One Melted Night Reply

FullSizeRenderNikki Do

On December 16th, One Snowy Night was hosted by the College Career Readiness program. Throughout the dance, there were various activities available for students who bought tickets (aside from the ticket to enter).

At the dance, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m., Santa Claus took pictures with students in the school library. In front of the library was a food stand which contained chips, candy, pizza, hot chocolate, and soda.

One section of the multipurpose room was reserved for an activity where students were able to get whipped cream sprayed into their face. In order to do the activity, students payed one ticket. More…

2015 Stacey Volleyball 1

Destiney Hagberg

Congratulations to all the girls and boys who make the volleyball team this year!

Volleyball games and practices will be starting up in January after the winter break.

The schedules of the games are posted under under the article Stacey’s Athletics.

Good luck girls and boys!

This list below is all the girls who make the team. Every boy who tried out

for the team made it! More…

Math Textbook Adoption Reply

Big Ideas Math

Jonah Vu

For the remainder of the year, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will use the Big Ideas Math Textbook, and returning their McGraw-Hill textbooks to the company.

Math teachers from middle and elementary schools met on December 17th, Thursday, evening to discuss which of two Mathematics textbooks they preferred. After discussion and voting, it was decided Stacey Middle School will be using the Big Ideas Math textbook, as opposed to the McGraw-Hill edition. More…

Girls vs. Guys Football Reply

Leah Kurihara, Leandra Gimenez, Destiney Hagberg

As some of you may already know, Stacey’s girls football team is starting up, however the fact that girls only get an exposition game is upsetting to many. The boys’ football teams played five games over several weeks, and the girls’ team will play only two in one day.

Hailey Braddock said, “I am kinda upset about that, to be honest, cause we should get an equal amount.” More…

Winter Pep Rally Reply

Leandra Gimenez

Leadership is organizing a winter pep rally during double lunch on December 18 so students will be excited for school and get to enjoy a fun event before going on winter break.

The pep rally will have performances from Dance Club and eighth grader, Jeannie Skidmore. It will also include games organized by Leadership such as: Wrap Your Friend, Guess the Christmas Song, and Who Has the Most Spirit? More…


Destiney Hagberg

Running Across the Fields, Roads, Tracks, and Trails

This is the 12th season of the Stacey Middle School Running Team. Started in 2005, our running team sent countless amount of kids to running success in high school and a few have received scholarships to college.

To join the running club, obtain an application from Mr. Yohn, fill it out and return it to him in G2B. More…