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0530181844-2Gwyndalynn Kent

In Mrs. Walters Language Arts classes, she has been having them evaluate and analyze pieces of art (poems, songs, paintings, etc.), most of which were about Harlem. The poems were both by Langston Hughes, one entitled ¨Jukebox Love Song¨ and the other called ¨Harlem¨. The painting was titled ¨The Block” and the song was ¨The Tattooed Bride¨.

But, let’s just focus on these poems ¨Jukebox Love Song” and ¨Harlem¨, both of which have completely different moods, tones, and themes to them. One has this very loving mood to it and the other talks about something rotting and exploding. More…

Theedle Thee 3

Gavin Mercado

Theedle them,

Theedle thee,

How many heartbreaks are inside my spleen?

If they arise will they burn

Or maybe turn into an unpleasant surge,

If I make them whole again,

Will they swell like a sore?

Or bleed out like a dying boar?

Theedle them,

Theedle thee,

Why do you keep doing this to me?

If the pain is swelling up inside,

Then I will feel so that they die,

If I make them whole again,

Will they fester like a torn soul?

Or burn up like a hot piece of coal? More…