Are Stacey Students Prepared for a School Shooting? Reply Wolf and Gwyn Kent

(Disclaimer: Gun laws were not brought up)

Every student in the United States has done simple school drills like earthquake, lockdowns, fire, and shelter in place. These drills are supposed to help us prepare for disasters that can happen at any moment in time during the day. Do they help to teach us what to do in the event of a disaster? Maybe. But do Stacey Students feel prepared for a school shooting?

School shootings are a topic that has recently come into the news, and we hear about them more often than we’d like. As a student, most people would have to agree that seeing this on the news makes the idea even scarier.

Just because shootings have been brought up more recently, sadly it doesn’t mean they are anything new. There are records of shootings from as early as 1840. More…