YouTuber of the Week: Geography Now! 3


Gavin Mercado

Welcome back to another YouTuber of the Week! This week’s YouTuber is Geography Now! requested by Andy.

Geography Now! is a YouTuber who obviously talks about geography. This channel has a male host, and in every episode, he talks about different countries.

He talks briefly about the country’s culture. Then, he goes on to show where it is located, such as the continent, where it lies in relation to the equator, and what surrounds it. More…

YouTuber of the Week: Liza Koshy 11

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Gavin Mercado

Remember last week? We showed a YouTuber that does cool magic tricks that obviously show some intellectual intelligence. This week, though, we go back to an IQ of zero. Meet Liza Koshy! A very famous comedian on YouTube with over ten million subscribers!

Like Zach King, she started on Vine and then became what she is today. Her videos contain many characters, such as her most famous character, Helga. Helga is from somewhere in Asia, drinks goat milk, and talks about how she hates Donald Trump.

Some of her comments may be mature, however, her language has never been explicit.

Liza also has a second channel called Liza Koshy Too. Which at the moment has over two million subscribers. There she does bloopers and some vlogs with David. More…

Happy S.A.D! Reply


Avalyn Walton

Valentine’s Day. It’s the day to show love, appreciation, and possibly most notably, a day to spend time with your significant other. However, not all of us have a significant other, so when do the single people of the world get to rejoice?

Well as it turns out, the day after Valentine’s Day (February 15th), is the perfect day for that. It’s called Single’s Awareness Day, or S.A.D, and it’s a day for all the single people in the world to rejoice after the blow of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can make single people feel left out or forgotten, and S.A.D is the perfect way to undo that feeling. It allows single people to come together and celebrate a more platonic love of friendship, or no love at all. More…

Valentine’s Day’s Dark Origins 5

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Avalyn Walton

Imagine you are preparing for Valentine’s Day. How do you go about it? Do you buy your loved ones chocolate, flowers, or other sweet gifts? Do you handwrite a card or buy one? Chances are, you use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express how much you care.

However, Valentine’s Day wasn’t always this way. It was once much less lovey-dovey, and it dates back all the way to ancient Rome in the form of a holiday called Lupercalia. This was a festival that celebrated such things as love, spring, and fertility. And although this may seem awfully pleasant, I assure you there’s more to this day than meets the eye.

During this holiday, the ancient priests would sacrifice a goat and make their way around the border of the city carrying goatskin and flesh that had been soaked in blood. On their way, they would make sure to tap any women they came across with the disgusting skin. Oddly enough, the women not only allowed this but welcomed it. The ancient Romans believed it would help ensure fertility in the women. More…

YouTuber of the Week: Zach King 9

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Gavin Mercado

This week’s YouTuber of the week is Zach King as requested by 😛.

Let’s start with the beginning. He started on Vine and had millions of followers before Vine’s end in 2016. However, Zach still had a YouTube channel. He is now successful with over two million subscribers.

He is now grossing a net worth of over $100,000.

Now, you may be wondering, who is Zach King? Well, Zach King has always done full-on magic tricks. Yes, magic! More…

Would You Make That Deal? Returns! 3

Ah yes, it has been a long time. A very long time in fact. The last “Would You Make That Deal?” was in 2015! I’m excited to say, we are back! Now let’s get into the deal.

Near your home, there is a haunted, abandoned house. People have been dared to go in there, but they never came back! Now here’s the deal.

If you spend the night in that house, (from 6pm to 7am.), you are guaranteed a full-scholarship to Harvard. You will also earn 2 million dollars. Remember, you have to survive. You could die. 13 hours and 13 hours only! Would you make that deal?


Barbie: Average? Reply

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Caitlyn Timmons

Mattel, a toy company, has been praised for the release of three new Barbie dolls- curvy, petite, and tall. The new dolls have been released in the US, but how close do they come to representing the average young woman?

Say the word “Barbie,” and you will probably imagine a thin doll with perfectly done makeup, long blonde hair, and little pink clothes. This is the image that little girls intend to see themselves as, ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful.’ Is this what we want kids thinking as beautiful?

“Well, with the old Barbies, being a brunette, it was really hard to find a brunette Barbie. I mean there was always one, the Theresa Barbie, and I have like seven of those because I thought that they looked like me because it had brown hair, but realistically it never did look like me, and it made me have like bad body image thoughts like that’s what a girl should have looked like and that I needed to lose weight being a fourth-grader,” says Mariah Escatel, eighth-grader. More…

National Bubble Wrap Day? – Poll Reply

Avalyn Walton

We humans come up with some truly amazing things to celebrate, and all of them are completely necessary to everyone. I mean, coming up soon National Bubble Wrap Day on January 29th. And naturally, I’m sure we all celebrate it; I mean how could we not? Holidays like that are my reason for waking up in the morning. They are just so important and not un-necessary at all!

But seriously, why does this exist? I don’t know a single person who will come up to me on the 29th and ask me how I plan on celebrating National Bubble Wrap Day.

That’s not where it ends either, January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day. I know I won’t be celebrating, but will the majority of people want to? Fill out the poll below to let us know whether or not you enjoy these seemingly useless holidays. More…

1/21-1/27 National Handwriting Analysis Week Reply

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Ashley Wolf

The way you write can say a lot about you. This week is National Handwriting Analysis week. Here are some facts about handwriting you may not have known.

Studies show that intelligent people have sloppier handwriting because their brains are working faster than there hands, so their hands are rushing to write it all down.

You can judge an individual’s state of mind and personality from their style of writing, pressure, slants, space and margin formation etc. differs every time and narrates a different story about the writer.

At least 1 in 10 patients’ health suffers because of their doctor’s sloppy handwriting. According to a study by the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, illegible handwriting and transcription errors cause over 60% of the medication mistakes in hospitals.

Once, the UK postal system destroyed 5,000,000 illegibly addressed Christmas cards and letters.

According to research from the National Pen Company in the U.S., your handwriting can give away clues about 5,000 different personality traits based on the way you space your letters, how you sign your name, and even how you connect the letter ‘o’ and ‘s’ to other letters in a word. It can even be used to identify potential health problems including schizophrenia, high blood pressure as well as how much energy you have.

With that have a great week, Cougars! If you have the chance, look at your friend’s handwriting and see how their writing reflects their personality.