.

But then, there’s another question. Is it already too late to go back? According to NASA, “Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades, if not centuries. That’s because it takes a while for the planet (for example, the oceans) to respond, and because carbon dioxide – the predominant heat-trapping gas – lingers in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.” Basically, NASA explains that even if we where to stop, the effect would not be immediate.

NASA also explains that a multitude of experts are concerned that we will, or already have, passed numerous tipping points, after which we will never be able to undo the effects of climate change. These changes would be irreversible. More…

There are Two Sides to Every Fire Reply

Madison Evans

Ever since the Notre Dame fire, many have shared opinions on the great donations towards repairing it. After over $1,000,000,000+ has been donated, some people have expressed thoughts about how we could’ve used this money to solve many of Earth’s other big problems. Others believe that it is all for a great cause and are grateful for the outpouring of donations.

First, thousands of people who question the new found money are angered that the $1,000,000,000 is being used to rebuild could have used to help solve many huge world problems. This includes donations that could have been made towards the Sri Lanka bombing on Easter 2019. Over two hundred people died, along with many people injured. The funds could have helped the families and victims if given to them. It could have helped hospitalize the people and give them stability while injured. More…

The Illegal Border Crossing Crisis 6

Editor’s note: Editorials are opinion pieces that reflect the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication or its staff. Constructive feedback is always welcome. 

Dylan Weber

There is a new epidemic at hand. While it seems small it’s much bigger than it really is, drugs and crime are sweeping the southwestern border of the United States. It is happening fast. Illegal immigrants are pouring into California, Arizona, Texas, etc. It is almost to the point to where it can’t be stopped. Yet people want it.

They want South Americans in our country, but why? Well, that is because they can’t see the full picture. In today’s modern society we tend to become unaware of all of the third world countries around us. But now that third world country is coming into ours. I don’t blame them whatsoever for doing this though. More…

The Response To The Money Change Was Priceless 5

Avalyn Walton

Changes are being made to American money and for the better. The old faces of  America are being replaced with more relevant, better representation of future America is heading towards.

One change being made to American money is being done to the five dollar bill. The original bill, which had only Abraham Lincoln on it, will be adding more people representative of American history. With Lincoln’s picture being unchanged, the back of the bill will include the activist against segregation, Martin Luther King Jr, the famous first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and the African American classical singer Marian Anderson. It will be a very interesting change to see so many faces on one bill of money.

The twenty dollar bill will have just as big of a change. The former resident of the bill was Andrew Jackson, whose place in American history is quite controversial. Though he was a great war hero and won many battles for America, he also kept and bred many slaves, started the trail of tears which killed many Native Americans, and was known for his unusually cruel ways. The proposed replacement is much less controversial. Harriet Tubman, the creator of an underground railroad that saved many slaves, will be the new face of the $20 bill. Completely replacing Andrew Jackson, not sharing the space. More…

Why Teachers Should be Paid More 3

Editor’s note: Editorials are opinion pieces that reflect the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication or its staff. Constructive feedback is always welcome. 

Jolie Phan

In your class, there’s always this one kid who’s never prepared. They often borrow the teacher’s supplies or their classmate’s. Do you know the trouble that teachers have to endure to get their supplies? They often pay with their own money for supplies like paper, pencils, erasers, markers, etc.

In a video from What Would You Do, there is an actor playing the role of a teacher. She went to the store and bought some supplies for her “class.” The cashier went with the show’s plan and told her that her card has been declined. The teacher decided to return the milk she had in her cart. The people behind her felt distressed and helped her pay for her groceries. The host of the show, John Quiñones, asked why they decided to help her. They each had a different answer but all felt terrible for the teacher. (Link of the video.)

This video made me feel so obliged to my teachers. I don’t really borrow their supplies much, but I thought about the kids that do. Research shows that 94% of teachers buy their own supplies. That’s a lot of money wasted. More…

Luke Perry’s Unexpected Death Reply

Isabella Gonzalez

Luke Perry was an American actor who was known for acting in Riverdale, Beverly Hills 90210, Buffy the vampire slayer, Jeremiah, and many more amazing shows and movies. He sadly passed on March 4th, 2019 from an unexpected stroke.

His most recent TV show that he was working on before he passed, was a very popular show called Riverdale. He played the role Fred Andrews as the father of Archie, one of the main characters. He got even more known after playing this role, and this devastated many fans of him when he passed.

He was at Saint Joseph Medical Center Burbank, Burbank, CA when he died. He was surrounded by his children, Jack and Sophie, fiance; Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife; Minnie Sharp; mother; Ane Bennet, step-father; Steve Bennet, brother; Tom Perry, sister; Amy Coder, and many other close family and friends.

Everyone in the acting world, as well as everyone else, was very devastated to hear what had happened. Luke was one of the best and most iconic actors of all time, he will forever be missed by many.

William Owens the Man Shot by the Police 9

Jolie Phan

Birchcreek Road in Logan Township, New Jersey, a township of 6,000 people. On a tragic Monday, around 9 AM, on Birchcreek Road in Logan Township, an armed man, angry at his ex-girlfriend was filled with rage and frustration. In a building, located in south New Jersey, he was shooting in the air.

While at it, he also freed two hostages, one of them was his ex-girlfriend. A thirty-nine-year-old man was the one to blame. William Owens. He didn’t work for that company the co-worker worked at but worked near there. Police grabbed witnesses for an interview of what happened on January 14.

One of those witnesses is Ashlee Erickson. As she was heading for her shift, she was seven cop cars and people getting out of the building. People were leaving because they heard gunshots, but Erickson didn’t hear them. In the 6 ABC interview, Erickson said, “From what I understand it was someone who did not work there that was having a confrontation with their significant other.” She continued, “Then there was a massive police presence as soon as we were walking out of the building. There were a good ten cop cars. They all had their guns drawn out heading toward the main entrance of the building.” More…