We Hope You All Passed 6

Gwyndalynn Kent

Every year, students in grades fifth and seventh have to partake in the often dreaded Physical Fitness Test, where the teachers test each and every student on their physical abilities. Well, that time came for all students in seventh grade that happen last week for seventh-graders at Stacey Middle School.

There were several different abilities that were tested including the sit and reach, curl-ups, the mile run, and push-ups. Besides that, they also took the students’ height and weight.

For things such as the curl-ups, push-ups, and the mile run, every student has to reach a certain goal, which varies due to gender. More…

Crushed 3

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Kelsey Bisetti

Let me preface this by saying, cheating is never okay. Having said that, in light of recent events, I think it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the stress put on our students.

Anyone can attest to the fact that school is very stressful. Whether you’re a straight-A student or just scraping by, classes are tough and socializing is tougher.

The pressure of all this would take a toll on anyone, but those who are most affected are often those you’d least suspect.

Students in AP classes so often feel this pressure that they are the most likely to cheat. More…

Benchmarks?!? Reply

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Kevin Luu

It’s that time of year again, everyone. It’s time for benchmarks.

A benchmark is a test that will test you on what you learned during the trimester. Some people’s scores will be better than others. Over time, you will hopefully show improvement. It is not about the grade, it is about what you learned.

Benchmarks help schools move people into higher level programs. Study.com says, “This assessment is not limited to assisting with placement.

For example, educators can use benchmarks to improve performance among specific students or even among students at large in at-risk schools and districts.” More…