Darkfest Reply

Heather Tran and Quang Truong

‘Tis the season of SPOOKY boogeymen, ghosts, werewolves, and Justin Bieber’s new music video.

On October 29th, Leadership is hosting Darkfest from 6:15-8:15 p.m. There will be a scary movie, that will petrify your pants off, food, drinks, and possibly a haunted house.

Come and hang out with friends, but keep hands and feet to yourself because this will be an amazing ride to HAPPY, HAPPY FUN TIME. Pajamas, Gucci purses, phones, and cameras are A-okay.

Tickets are $6, but if you have ASB then it will ONLY be $5. Remember to bring your student I.D. when buying a ticket. Once you enter, bring your I.D, ticket, and money for food or the bouncer will not let you in. Hope to see you there!

National Junior Honors Society Medallion Reply

njhs medallion

Tyler Serrano

Each year at Stacey Middle School, the National Junior Honors Society members in eighth grade,  who participate and meet the requirements for the club, receive a medallion to remind them of their hard work and dedication to society.

Mrs. Gates, the NJHS instructor, states, “For eighth graders to be eligible for the medallion, they have to be in NJHS for at least two trimesters, and one of those trimesters has to be the third. You can do the first and the third, or the second and the third.” More…

Date-cey Middle School 4

holding handsNikki Do and Kristen Fernandez

Every school year, there’s bound to be at least one “couple” at Stacey Middle School. But is this action necessary for an average student?

“I think it’s cool. Middle school is an age appropriate time to be dating someone,” said eighth grader, Seth Calderwood. More…

Welcome Back Dance Reply

Destiney Hagberg

The welcome back dance Wednesday, September 30 was the first dance of the school year and the chance for new students to experience their first major Stacey event.

As you walked by the the room, you could hear the loud music and screaming kids. Once in, dancing kids were having a blast and lights shone everywhere. Students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade attended, and it lasted from 1:45 to 3:15

Eighth grader Tyler Acosta said, “I loved the dance; it was so cool. I loved the lights and and the really loud music. It made it so much fun to go to.”

The dance provided food and drinks for those who attended. Tickets, at the cost of eight dollars, provided students not only entry to the dance, but the chance to become a Stacey PTSA member. Students whose parents had already paid for PTSA membership at registration received a free ticket. Purchases of membership helps support the PTSA and raise money for other future events at our school.

A New “Kind” of Campus Reply

Leah Kurihara and Leandra Gimenez

The challenge, presented by Brian Williams from the “Think Kind” organization, is for Stacey cougars to create a kindness explosion by collecting 2,000 shoes for students in Africa and $2,000 to purchase a new bus for IMA, an all girls’ school in Guatemala, by Oct. 16th. More…

Calling All Artists! Reply

PTA reflectionsFrom Sept. 28 to October 28, the National PTA Reflections Art Contest will showcase Stacey Middle School students’ artistic talent. The theme this year is Let Your Imagination Fly. If you enjoy creating dance, music composition, visual art, literature, film, or photography, come get an application in B3 and get creative.

Is the Dress Code a Problem? Reply

Leah Kurihara, Destiney Hagberg and Leandra Gimenez

Schools began having dress code rules in the 1960’s because of students protesting the Vietnam War by wearing black armbands. Though it was argued whether or not that the new law was fair, it was enforced and is still used today. More…