Do Cats Really Deserve To Die? 10

Kelsey Bisetti

There is no way to make death okay. That seems to be a generally accepted belief, right? Then, why are we killing millions upon millions of animals each year for classroom experiments and dissections? How can we excuse that as education when there are so many humane options to consider as replacements?

Alright, since you’ll probably just mock any moral argument I make, I’ll start with some facts. Almost nobody remembers what they learned during dissections. I, for example, don’t remember a single idea I learned during the squid dissection I was forced into during sixth grade. More…

Is AR Really Necessary? 2

Screenshot 2017-06-15 at 1.44.20 PM

Oanh Tran

For all reading classes, AR has been a contributing factor to grades, but is it really necessary?  In order to pass a reading class, Accelerated Reader, or AR, is a requirement that needs to be accomplished.  Every Language Arts/Reading teacher sets a minimum point goal for each student depending on their Star Reading score.

Goals over the trimester can lead up to over 150 points per trimester (if in 8th-grade honors) which is tedious to most students and sometimes makes it difficult for students keep up in class.  

“Usually at the end of the trimester, I pay attention to AR making me not pay attention to most assignments due in class. And when I am too busy paying attention to AR my effort is not used for my assignments, and my grade goes down.”, says 7th grade Hailey Penn. More…

Paper and Pencil 5

paper and pencilElaine Tong

With the increasing amount of technology, it not only affects our homes but our school environments.

Technology rules several areas of the world today. Actually, it is safe to say our lives technically (pun?) revolve around it. Let’s face it. We use technology for entertainment, communicating, building, and creating. As if we could not have made it worse, we are now working towards incorporating it within our school education. So how does this harm our school, you ask? More…

Attention: Talent Show 2

Averi Farren

Attention Cougars! Do you have any hidden talents, or really ANY talents alt all?

Stacey’s end of the year talent show is coming up, June 21st on the last day of school. The talent show auditions were held by Mr. Yohn, Mr. Dandridge, and Mr. Woodruff on Wednesday, June 7th after school in Mr. Yohn’s room.

Although many students take this talent show for granted and think it’s just a fun thing to do on the last day of school, it may be more worth it in the end when you hear what the prize is.

The winner’s prize will be $100, so wish luck to all of the talent show participants and may the best talent win!

We hope to see many Cougars participating, good luck!

Run by Two? Reply

Katelyn Hooker and Denise Mena

The announcements run by only two students? An unlikely event, but true. Every morning, two announcers, Denise Mena and Katelyn Hooker, head up to the office to begin the morning announcements. But after every day, it gets more and more repetitive. Should only two students, (apart from Videography), be running the morning announcements? In the announcer’s eyes, of course not.

Denise Mena:

We feel as though every student in Journalism or Videography should at least try to once to do the morning announcements to at least see what’s it’s like because you never know what it’s like until you try. More…

Extra Credit Brings Down Grades? 8

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 2.36.34 PM.png

Evelyn Huynh

Students know that doing extra credit work is a great way to boost up grades, however after awhile, they start to bring down grades.

When a student does extra credit work, it puts more points into that specific category in Jupiter grades. However, once that category has over 100% and he or she does more work in that category, it starts to bring down the grades in both the category and overall grade because the average goes down. More…

AVID’s Trip to UCSD 1

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 1.45.58 PM

Oanh Tran and Evelyn Huynh

For AVID’s final field trip this third trimester, the 7th and 8th graders visited the University of San Diego. On Tuesday, May 30, AVID classes visited UCSD for a field trip.

AVID students, at 6:30 in the morning, took a two-hour bus ride to reach the campus, according to 7th grader, Maily Nguyen. From approximately 9:00 am to 10:40 am, the students had free time, having the ability to walk around and explore the school’s campus. At 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, the students received a tour around the campus. Afterward, the students were given extra time. The students stayed there for about 5 hours. More…

Poll: What Elective Did You Choose? 20

Mariah Escatel

Electives. The one class that students get to pick. Here at Stacey, we offer lots of different choices for students, some of which require an application, like Journalism or Yearbook, while others don’t, like Art or Spanish.

Volleyball Club is Back! 3

Screenshot 2017-06-06 at 2.06.15 PM

Oanh Tran

Volleyball club has been back since May and will be going on for the rest of the school year!  For this trimester, the majority of students attending volleyball club are 7th graders.

The requirements are just to show up in a team of three or four people.  There will be mini-game tournaments, the first will be Thursday, June, 8th, and the winning teams will earn a gift card from Mr. Cota.  

The club meets on Tuesdays and Fridays and lasts one hour after school outside on the fields. Two nets or more are set up with Mr. Cota supervising all the students.  All students are allowed to join and play for fun.  

Anyone can attend and join a team during the meetings. The majority of the attending students are 7th graders.   

If not able to make it for the first tournament, more tournaments will be held over the next meetings of volleyball club.

Keeping the Park Clean 10

Screenshot 2017-06-01 at 3.22.30 PM

Oanh Tran

Trash has been a problem at the park this school year, as many food wrappers are littered daily.  Every weekday, many students from Clegg and Stacey go to the park after school to hang out while waiting to be picked up. Although some are elementary school students, most area6th, 7th and 8th graders.

After school, many students walk to the ice cream truck to get candy, chips, and ice cream.  By the end of the day, trash is thrown onto the playground and grass.  The trash is not picked up by Stacey’s custodians, as the park is not part of the school’s property.

“I see trash in the park every day, and I realize how much students litter every school day,” says Justin Pham. More…