This is Knott a Drill! 3


Elaine Tong

It is well-known that the eighth graders of Stacey will soon go on a field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm on May 24th. This event is anticipated by many students here on campus as an entertaining way to learn historical background about our country’s past.

“I feel like it’s a good opportunity to learn and also have fun,” states eighth grader Delaney Powell when asked how she felt of this opportunity of a trip.

The fees for each student planning to go is $35. It is mandatory to return this money by Wednesday, May 3. Otherwise, students will not be able to attend if they return the fees any later than the due date. More…

Whip Cream Faced! 😵 Reply

IMG_0430.jpgKatelyn Hooker

On Wednesday, Nov. 16  at lunch, Stacey students witnessed a clash of students, battling to find one red Skittle. It was, the Battle of the Homerooms!

Daring students participated in an event with whipped cream and one red skittle. They grabbed their partner and dug their face in a tinfoil plate of whipped cream to find a lone skittle. The first to do so was declared victorious.   More…

Back to the 80’s Reply


Leah Kurihara

Stacey is going back to the 80’s on the 21st of March.

Leadership  chose this spirit day theme because March 21st is the 80th day of 2016.

Back in the 80’s, the trend was to wear neon colors. So on the 21st all students should wear bright and vibrant clothes.

When we asked Maddy Lane, 8th grader, what the first word that came to mind when she thought of the 80’s decade, she said, “I think of neon.”

Support Stacey Middle School by showing your spirit, and don’t forget the leg warmers.


Multicultural Night Reply


Leah Kurihara

On February 26th, Stacey Middle School is having their Multicultural Night. Students, teachers, and family members can go and participate in the exciting event. Multicultural Night will start at 5:00 p.m. and end around 7:00 p.m.

At this event, students from Stacey Middle School can form groups and present a culture. In the past years, many people have made booths for countries such as Japan, Korea, Sweden, and Hawaii.

To participate, one needs to get a sign-up paper from Ms.Valverde and fill out the requirements needed.

Judges visit all of the booths, and then vote to determine the best. Winners will win “a special prize”.

Come support your fellow students by visiting their booths and experiencing the different cultures!