Meet Miss Toler 9


Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

Some students may know the new 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade science teacher Miss. Toler, but for those that do not, this article may help Stacey Middle School students to get to know her a little bit better.


Miss Toler was born on October 18th, so get ready to wish her a happy birthday. She went to school at Cal State Long Beach and has been teaching for 14 years now, but this is her first year at Stacey Middle School, so do not expect her to be a new gullible teacher. Her reason for choosing to work at Stacey Middle School is because her two sons attend a nearby elementary school, Schroeder. More…

Hey, It’s Mr. Woodruff! 8


Caitlyn Timmons 

Gravity Alert! Mr. Woodruff is a well-known teacher here at Stacey Middle School. He is very devoted to teaching and spreading his love of music. This is his seventh year teaching at Stacey and is very excited for much more to come.

Mr. Woodruff first decided to be a teacher when he was in the fifth grade. “I find it fun to share what I truly love,” says Mr. Woodruff. “Enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Just let the future develop on its own.”

Playing over ten different instruments, his favorite by far is the guitar. More…

Mason Creyaufmiller 2

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Gwyndalynn Kent and Alyssa Manson

Mason Creyaufmiller is an astonishing eighth-grade student here at Stacey Middle School. Mason is really into theatre arts, so he loves watching musicals, traveling, and singing. He adores performing with his theatre group.  So, it is no surprise his summer was full of spectacular events related to his passion.

Mason is really into musicals, which includes watching them and even performing in some of them with his theatre group.  His mom states, “My son is a musical theatre kid, so he has been performing in musical theatre since he was seven and just recently turned thirteen.” 

Mason traveled to three different places over the summer, New York, Iceland, and Gander. The reason he traveled to New York was so he could go see the musical’s Hamilton and Come From AwayOut of all the musicals Mason has seen, his favorite one was Come From Away, which is based on a true story about the Federal Aviation Administration shut down of American Airspace on September 11th, where thousands of passengers were diverted to an Airport in Gander, Newfoundland.  More…

Meet Miss Watson! 3

Alyssa Manson

Meet our new teacher here at Stacey, Miss Watson, or her full name, Miss Alisa Watson! Now, let’s get the pronunciation right. You pronounce it like so; ah- lee-sah. Her name is often mispronounced, for some say her name how you would pronounce the name Alissa. Incorrect! Besides the point.

Miss Watson is, believe it or not, the youngest teacher in the school district! She is only twenty-seven years old. Miss Watson has been teaching for two years. Before deciding to finalize her decision on becoming a teacher, she was contemplating becoming a museum creator. Of course, we are all thankful that she chose to be a teacher.

Previously before becoming a social studies teacher here at Stacey, she used to be an English and History teacher at Johnson Middle School. More…

The Myth of the Dancing Zombie Teacher 6

image1Ashley Wolf

Is there a teacher that is a world traveler, dancer, and a zombie? Yes, and her name is Mrs. Valverde, our school’s Spanish teacher! Don’t worry, she isn’t a real zombie, but she played one on a zombie show. And that isn’t even the start of the crazy things she has done.

She has been to multiple countries including Egypt, Germany, Poland, Holland, and even a couple more. Even after going to all these places, she still really wants to go to Greece.

One of her favorite places in the whole world is, of course, her hometown of Westminster. Her family has lived here for a long time, even her great-grandparents lived here. She loves her community and is very involved. More…

Mrs. Doyle-Math is Cool! 6

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Kevin Luu

Hello, Cougars! Mrs. Doyle, born in Palm Springs, CA, has some things she wants to say. If you are struggling in her classes, her advice is, “Ask for help and use the internet for help.” Mrs. Doyle also states, “I believe students can’t give up and need to have a growth mindset. Don’t give up even if it is hard for you!” 

Mrs. Doyle would be delighted to help those in need of help in her class!

She used to teach at Warner Middle School, Hayden Elementary School, Buena Vista High School, and Colton Middle School. More…

A Chat With Mr. Vivar 4

mathGavin Mercado

Cougars, welcome one of our newest teachers to Stacey! Rolando Vivar, also known as Mr. Vivar, lives in Huntington Beach and is from Mexico. He moved from Mexico to California when he was just ten years old. His birthday is January 9th and he loves to spend time with his son Oliver. What Mr. Vivar likes to do in his free time is Salsa dance! Mr. Vivar states, “Maybe one day I could start a salsa dance club.”  

Mr. Vivar loves to teach! He chose to teach because it would be a good career choice for him when he was in high school. However, after high school, he became very “undecided.” He wanted to be an architect, artist, soccer player, dance teacher, and even a restaurant manager!

Mr. Vivar can teach all grades, but for now, he teaches 7th. He states, “I like to teach middle school rather than high school because it is easier to re-teach subjects.” He also says, “I want to teach middle school so that I can reach [students] at this point.” More…

A profile of our school’s most popular student: Turtlehead 16

1012161105-2Elaine Tong

Turtlehead is a popular student on campus. He is well known and constantly receives compliments from everyone. It is an obvious fact that many students are jealous of his perfect features. Although Turtlehead is popular and well-liked, some do not know his story.

Turtlehead lives in Ms. Walters class in B3. But occasionally, he is brought home on breaks longer than four days. Otherwise, he stays in his other home at school. More…

“Hi, My Name is Averi Farren” 7

Mariah Escatel

Averi Farren is a 7th grader here at Stacey Middle School. She is also a member in Broadcast Journalism. Many people don’t know much about her.

To start off, she currently is twelve years old, and going on to thirteen on March 24th. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday when the day comes around.

As an overall friendly person, Averi especially loves hanging with her best friends, otherwise known as “The Fab Squab.” Her group of friends, “The Fab Squab” (Not “Fab Squad”) consists of her besties, Mariah Escatel, Catherine Eagleson, Maddie Fracassa, Kira Temple, and Giselle Salazar.   More…

Stacey Middle School’s Substitute Vice-Principal Reply

Denise Mena and Oanh Tran

Many here at Stacey know about the new vice principal substituting for Mrs. Hernandez named Mrs. Kirk. Her full name is Robin Renee Ross Kirk, and she will be substituting for about 12 weeks.   She has been working in the district since 2007.

Growing up, she played basketball, did ballet, and ran track. This led her to receive a scholarship for a women’s basketball team.  In a family with four brothers, she grew up surrounded by athletes as her father has played for a professional football team. Growing up in a tall family, her brothers’ height ranges from 6’4 feet to 6’8 feet. More…