The Origins of Halloween Reply

    Madison Evans and Jolie Phan    

Trick or treat! Halloween’s right around the corner! Kids can dress up as a ghost, zombie, or mummy. No, that all sound so old! Speaking of old, when did Halloween start and how did everything come together into what we now know as Halloween?

The word “Halloween” was popularized by a Scottish poet, Robert Burns, in his poem “Halloween,” with “Hallow” meaning “a holy person” and “een” meaning “eve!¨ Halloween is celebrated the night before All Saint’s Day, like Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Halloween started as a holiday known as Allhallowtide, including All Saint’s Eve, All Saint’s Day, and All Saint’s subsequent, which celebrates dead loved ones. More…

Dear Mother 10

Ashley Wolf

Every year, the second Sunday of may

Some certain special people in our lives, get their own special day

They are beautiful, kind, unique, like no other

Let’s start this off with a simple Dear Mother

You taught me that sometimes what matters most are the little things

You have sheltered me, but also let me go out and spread my wings

You have given me the freedom to learn from my mistakes

And I’m sorry for causing you way too many headaches

You make me smile when I frown

You make me feel at home even when the world is upside down


What Even Is Cinco de Mayo? Reply

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Mariah Escatel

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrated on the fifth of May across the US and some parts of Mexico. But many students, even of a Latino or Hispanic lineage, don’t really understand the holiday.

What does it celebrate?

Not to be confused with Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, The holiday celebrates failed French invasion after a fledgling Mexican state fell behind on debt payments to European governments. The battle represented more of a symbolic victory for Mexican forces.

Why is it celebrated in the US?

It is widely a US celebration of Mexican cultural heritage for America’s Hispanic population. Latino and Hispanic activists raise awareness for the holiday. It is also recognized as the day we defended our freedom from France. More…

Spring Break!! Reply

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Kevin Luu

An often heard statement lately, “I can’t wait for spring break.” Well, spring break will start next week. 

Spring break is a good time to relax and talk with your friends. 

How did spring break start? According to, “Some of the elements of the Spring Break tradition also go way back in the customs of American college students. More…

Easter on April Fool’s Day 1

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Mia Grasse

This year, 2018, Easter will be on April Fools Day. Crazy, right? But there’s more to Easter than Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs.  

“The tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs during springtime pre-dates Christianity. In many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. . . Before Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, some argue ancient pagans in Europe observed the Spring Equinox as the return of the Sun God — a rebirth of light and an emergence from the lean winter. . . For Christians, the Easter egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Painting Easter eggs is an especially beloved tradition in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches where the eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross,” the Huffington Post states. More…

Silly Holidays You Didn’t Know About 2


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Madelyn Fracassa

Everyone knows Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day. Those are all very well known and recognized holidays, but did you know this is a holiday for celebrating pizza, pets, chili, pigs, left-handed people, and so much more.

January 6th is National Bean Day, so go get some beans to cook. January 21st is National Hugging day, so grab a friend and give them a big hug.

February 4th is Thank a Mailman Day, February 10th is National Umbrella day, and February 27th is National Polar Bear Day.

National Earmuff Day falls on March 13th and on March 23rd, it’s puppy day. March 23rd is also Chip and Dip Day. More…

Happy S.A.D! Reply


Avalyn Walton

Valentine’s Day. It’s the day to show love, appreciation, and possibly most notably, a day to spend time with your significant other. However, not all of us have a significant other, so when do the single people of the world get to rejoice?

Well as it turns out, the day after Valentine’s Day (February 15th), is the perfect day for that. It’s called Single’s Awareness Day, or S.A.D, and it’s a day for all the single people in the world to rejoice after the blow of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can make single people feel left out or forgotten, and S.A.D is the perfect way to undo that feeling. It allows single people to come together and celebrate a more platonic love of friendship, or no love at all. More…

Washington’s Birthday Reply

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Katie Mills

George Washington’s Birthday is celebrated as a federal holiday on the third Monday in February. It is one of eleven permanent holidays established by Congress.

When the Julian calendar was being used, George Washington was accordingly born in Virginia on February 11, 1731. In 1752, however, Britain and all its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar which moved Washington’s birthday a year and 11 days to February 22, 1732.

At the recommendation of the Committee, chaired by Henry Clay of the Senate and Philemon Thomas of the House, Congress adjourned on February 22, 1832, out of respect for Washington’s memory and in commemoration of his birth. More…

Valentine’s Day’s Dark Origins 5

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Avalyn Walton

Imagine you are preparing for Valentine’s Day. How do you go about it? Do you buy your loved ones chocolate, flowers, or other sweet gifts? Do you handwrite a card or buy one? Chances are, you use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express how much you care.

However, Valentine’s Day wasn’t always this way. It was once much less lovey-dovey, and it dates back all the way to ancient Rome in the form of a holiday called Lupercalia. This was a festival that celebrated such things as love, spring, and fertility. And although this may seem awfully pleasant, I assure you there’s more to this day than meets the eye.

During this holiday, the ancient priests would sacrifice a goat and make their way around the border of the city carrying goatskin and flesh that had been soaked in blood. On their way, they would make sure to tap any women they came across with the disgusting skin. Oddly enough, the women not only allowed this but welcomed it. The ancient Romans believed it would help ensure fertility in the women. More…

National Freedom Day! Reply


Katie Mills

National Freedom Day is on February 1st. Many people may not understand what National Freedom Day is, so what is it really about?

What is National Freedom Day?

National Freedom Day is the honoring of the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment of the nation’s constitution on February 1, 1865. Abraham Lincoln signed the resolution to outlaw slavery and was endorsed on December 18, 1865. This anniversary is annually celebrated on February 1.

“Major Richard Robert Wright Senior, a former slave who founded the National Freedom Day Association, played a crucial role in creating the observance. Major Wright was deemed as a community leader in Philadelphia and was active in education, the media, business, and politics. He hoped to see a day that would be dedicated to celebrating freedom for all Americans. More…