DBL Decision?!? 1

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Kevin Luu

DBL (Design-Based Learning), a sixth-grade elective here at Stacey, is learning about ecosystems, landforms, and history. As a team, the students have debated about their landforms and what their priorities were.  They used percentages to help them with their decision. The students created landforms for science, history, and math. 

This project furthers their learning about ecosystems in science. Their goal is to learn how land and ecosystems affect civilization.

The three teachers involved are Ms. Winemiller, Mrs. Kleen, and Ms. Faulkner. Mrs. Winemiller teaches the students how the ecosystem is affected by land. Mrs. Kleen teaches the students how to use ratios and area to design the land, and Ms. Faulkner helps by teaching how the land affects trade in history.

Chapter 9 Math Project In Mrs. Doyle’s Class 11

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Kevin Luu

Students in Mrs. Doyle’s Math 7A just completed a project to supply her classroom with containers for all of her markers. The plan was to make the containers for her whiteboards. The problem was that she needed to know the perfect size and capacity of each container. It was up to the students to decide.

First, the students received a Google doc explaining the situation. Then, they had to decide if they wanted to work in a group of three or work alone.

The students started making a plan. There were many things to consider, such as what material will be used, how many markers it will be able to carry, and what will be the measurements. More…

Pi Day 3/14 6

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Mia Grasse

Guess what, Cougars? March 14th is Pi Day. No, it is not pie day, and we don’t do it to eat pie.

Pi is a math term which means the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter. Pi is an irrational number which means it is a non-terminating and non-repeating decimal.

In other words, it goes on forever. To represent pi you can use 3.14, 22/7, or the pi symbol.

To celebrate Pi Day, surprise your teacher with how much you know about Pi. The more you know the smarter you are.

Girls Only Math Tournament 8

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Juneau Resnick

How many girls out there are intimidated by all the boys who have dominated fields like science and robotics? How many girls don’t want to be the Barbie doll, fashionista girl?

Finally, there is an all girls’ math competition. It’s sponsored by the Vietnamese American Aerospace Professional Association or VAAPA. It will take place at Warner Middle School.

This competition will take place on Saturday, April 21 from 1:00 to 4:30 and is open to girls between third and eighth grades.

Registration opened on March 1st. More…

Mr. Andrews, The Inspirational Math Teacher Reply

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Kevin Luu

Mr. Andrews, or otherwise known as Captain Awesome, was born in Aurora, Colorado. He used to teach at Clegg and Eastwood Elementary.

Mr. Andrews used to teach every subject and P.E. He especially loves teaching sixth and seventh graders. His parents and Orange County Professor Robert Reya inspired him to become a teacher.

He started teaching in the year 2000. He got his degree from the University of Southern California. More…

Checking in with Math Breakfast Club! Reply

IMG_1630Katelyn Hooker

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in Mrs. Doyle’s room, kids needing help in math can attend Math Breakfast Club for homework help or review for an upcoming math test. Calculators and textbooks are provided. 

Homerooms kids have gotten into the spirit. They came and worked on projects that were soon due. Half the room was full of kids working on whiteboards and cutting out pieces for projects. The kids that were working with Mrs. Doyle on math help were placed in the front for maximum participation. Mrs. Doyle interacted with everyone, going from student to student making sure they understand the math being taught.

Math Breakfast Club is definitely the place to go for math help or just for finishing math homework.    

Under My Umbrella-Ella-Ella 4

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Evelyn Huynh

Mrs. Doyle’s math 7A classes have their first project of the trimester this week. The project is on the surface areas of pyramids and exploring the process of creating umbrellas. It will be due March 30 and will be a week’s worth of homework points, around 40-50.

This project is a collaborative project with 2-4 people per group, although, they will have the ability to discuss with the whole class. A physical model will be made by using the provided scale using construction paper, scissors, and glue. The project will be turned into Mrs. Doyle through Google Classroom.

Students will need to know how to find surface areas, how umbrellas are made, and how the fabric is cut. They are expected to know how to problem solve with real-world applications, and how to collaborate in person and digitally. More…

Math Benchmark Is Coming Up, Accelerated Math Students! 2

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Evelyn Huynh

Math 7A is taking a 43 question benchmark on School City for the end of the trimester on March 16 and March 17. It will count as an assignment, though not for a lot of points.

Some other math classes are taking the benchmark this week as well, including the Algebra classes that need to maximise the trimester. There are other classes that gave it last week.

Students will be allowed to use calculators and have already taken a practice test on March 13 and March 14. In order to get a proficient grade, they will need to demonstrate an understanding of the content covered over the trimester. More…

Tech Trek-Those Invited 1


Katelyn Hooker and Mariah Escatel

Recently, 12 Stacey Middle School girls were chosen to go to Tech Trek, a one week trip to UCI for seventh-grade girls going into the eighth grade. This trip teaches girls about STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology). The seventh-grade teachers picked one to three girls from each period that they thought were Tech Trek material, meaning that they were engaged in science lessons. On February 9th, all the selected girls met with a retired Boeing worker to talk about the program. More…

Mrs. Doyle’s Scale Project Reply


Evelyn Huynh

Mrs. Doyle’s math class recently did a scale project, where they had to make a scale drawing of a room and a minimum of five items in it. The purpose of the project was applying what the students know about ratios and proportions to real life situations. The drawing had to be in proportion to the actual item and room. It was due Friday, February 10.

When Mrs. Doyle was asked what she was expecting out of this project, she responded with,

“I expect students to have a greater understanding of proportional reasoning and maybe interest students in design.”

There were great drawings and designs from the students.