StudySync Helps Many With Online Education 1

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Gavin Mercado

Chromebooks are used for education purposes, right? Usually for math quizzes, AR, or even reading logs. There has never really been any major sites for language arts. Well, the Westminster Scool District has introduced a new Language Arts program called StudySync.

Ms. Walters states, “StudySync is our new curriculum for Language Arts and will often be used.”

When you first log into StudySync, there will be four dots. You must click them to get into your assignments and activities for that day. Many assignments include audio books, online worksheets, and perhaps even a Blast! More…

The Story Behind The Story 2

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Kelsey Bisetti

The Outsiders— It’s been deemed the first true young adult novel, it’s the first book to lead to the bestowing of a School Library Journal Author Achievement Award (My goodness, that’s a long title!), and it was actually written based on the upbringing of famed author S.E. Hinton.

Since it recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, let’s get to know a bit more about its background.

Hinton grew up in a small Oklahoman town as someone her book describes as a “greaser.” In fact, the opening scene in which she describes a young boy getting jumped and threatened by Socs was inspired by a similar event taking place at her high school. She says she still feel uncomfortable in many social situations because her hometown was so divided. More…

8th Grade Honors Next Year Reply

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Mika Mendoza

Will you be joining Mrs. Ortega in 8th-grade honors?

Mrs.Ortega who is happy to be running 8th-grade honors will only have ONE class of honors next year. The class requirements will be more difficult, as many students are in 7th-grade honors.

The first requirement is student must exceed normal reading standards for 8th grade and be reading at a 10th-grade level.

The second stipulation is the student must show initiative and participate regularly in class.

The third condition is that the applicant must be able to think outside the box, be creative.

“Students must be able to take risks when it comes to assigned tasks.” Mrs. Ortega would also like it if the students had a teacher recommendation.

Study Sync Takes the Cake Reply


Delaney Powell

Like most of you know, in December the Westminster School District chose StudySync as the new English Language Arts curriculum. After Ms.Sale, Ms.Walters, Mrs. Arith and, Mrs. Ortega all piloted two programs, StudySync and Amplify only Ms. Sale voted for StudySync of those teachers who represented our school. Lucky for Ms. Sale, most of the other teachers at Johnson, Schroeder, and Eastwood agreed with her. Mrs.Ortega is still standing by Amplify, and her students agree. More…

Which do You Choose? Amplify or StudySync? 2


Evelyn Huynh

Language Arts is getting a makeover. Next year students at Stacey will have new Language Arts curriculum. This year some Stacey teachers piloted two new programs to help the district decide which of the California approved publishers to choose.  

From the beginning of the year to October 19th, Language Arts teachers piloted StudySync by McGraw-Hill. Afterward, the teachers piloted Amplify until December 14th. More…

Book Fair Reply


Justin Pham

It’s that time of year again! Stacey Middle School is hosting another book fair! The book fair is a great opportunity for students to go purchase new books that have just been released and to see what books are hot and which are not. Take advantage of this book fair to get newly released books, and the money that is used to buy the books will go to the school’s book credit. More…

Slaying Dragons Reply

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Mika Mendoza & Kelsey Bisetti

Literature can take us to magical places, places where legendary creatures roam the forests and good has the power to beat evil. Every. Single. Time.

The power of a good book is truly undeniable. To experience that power, students need to learn from the best that is available.

Several teachers Miss Walters, Mrs. Airth, Mrs. Ortega, and Miss Sale are piloting two different programs in an attempt to find the best way to teach reading and language arts in the Westminster School District. The two programs being piloted are StudySync and Amplify.   More…

Publication Possé 📚📑 Reply


Nikki Do, Kristen Fernandez, Jonah Vu, and Quang Truong

Hello again, all you lovers of books!!!! Today we’re going to recommend the best realistic teen fiction books out there! We will be joined today by a special guest: Quang, who gave us his ideas for our topic! Whether it be a story of self-discovery or unexpected love, the following reads are inspirational and captivating. Get ready to be bombarded by a huge array of novels!! More…

The Hunger Games Unit Reply


Jonah Vu and Heather Tran

Warning: mild spoilers

Mrs. Ortega’s notorious Hunger Games unit has begun! Eighth grade honors English students had a chance to be reaped and entered in the slightly less violent version of the Games. There are two districts: District 14 (period 3-4) and District 911 (period 7-8). More…

Publication Possé #3 📚📑- Reply


Nikki Do, Kristani (Kristen) Fernandez, and Jonah Vu

Welcome book nerds!! We hope you have been reading! If you are in Honors English 8, watch out for books you might want to use on your book report project! We are here once again to introduce you to three series that may come in handy when you have nothing to read! More…