Farmer’s Market Palooza Reply

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Madison Evans

On Friday, December 16th, Stacey’s Garden Club had a farmer’s market holding the key to success while trying to raise money for their new shed.

At the market, they had succulents, lettuce and kale arrangements, and lemons. There were large pots of multiple small succulents inside, each sold for $7. There were also medium and small succulents; the medium for $5 and the small for $3. All of the pots were hand painted by AVID and garden club students- decorated with Christmas colors, solid colors, and so much more. The kale sold for $3 and the lemons for $1.

Garden Club’s goal was to get enough money to buy a shed so they can store their important supplies- like shovels, rakes, etc.-  by the end of 2018, or before winter break. At this farmer’s market, they raised $170. Many people bought succulents while the garden club members advertised by chanting cheers and saying, “Come and get the perfect Christmas present for your family!” More…

 Is it Necessary to Have a Club About Women Empowerment 64

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Dylan Weber

Everyone knows about Girls Inc, the frivolous program where it’s main purpose is to empower women and ensure they have a happy and successful life. But is it necessary? No, it’s not; and here’s why.

During PE on multiple occasions, girls are invited to a meeting where women discuss matters and the oppression of women in America. This is absolutely ridiculous. The people who run the program seem to think that women in America are oppressed in some shape or form. “Focusing on the whole girl”, is a quote that comes directly from their website. This entails only what can be assumed as the notion of girls not being whole in this society.

Other points are made as “96% of Girls Inc. girls feel pregnancy would interfere with their schoolwork”. Oh man, how surprising is that? That’s not a Girl’s Inc idea, that’s an all-girls’ idea. Most girls, regardless of whether they are in Girls Inc or not, are aware that teen pregnancy is horrible. Also, why is the number not 100? If you’re going to take pride in the number of girls you’ve “convinced” to stay pregnancy-free, maybe you should make sure you’ve actually done some convincing first.   More…

Welcome to SMS VFC Club Reply

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Adrian Nguyen Dinh

Are you interested in learning about Vietnamese culture? Well if so, you´re in great luck! Stacey is hosting a Vietnamese Cultural Club called VFC.

VFC first met on October 5th and there was a great turn out. The club´s next meeting will be October 19, so if anyone hasn’t already joined, they need to come on by.

The club meets every other Friday in Mrs. Phan’s classroom.  This year, the club will be teaching different folk games, listening to Vietnamese music, and trying out different food.

Meeting attendee Aden Nguyen said, “The club is amazing and has a sense of Vietnamese people.  I think it will help others to learn about the Vietnamese society.” More…

The Home Stretch Reply

Juneau Resnick

We only have a few weeks before summer, which is a relief. But in the weeks prior to the end, we are racing around with our heads chopped off trying to get things done and turned in. This is the final countdown before all of the summer fun.

For instance,  the portfolio in Mrs. Ortega’s fourth and fifth-period class was due this past Friday so the class could peer edit. There is a whole lot of stuff that goes into the portfolio so they will be working hard to finish everything.

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YouTuber of the Week: Geography Now! 3


Gavin Mercado

Welcome back to another YouTuber of the Week! This week’s YouTuber is Geography Now! requested by Andy.

Geography Now! is a YouTuber who obviously talks about geography. This channel has a male host, and in every episode, he talks about different countries.

He talks briefly about the country’s culture. Then, he goes on to show where it is located, such as the continent, where it lies in relation to the equator, and what surrounds it. More…

New Disneyland Paris Rides?? Reply

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Kevin Luu

Disneyland Paris revealed that they were going to build a new land that included the Marvel Superheroes in summer 2018. It will introduce new Marvel-themed attractions. The news came from Chairman Bob Chapek during the D23 Expo in Tokyo, Japan. Concept art of one of the new attractions is shown above.

The announcement made the more than 2000 fans the first to hear about the latest projects in development for Disney guests all over the world, including those for Disneyland Paris. The new development will be built on the resort’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

It follows the recent news that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are preparing to incorporate more popular stories and characters into Europe’s top tourist destination, giving Disneyland Paris guests even more entertainment experiences and attractions. “I’m excited for them and I wish that Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters here in California could be re-themed into that new Ant-Man ride. I am so excited. I am definitely going to go to Paris shortly after those rides open,” stated Gavin Mercado. More…

Highlights of the Grammys 2018 Reply

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Katie Mills

Editors note: Yes, the Grammys were a long time ago. We apologize for our tardiness. Things got backed up, but this is too good to toss. 

There were some amazing performances at the 60th anniversary of the Grammys. From Cardi B’s first Grammy performance to Ben Platt’s Broadway tribute, they were all sure to leave a dent in history.

Who Performed?

Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris and Eric Church

Alessia Cara, Khalid and Logic

Childish Gambino More…

What Happened At The End Of Death Cure?!? Reply

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Kevin Luu

Warning: spoilers ahead! Watch the movie, or not, that’s up to you.

Well, first we need to understand the movie. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure is a movie based on James Dashner’s novels. It wraps up the storyline of the main characters.

In the beginning, Thomas and Newt, the main characters, attempt to rescue their friend Minho from WCKD, or WICKED, where he is being experimented on along with other teenaged Immunes, who are immune to a virus in which it turns humans into zombies called Cranks.

Minho is only WCKD’s prisoner because Theresa, WCKD’s evil scientist doctor, betrayed Thomas and their friends by telling WCKD’s leader, Ava Page, and head of the security, Janson, about their location after they escaped.

Returning to Netflix 2018 Reply

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Ashley Wolf and Gwyndalynn Kent

If you don’t know what Netflix is, it is a sort of company that has an app and website where you pay for a membership, and they let you watch many different shows and Movies, some of which that they made. Netflix is known by people almost all over the world. The only downside is that sometimes they don’t tell you what shows and movies are going to be coming soon, you actually have to google it, so while you’re scrolling around on the Cougar Chronicle, if you want to know, you should read the rest of this article.

Screenshot 2018-01-26 at 1.14.13 PM More…

C’ya Screamin! Hey Incredicoaster! 1

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Gavin Mercado

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SCREAMMM! Oh, I’m supposed to write, sorry. Anyways, on January 8th, California Screamin had it´s very last screamers scream for one final time. Wow, that was a tongue twister. It was a sad day for many.

The reason why this attraction closed is because of the previously mentioned Incredicoaster that will be opening in Summer 2018. Very soon.

Recently, Disney released a wooden model of the inside of the tunnels (shown above), and I´ve gotta say, this is going to be so much better than California Screamin. Nobody really ever liked the boardwalk theme anyway. More…