One Snowy Carnival? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

Did you go to the One Snowy Night dance? If you did, you may have seen some carnival games set up at the dance. These games were provided by Stacey’s Builders Club. There were two games available for you to play.

One of the games was called “Three Snowy-Hoops”, in which players had three wreaths. The Builders Club members and board members instructed the players to throw the wreaths like frisbees. There were cones as well, and every time a wreath was rung around a cone, the player earned one raffle ticket. They also won a pencil and eraser.

The second game was called “Icicle Toss”. This was a tossing game (as the title implies). Players had three hula hoops. If they made one or less around the “icicle” they would get nothing. If they made two, they would get an eraser. Last, if they made all three, players would have gotten a pencil and maybe an eraser as long as the club wasn’t running out. They would have also gotten a raffle ticket, so long as they landed at least one hula hoop. More…

Free Starbucks Gift Card? Reply

Alyssa Manson

Hello Staconians! How awesome would it be to win Starbucks gift cards, Chipotle gift cards, toys, movie tickets, and other collectibles by just doing good in school?

That’s right! When teachers recognize you demonstrating scholarly behavior, you earn an orange or gold slip of paper called cougar cash. Cougar cash is used to buy things from your teachers such as pencils, trips to the bathroom, time to charge your chromebook, and, well, sometimes pizza.

Not only can you purchase those items with your cougar cash, but now you have several opportunities to win gift cards from places you love and toys to entertain you! So here’s how the cougar cash raffle works. More…

Are You Nervous For Report Cards? (Poll) 2

If you didn’t get good grades 1st trimester and your parents don’t check Jupiter Grades, you aren’t off the hook yet. Report cards are to be mailed home to your parents on December 11th.

Did You Enjoy the Fall Fest? 9

Avalyn Walton

Fall Fest, Stacey’s annual outdoor evening event, was last Thursday and many students had a terrific time. With great snacks and an awesome movie to watch, students had the perfect opportunity to spend a night making memories.

Despite having some small difficulties with getting the movie Beetlejuice, directed by Tim Burton, in color in the beginning, this movie was thrilling and fun. 

For two hours, students had fun either watching the movie, or just hanging out with friends. And although most students really enjoyed themselves, when talking to a few it is apparent some people want the function to change slightly. It’s all a matter of opinion and we want to hear yours.

What Can Possibly be Bad on Thanksgiving? Reply

Katie Mills

It’s Thanksgiving day. You walk into your kitchen and get a blast of the freshly baked food: sweet cranberry sauce, hot gravy, buttery mashed potatoes, cold pumpkin pie, salty green bean casserole, warm cornbread, and there even might be monkey bread stuffing. But over in the next corner, a big giant box of pizza is sitting opened on a table. And inside there is… pizza with gravy instead of tomato sauce?

Well, people may actually like that. Anyways, everyone knows that there are definitely some foods that are too unhealthy for Thanksgiving.

According to the article, “Top 10 Least Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes”, by Marissa Lippert, some extremely unhealthy foods are spinach and artichoke dips, deep fried turkey, candied sweet potatoes, and even pecan pie. More…

Dyed Hair, Is it Fair? 9

Mia Grasse

Most people say it is unfair that we are not allowed to have dyed hair at school unless it’s a natural hair color. Some people say dyed hair is a way to express who you are. Others may say that bright colored hair can be distracting to others students learning and education.

According to,, ¨ Upon further study, over 120 high schools and colleges kicked out students with colored hair and even more placed students in In School Suspension (ISS).¨ Can you imagine being kicked out of college for having your hair dyed? More…

Innapropri-IT? 3

Katie Mills

Everyone knows of the phenomenon It by Stephen King. The original film was produced in 1990, but times have changed a lot since then. Special effects are more advanced, and the characters are far more complex in the remake.

Pennywise has a far more sinister edge, marked by piercing yellow eyes and contorted movements, while it made the 1990’s Pennywise look cartoonish. Bill Skarsgård who plays Pennywise, said he even frightened the kids who were cast.

In addition, it came out close to Halloween, which made it even spookier.

Who Will be the Winner? Poll 7

Gwyndalynn Kent

The World Series is the annual championship between the best American League and the best National League baseball teams. The World Series first started in 1903.

This year, the World Series is between the Dodgers and the Astros. The very first game of the series was October 24th and the Dodgers won 3-1. On October 25th, the second game commenced and the Astros won 7-6. The next game was also an Astros victory 5-3. Game four was the Dodgers, 6-2. The Astros battled back with a victory of 15-13 for game five. Game six was another Dodger win at 3-1.

So there you have it. The series is tied at three games apiece. We are looking at a game seven. The winner of the game tonight, Nov. 1, will take the 2017 World Series and be the champions. More…

Hot or Cold? Reply

What Club Are You Going to Join? 5

Avalyn Walton and Maddie Fracassa

After the excitement of Club Rush, students have been buzzing about which club they want to join. With so many options, it’s a wonder how students choose. Clubs give students a chance to have fun and get involved with Stacey Middle School.

Better choose quickly, though, clubs are starting and positions are filling up. Some of the clubs listed below have already started, so it may no longer be possible to join. Still, with so many options, students are bound to find one they would enjoy.