Helpful or Distracting? Chromebooks on Campus 7

Delaney Powell

Two years ago, the Westminster School District introduced Chromebooks to all the schools in the district. At the beginning of each school year, everyone middle school student is given one that they will use for the time they are there. But are these more of distractions than a tool?

Emmy Tran, a sixth grader here at Stacey says, “I like the Chromebooks. I don’t really think they are a distraction either because the office can monitor what sites you go on.”

However, the technology that the office and teachers had to monitor Chromebook use was not always there. More…

Tech Trek-Those Invited 1


Katelyn Hooker and Mariah Escatel

Recently, 12 Stacey Middle School girls were chosen to go to Tech Trek, a one week trip to UCI for seventh-grade girls going into the eighth grade. This trip teaches girls about STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology). The seventh-grade teachers picked one to three girls from each period that they thought were Tech Trek material, meaning that they were engaged in science lessons. On February 9th, all the selected girls met with a retired Boeing worker to talk about the program. More…

The Hydro Flask – The Story of it All Reply


Katelyn Hooker

Athletes around the world have experienced the cooling taste of whatever beverage they choose in the new Hydro Flask. Stacey students have also jumped on the bandwagon. It is common to see these around our campus.

Still, most students do not know the history behind this refreshing technology. More…

The Death of an App 4


Delaney Powell

On July 6, 2016, an app was released that shook the world. Pokemon Go was the game of the year, or so we thought.

Ever since this school year started, people haven’t been as excited to play it anymore. More…

Smartphones are Spoiling Our Sleep 😴 1


Evelyn Huynh

There are many negatives and positives that a smartphone can have, but a new study suggests that the more time you spend on your smartphone, the worse you’ll sleep.

Studies have shown that people who use their smartphones for the most time during the month-long study period get less sleep and were less likely to have a quality sleep than those who spent less time on their phones. It also states that people who used their smartphones right before bedtime took longer to fall asleep. More…

Robotics Reply


Kenny Tran

With the 2016-2017 year starting, it’s time for some new electives here on the Stacey campus!

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), one of the new electives, has the eighth-grade students learning robotics. STEM is also taught in the “Trimester Wheel”  which is available to seventh graders as well. These electives are taught by Mrs. Ibbetson, the eighth-grade science teacher. More…