What’s going on in Sports Reply

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Mia Grasse

As you may have seen over the last couple of weeks, the Stacey volleyball teams have been working hard to improve their skills.

Their first game will be January 18th at the Warner Gymnasium. Their first home volleyball games will be January 30th and February 1st at the Johnson Gymnasium.

We cannot have home games at our gymnasium because, unfortunately, our gym is still in progress.

The volleyball teams have already gotten their uniforms and are ready to play. Stacey’s volleyball uniforms are very similar to the football teams jerseys.

Speaking of which, Stacey’s football teams are ready to start playing and hope that you will come and support them as well.

Cougars in 2nd Place! Reply

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Mia Grasse

Stacey’s football team has played their last game of the season.

On Wednesday, November 15, Stacey played two home games out on our fields and was victorious. Here are the scores:

1st Game Score

Johnson Warriors: 20

Stacey Cougars: 26

2nd Game Score

Warner Wildcats: 16

Stacey Cougars: 36 More…

Volleyball 1

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Mia Grasse

Volleyball is starting soon. The girls first tryout was Tuesday, November 14th and the boys was Thursday, November 16th.

If you were selected to be on the team, make sure to come out to the field dressed out and ready to play. The first official practice will be November 28th after school.

Also, for those in Volleyball Club, the club ends November 17 and will start again sometime in the spring.

Mr. Cota is very excited to coach the volleyball team especially since he has seen so much talent in Volleyball Club. Just remember to try your best, Cougars!

Stacey vs Warner 5

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Gwyndalynn Kent

That’s right Cougars, Stacey had another football game November 8th against Warner Middle School. Plenty of students showed up to support Stacey’s team.

The Stacey Football Team had been practicing and was positive that they would win. But, unfortunately, it was another loss to us. Warner beat our Stacey team with a score of 24-20. Better luck next time!

Who Will be the Winner? Poll 7

Gwyndalynn Kent

The World Series is the annual championship between the best American League and the best National League baseball teams. The World Series first started in 1903.

This year, the World Series is between the Dodgers and the Astros. The very first game of the series was October 24th and the Dodgers won 3-1. On October 25th, the second game commenced and the Astros won 7-6. The next game was also an Astros victory 5-3. Game four was the Dodgers, 6-2. The Astros battled back with a victory of 15-13 for game five. Game six was another Dodger win at 3-1.

So there you have it. The series is tied at three games apiece. We are looking at a game seven. The winner of the game tonight, Nov. 1, will take the 2017 World Series and be the champions. More…

What is Volleyball Club? 1


Mia Grasse

Volleyball Club started officially after school on Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Mr. Cota, the teacher who runs volleyball club, says, ¨We welcome all students who want an opportunity to just have fun, make new friends, and are interested in this sport.¨

Mr. Cota started this club last year because he saw a lot of interest from students at Stacey. Mr. Cota always welcomes new people to his club.

If you are interested, Volleyball Club meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school until 4 p.m. At Volleyball Club, Mr. Cota teaches new skills, drills, and arranges fun, non-competitive games. More…

Taking A Knee 6

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For weeks now, you’ve likely been hearing about the tension between Trump and several American football teams due to their “disrespect” for the national anthem. But what our president finds to be contemptuous, others find heroic. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a knee:

This whole protest started on Aug. 14, 2016, when Colin Kaepernick first took a stand (no pun intended) and decided to stay seated during the national anthem. It wasn’t until about a month later that he created his iconic pose of taking a knee. He later said he chose this position because he felt it showed more respect for military veterans while still making his point. More…

Flag Football Tryouts 4

flag football

Mia Grasse

Calling all boys and girls who love football: tryouts are this Friday after school. Please come and join us out on the field for an hour and a half to two hours of tryouts. It is a great way to show off your athleticism, stay healthy and fit, and make new friends in the process. Remember, this is a tryout for both genders, so all are welcome. Hope to see you out on the field.

Mr. Rick, the head flag football coach at Stacey Middle School, and Mr. Cota, the assistant flag football coach, have a few expectations for the new incoming flag football players. All players must be respectful, good students, competitive, athletic, and have good sportsmanship. To be on the team, you must be able to throw and catch a football and must have speed. More…

Volleyball Club is Back! 3

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Oanh Tran

Volleyball club has been back since May and will be going on for the rest of the school year!  For this trimester, the majority of students attending volleyball club are 7th graders.

The requirements are just to show up in a team of three or four people.  There will be mini-game tournaments, the first will be Thursday, June, 8th, and the winning teams will earn a gift card from Mr. Cota.  

The club meets on Tuesdays and Fridays and lasts one hour after school outside on the fields. Two nets or more are set up with Mr. Cota supervising all the students.  All students are allowed to join and play for fun.  

Anyone can attend and join a team during the meetings. The majority of the attending students are 7th graders.   

If not able to make it for the first tournament, more tournaments will be held over the next meetings of volleyball club.