Farmer’s Market Palooza Reply

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Madison Evans

On Friday, December 16th, Stacey’s Garden Club had a farmer’s market holding the key to success while trying to raise money for their new shed.

At the market, they had succulents, lettuce and kale arrangements, and lemons. There were large pots of multiple small succulents inside, each sold for $7. There were also medium and small succulents; the medium for $5 and the small for $3. All of the pots were hand painted by AVID and garden club students- decorated with Christmas colors, solid colors, and so much more. The kale sold for $3 and the lemons for $1.

Garden Club’s goal was to get enough money to buy a shed so they can store their important supplies- like shovels, rakes, etc.-  by the end of 2018, or before winter break. At this farmer’s market, they raised $170. Many people bought succulents while the garden club members advertised by chanting cheers and saying, “Come and get the perfect Christmas present for your family!” More…

The Amazing Alyson Boren Reply

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Madison Evans

Alyson Boren is an amazing student who loves to play softball, rugby, go to the gym, and hang out with friends during her free time. She is the one that stays calm (most of the time, at least) during tough circumstances both at home and at school. Alyson is a funny, caring, and friendly student who everyone would want to be friends with. Now let’s take an inside look at what it’s like to be Alyson Boren.

To start off, Alyson uses sports to help herself both blow off some steam and train and work hard to get to college with a softball scholarship to UCLA- the college she’d wanted to go to since she was only four years old. While in college, Alyson will take as many college courses as it takes and train very hard to follow a path into becoming a Navy Seal.

Known as “Aly” in her softball league, one of the best players there, she has definitely become famous on the fields. She started playing travel ball in 2018, making new friends and training harder than ever. She mostly plays catcher and is an amazing batter. She would love for softball to take her to UCLA in the future. More…

Mr. Yohn Conspiracy Theories 16

Gavin Mercado, Grace Baer, and Annabelle Lona

Everybody knows Mr. Yohn as a friendly social studies teacher to eighth graders all over Stacey, but is he who we think he is? Does Mr. Yohn really have a wife, is he a part of the Illuminati, is he really able to run? Let’s find out…

Is Mr. Yohn Part of the Illuminati?:

It may seem obvious when asking if Mr. Yohn is in the Illuminati. There are many sources that the journalism investigative team consisting of Gavin Mercado, Grace Baer, and Annabelle Lona have found.

Mr. Yohn is found in multiple websites listed here:

There is much more where this comes from. He is seen battling the supreme courts in Washington D.C. How could a simple middle school teacher get this far? When did he go there? More…

Behind the Scenes- One Starry Night 2

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 10.10.53 AM.pngMadison Evans and Jolie Phan

One Starry Night, hosted by Ms. Thach, Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Valverde, and the students from AVID is upon us. They have been preparing for the December 12th  spectacular. An inside look of the dance will definitely show everyone how much work and time has gone into it.

AVID kids have been running around and helping Ms. Thach prepare for the spectacular night and getting some last-minute things done for the dance. (Ms. Thach doesn’t like when students do things at the last minute) “AVID is always busy…go go go!” says Ms. Thach.Ms. Thach claims that the AVID kids are 100% involved in the dance and that the teachers are only there to supervise. More…

The Uplifting Ukulele Club Reply

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 8.52.50 AM.pngMadison Evans

Ukulele Club is a club that calms your senses while playing beautiful music, taught to you by one of Stacey’s physical education teachers. Mr. Thorsen has been playing the ukulele for many years, and he has an amazing story to tell how it all started for him.

It all started with Mr. Thorsen when he was eight years old when the librarian at his school gave him a box of old and broken ukuleles that he “glued back together and started to teach others.” Mr. Thorsen then started teaching students and his own children as he got older. Mr. Thorsen still loves to play his ukuleles on his lānai, which is Hawaiian for “deck,” or “balcony,” at his house in Hawaii. He finds the ukulele a very relaxing instrument to play; especially when he’s teaching others. More…

Meet the Thriving Garden Club Reply

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Jolie Phan

Gaming, cooking, dancing, and reading are all hobbies. But have you tried gardening at Stacey? Gardening is a great hobby to help you relax and learn. It’s an entertaining and satisfying experience.  

All Garden Club meetings are at 2:45 – 3:30 in room D3 after school on Fridays, rain or shine. The supervisor is Ms. Thach. “A funny, straight-forward, and amazing teacher who always likes to get to the point of something,” is what Madison Evans says about Ms. Thach. She likes to be in the warm climate and see her children grow. Ms. Thach thinks the purpose of the Garden Club is to “get your fingers and hands dirty in the sun.”

Presently, there are 34 students attending the Garden Club. During the meetings, they discuss the updates of the garden and tell others about it. Mrs. Thach hopes there would be more students to share her hobby with. There are currently three gardens growing away in Staconia. There’s one at the next to the A building, E building, and one in front of the G building. More…

Should students bring blankets to school? 3

Grace Baer

Lately, a petition to bring blankets to Stacey has been going around. Already, 42 people have signed up and Heidi Alvarez turned in the petition on Friday, November 16th.

Heidi had the idea to start the petition when she noticed it was getting colder in the mornings. She then went to the office to do something about it.

Mrs. Kirk let her get as many signatures as possible to make it happen. The petition would allow students to bring blankets and pillows to school. Although this doesn’t allow kids to sleep in class, it would make learning a lot more comfortable. More…

All The Upcoming Field Trips That You Should Be Excited For! 3

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Gavin Mercado

Who loves field trips? Everyone loves field trips! Although field trips may be for an educational purpose, most would agree that they are much more fun than class. This year there is a ton of upcoming field trips for some of the electives and other classes. This is a list of all of them.

8th Grade Knott’s Berry Farm Trip: This trip will take eighth graders ONLY to Knott’s Berry Farm to have a great time! There, they can ride roller coasters, watch shows, and eat some delicious food. All eighth graders have a possibility of going.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in eighth grade, must have all 3 service hours completed, must bring an amount of money (not announced yet) to Mr. Yohn a few weeks before the field trip starts, must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

DATE: Sometime in May/June.

“Honors” Band Festival Trips: This trip will take “Honors” Band kids to two iconic festivals. During period 5 Mr. Woodruff stated, “I expect nothing less than a unanimous superior rating.” Which is the highest rating you can receive at the festival?

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in Period 5 or 0 Period band.

DATE: Sometime in Spring. More…

The Knowledgeable Nardeen Gebraeel 2

Madison Evans

Nardeen is obviously very busy in school, but in her free time, she likes to read. She would rather read a series of books than a single book. She sometimes likes to take a break from schoolwork and hang out with her best friends.

Nardeen states that she is no expert in sports or musical instruments. She is a student who has all A’s, a GPA of 4.2, in all honors classes and is very proud of her accomplishments in the past years.

Nardeen is not your average everyday girl. She won the outstanding student award in both fifth and sixth grade and pushes hard in everything she does. She is in honors reading, language arts, and math. She loves to read, and her favorite subject is math. When anybody asks her why she likes math so much, she states, “Numbers are just easy to understand.” More…