Volleyball Club is Back! 3

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Oanh Tran

Volleyball club has been back since May and will be going on for the rest of the school year!  For this trimester, the majority of students attending volleyball club are 7th graders.

The requirements are just to show up in a team of three or four people.  There will be mini-game tournaments, the first will be Thursday, June, 8th, and the winning teams will earn a gift card from Mr. Cota.  

The club meets on Tuesdays and Fridays and lasts one hour after school outside on the fields. Two nets or more are set up with Mr. Cota supervising all the students.  All students are allowed to join and play for fun.  

Anyone can attend and join a team during the meetings. The majority of the attending students are 7th graders.   

If not able to make it for the first tournament, more tournaments will be held over the next meetings of volleyball club.

The Last Mega Mile Reply

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Oanh Tran

Next week, on May 10th, students will run the last Mega Mile of the year.  

Leadership will be helping with this event and will have one list for boys and one for girls.  All students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are allowed to participate in the event and are encouraged to run with friends.

The Mega Mile is for those who want to take place on the school’s list of top 100 runners.

Girls Basketball Team: Announcement 4

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Oanh Tran

Girls basketball tryouts at the end of March were successful attracting plenty of participants. This week, the team has been formed with sixteen girls who were chosen including Kayla Chen, Annabelle Edwards, Lily Foster, Madelyn Fracassa, Emma Kirby, Renee Mangold, Emily Marsh, Honey Nguyen, Gwen Ontiveros, Katelyn Pham, Alicia Rodriguez, Jeileen Sifuentes, Vivian Trieu, Lexi VanHorn, Katrina Vo, and Vanessa Luong. 

Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball team will be competing soon against Warner and Johnson May 2nd.  Hopefully, the girls will successfully dominate both teams.  A practice was on Monday, May 1st, and the games begin on May 2nd and go throughout next week on the 9th.  Good luck Cougars!

Running Team: Meet Reply

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Oanh Tran

Stacey’s running team will be having a meet this Saturday, April 8th, located at Tustin high school to compete against other schools.  There will be six students from Stacey running team who will be challenged to run either the 100, 200, 300, 400-meter dash or the full mile.  

The running team has been practicing three days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with supervision and coaching of Mr.Yohn.

“The event will start from 8:00 am and end at 1:00 pm,” states Mr. Yohn.

The students will be running against other middle schoolers their age, and, hopefully, will bring home the win!

Mega-Mile Coming Soon 13

Oanh Tran

A new mega-mile is about to take place on May 3rd at Stacey.  All students are allowed to run, and have the chance to get their scores recorded in top 100 runners!

All students are encouraged to join in the run with friends to try to get in the top 100’s.  

Those who participated the last mega-mile can participate again to earn a new score.

There will be separate records for boys and girls who will participate.  

New Dodgeball Event! Reply

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Oanh Tran

New dodgeball teams are forming and sign-ups are open!  

The next dodgeball event will take place on April 5th.

Each team should have at least SIX members, and sign-ups close on April 3rd after school.

To create a team, please plan ahead.  The team captain should collect all forms and money from each player and turn the applications into room G2B.   More…

Soccer Success 3

20170216_145822Oanh Tran

The soccer season for Stacey started this month, and the boys’ and girls’ teams have not lost a game so far!  

On Wednesday, March 8th, both the girls and the boys’ soccer team competed against Johnson.  The girls’ team won 5-0 as the boys’ team won 5-1. “I am very excited for what’s to come during the season, and I hope we win more games during the season and end strong,” says 7th-grade Cambria Chandler.  

This week, March 15th, the boys and girls competed against Warner and Johnson.  The girls’ won against Warner at 6-0 and Johnson at 3-2.  As for the boys’ soccer team, they won 5-2 against Warner and tied 2-2 against Johnson.  

The last game will be taken March 22nd against Warner and hopefully, the Stacey teams will be successful in the end.

Requests for 2nd 2017 Dodgeball Tournament 3


Oanh Tran

The second dodgeball tournament of 2017 is coming up soon.  For those interested in making the team for dodgeball, the requests are now open for more teams to be created.  The requests end by February 28th at 3:00 pm.  

To meet the requirements, please pick a team of 6-8 players, choose a team captain, and let the captain go to room G2B to get the forms for the team.  Each player will have to fill out a liability/insurance form, and pay the entry fee of $1.  The captain should receive the paperwork and money and turn it into room G2B.   More…

(Second) Girls Soccer Tryouts for 6th, 7th and 8th Reply


Oanh Tran

Earlier last week, 6th and 7th-grade girls soccer tryouts took place.  Due to lack of time, a second tryout will occur.  The second tryouts are only for girls who were picked to attend.  The event will be taken place on Wednesday, February 22nd after school.  

Separate from the 6th and 7th graders, the first 8th-grade girls’ tryouts will also be held. Any 8th-grade girl will be allowed to tryout.  The tryouts will also be held after school on Wednesday, February 22nd.  For more information, check with Mr. Andrews.