Hey, It’s Mr. Woodruff! 8


Caitlyn Timmons 

Gravity Alert! Mr. Woodruff is a well-known teacher here at Stacey Middle School. He is very devoted to teaching and spreading his love of music. This is his seventh year teaching at Stacey and is very excited for much more to come.

Mr. Woodruff first decided to be a teacher when he was in the fifth grade. “I find it fun to share what I truly love,” says Mr. Woodruff. “Enjoy what you are doing at the moment. Just let the future develop on its own.”

Playing over ten different instruments, his favorite by far is the guitar. More…

What’s Going on in Band? 3


Gwyndalynn Kent

Have you heard loud noises coming from the band room? Well, that makes sense because this year’s band students have gotten their instruments and are ready to play. Actually, you would only be hearing the advanced band students playing right now. All the beginning band students are learning posture, classroom etiquette, and how to hold their instruments.

The reason beginning band students aren’t learning how to play their instruments yet is because as Mr. Woodruff says, “It is difficult teaching the beginning band students because they come into this classroom with no knowledge about it.” But, throughout the year the advanced band students get to go to elementary schools and perform for the students who are going to come to Stacey next year. More…

#OneLoveManchester 1

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Elaine Tong

Ariana Grande is known to many as a “phenomenal” singer, or as quoted from other people, as “this generation’s best”. Or, perhaps, she is just an ordinary singer with a dream to pursue. On a concert date of this singer, an incident took place on May 22 that lost mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, and loved ones.

On May 22 towards the end of the show, a suicide bombing was initiated that had 119 injured 22 killed. This action happened around the exit of the arena where many people began to exit. On the night of this day, loved ones received calls, alerts, and messages of what happened. Social media platforms were covered with missing people. This day deeply stirred the hearts of many. More…

Are Ukuleles the Best Instrument? 2

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Katelyn Hooker

From flutes to trombones, to trumpets, Stacey has them all. But, aside from all the classical music, there is a group with an instrument that might be the best instrument for the beach. Ukulele Club!

The seven club members meet every Thursday from 3:00-4:00 pm in H1 to learn and practice with their Ukuleles to sound very professional. Here’s the history behind it all:

Mr. Thorsen, the instructor of the club, said that quite a few students start out in Ukulele Club, but eventually leave. This is due to their interest in other clubs. He said the group usually starts out with around 25 to 30 students. The ones that remain truly love their instrument. More…

Musical Mondays 1

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Justin Pham

According to Billboard Top 100, this is the hot top ten for this week in May 2017!

Tenth place: “It Aint Me” by Kygo x Selena Gomez. Ok! This song was in 10th place last week as well, so it doesn’t seem like it is moving. We’ll consider this a good thing!

Number nine is “XO Tour Life” by Lil Uzi Vert. Just like “It Ain’t Me,” this song had stayed in the same position as well. Again, a good thing! More…

BTS Storms the BBMAs 7

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Elaine Tong

The Billboard Music Awards is known as an event where artists are invited to receive awards for “Outstanding Chart Performance”. The Billboard, a well-known publication and music popularity chart, hosts this honor. Finalists of these awards are based on digital sales, streaming, touring, social activity, and radio broadcasts, which means fans work specifically hard for this event. This year, the BBMAS was held on May 21, at 5:00 PM PDT. However, this year there were changes that had a certain fandom determined to bring the win for their favorite group. More…

Records Album Recognition 2

Mikayla Mendoza

Record album covers are a grand way for a musical artist to express themselves and their art form. There are a few albums individually worth acknowledging. Most albums don’t have a deep meaning. The following albums, though, are quite spectacular and generate questions as to why the artists made the decisions they made.

At number one, we have Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” 1991. Released November 26th, this album took over a year to produce.The album expresses social issues such as poverty, racism, romance, and also self-improvement. They had planned to make a music video for the song “Dangerous, ” but that was postponed due to problems in Michael Jackson’s personal life. More…

District Choir Concert 2

Delaney Powell

The students in the Stacey choir were joined from schools all over the district to sing here at Stacey on Monday, April 3rd. The performance was in the multi-purpose room at  6:00 pm. The students came from schools like Schroeder Elementary to Webber. We even had some students from schools from the outer part of the district drive for almost half an hour to get to Stacey so they could sing!

A few years ago, a teacher at Webber Elementary decided she wanted to have a choir, it started out as just a school thing, but when other teachers at other schools heard of it, they started a school choir too, after a few years of having school performances, the teachers got together and decided they would start a district choir. More…

What Even Is West Arts? 6

Mariah Escatel and Averi Farren

Some may call it “Stacey Theater Club,” while others prefer “Drama Club.” But, what really is West Arts?

What even is West Arts?

West Arts is a non-profit arts program. They produce high-quality student productions. West Arts trains participants in singing, acting, and dancing, while at the same time bringing family and community together. Their goal is to “Keep the arts alive!”

West Arts runs the musicals, dramatic plays, mainstage shows, and also have a performance ensemble dance/choir group here at Stacey. Each year, they have a winter musical, a dramatic play, a spring musical, and a summer musical. In between all of those shows, West Arts produces a mainstage show allowing performance ensemble participants from sixth grade through college. More…

Extreme Winds Unanimous Superior and Excellence Reply

Oanh Tran and Evelyn Huynh

After receiving Unanimous Superior, Stacey’s Extreme Winds managed to get two more Unanimous Superior and two Excellence rankings on April 27th. As the only middle school invited, they competed against high school band players, who were also at a high level.  

“When we got there we had to go to a classroom and leave our instruments there because we had to go take pictures. After, taking pictures we went to a big practice room where we get our instrument tuned up. Later, our high school guide led us to the stage where we performed. After that, we had to go to a band room similar to our’s here at Stacey except for a bit smaller for sight reading,” says 7th-grade band member Thao Le.

The Unanimous Superior ranking is the highest and the excellence is the second highest ranking.  “Overall, I’m not really disappointed because we competed against high schoolers older than us and still received two superior rankings,” states Thao Le.    

The group of fifty students performed in front of three judges on a balcony with several parents and other schools watching the performance.