What are You Doing Over Summer? 6

Madelyn Fracassa

Summer is just around the corner for Stacey Middle School Students. The last day of school is on Tuesday, June 19th, which is only fourteen days away.

With the end of school nearing, a lot of Stacey students already know what they are doing. Over summer there are many things to do, whether you are going on vacation or just lounging around.

Some of the 8th graders are not having such a laid back summer, though. The English honors kids for Marina High School have to do a summer assignment.

All eighth graders that are playing sports or taking band will be attending summer camps for most of the summer. There are so many things that could be done over summer. 

Open House Poll 5

Hey, Stacey parents and students. We hope you had a fantastic Open House experience!

Many new Stacey Middle school parents probably didn’t realize that this is Stacey’s first time trying this new format for Open House. Last year, Open House was formatted just like the student’s schedules from their first period to last. This year it was scheduled by subjects. That means a teacher may have had up to seven periods in the same room at the same time. That could be interesting.

The real question is, did you like the new Open House format? Please respond to the poll and leave comments about any specific ideas you might have.

What Movie Genre Do You Like? 1

Madelyn Fracassa

There are many different types of movies out there, including horror, comedy, thriller, romance, drama, action, war, science fiction, crime, animation, documentary, historical, etc. Which one of those topics is the best to you?

Meme Day Reply

Averi Farren

Meme day is here! Many students have been anticipating this day, March 30th, and have thought of all the memes they could use to get their costumes ready.

What is a meme many might be wondering? A meme (mēm/ noun) is an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-generic means, especially imitation. A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Basically, a meme is a picture/video with a funny caption that you relate to, quote on the daily, or have a good laugh at it and send it to a couple friends. Many send them via Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Twitter, etc. More…

Would You Make That Deal? Returns! 3

Ah yes, it has been a long time. A very long time in fact. The last “Would You Make That Deal?” was in 2015! I’m excited to say, we are back! Now let’s get into the deal.

Near your home, there is a haunted, abandoned house. People have been dared to go in there, but they never came back! Now here’s the deal.

If you spend the night in that house, (from 6pm to 7am.), you are guaranteed a full-scholarship to Harvard. You will also earn 2 million dollars. Remember, you have to survive. You could die. 13 hours and 13 hours only! Would you make that deal?


Super Bowl Poll! 2

Mariah Escatel

The time is near! Whether you watch for the amazing halftime show or the game, you’re bound to hear chatter about the Super Bowl.

The 2018 Super Bowl game lands on February 4th. The game is at 3:30, and you can watch the came on NBC.

This year Justin Timberlake will be performing the halftime show, so tune in!

The two teams going against each other are the Eagles and the Patriots. But the big question is, who are YOU rooting for?

If you think neither should be in the game tell us in the comments below!

Dif-Eye-ing Eye Colors – Poll 1

eye color

Averi Farren

Here at Stacey Middle School, we have 935 students. If you multiply that by two you would get roughly 1,870 pairs of eyes here at Stacey. Everyone hears this quote all the time, “No one’s the same, everyone is unique.” but when it comes to eyes is that true? Are each pair of eyes unique in their own way?

Yes, it is true. Eyes are very unique. No two eyes have exactly the same iris patterns. Look in the mirror at both of your eyes. Just like fingerprints, identical twins don’t share the same iris swirls and patterns, so each of their irises is also unique. The irises in both of these eyes are unique from the others.

The color in your eye is the result of variations in the amount of melanin, a pigment found in the front part of the iris of the eye.

The lack of this pigment results in blue eyes, some pigment gives green and lots of pigment gives brown eyes. So light brown eyes just have a bit less melanin than darker brown eyes. More…

National Bubble Wrap Day? – Poll Reply

Avalyn Walton

We humans come up with some truly amazing things to celebrate, and all of them are completely necessary to everyone. I mean, coming up soon National Bubble Wrap Day on January 29th. And naturally, I’m sure we all celebrate it; I mean how could we not? Holidays like that are my reason for waking up in the morning. They are just so important and not un-necessary at all!

But seriously, why does this exist? I don’t know a single person who will come up to me on the 29th and ask me how I plan on celebrating National Bubble Wrap Day.

That’s not where it ends either, January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day. I know I won’t be celebrating, but will the majority of people want to? Fill out the poll below to let us know whether or not you enjoy these seemingly useless holidays. More…

Are You Excited for the New Gym? – Poll 3

The new gym is right around the corner. Are you excited to finally see the finished product? It is expected to be done right after spring break.

Musical.ly Ending? Reply

Mia Grasse

It’s unbelievable, but Musical.ly may soon be coming to an end. There have been many petitions and websites displaying the thought of permanently dismantling Musical.ly.

For example, www.ipetitions.com has a petition with over 330 signatures. The creator of the petition says, “Sign this to raise awareness about how Musical.ly is a horrible, cancerous application, and sooner, hopefully, end it for good.” Taylor Mayfield, from Somerset says, “this app is horrible and kids get on there and are exposed to bad songs.”

There are many comments on these petitions shaming Musical.ly for its inappropriate nature, but others say it’s a harmless way to have fun with friends. What are your thoughts on Musical.ly possibly ending?