Debunking Anti-Vaxxers and Rebutting Their Claims: Part Two 1

Avi Walton

As many are aware, there has recently been a big controversy surrounding vaccines and whether or not you should vaccinate your child. But let me be clear, vaccinating your child is not just for their own good, it’s for the good of the entire community, and if you do not, you are neglecting the good of many other children.

Recently there has been a fairly large outbreak of measles throughout the USA. In this year alone, there have been 704 cases of the disease. According to the CDC, the states with  measles outbreaks include, “Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington.” The majority of people who got the measles were unvaccinated. More…

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers and Rebutting Their Claims 7

Gavin Mercado and Grace Baer

Vaccinations are a heated topic that has been building fire in recent times. While many follow the guidelines doctors have recommended for years in order to reduce the spread of deadly diseases, some are skeptical or even outright confrontational regarding the science. The truth is, many of these anti-vaxxers are misinformed and are putting their beliefs before doctors and scientists who have studied diseases and successfully used vaccines for hundreds of years.

Sorry, Sharon, crystals are not going to cure your child’s measles, and no, crystals are not going to cure your child’s flu. Now let’s get to some scientific evidence.

Many anti-vaxxers claim that vaccinations are unsafe because they contain a substance called Mercury or (Hg). A vaccine used to contain 25 micrograms of mercury. This may seem like a lot, however, a normal serving of fish contains 40 micrograms. More…

Is ¨Dragon’s Breath¨ Really Safe to Consume? 11

Gavin Mercado

Recently, another food trend has surfaced and people – kids, teens, and even adults have been raving all about it. The popular food item titled, ¨Dragon’s Breath¨ or in some places ¨Snowballs¨ has been causing people to search all over to try the delicious treat.

Now, what is this trendy treat? Dragon´s Breath is rice cereal balls dipped into liquid nitrogen, which is indeed the coldest substance on earth. The liquid nitrogen causes the cereal balls to instantly freeze and this makes a cold ¨smoke,¨ if you will, arise from the cereal puffs.

When hearing about this trend, I knew I had to try it. On Sunday, I decided to visit ¨I Am¨ (#NotSponsored) in the Anaheim Packing District. This little snack place has very trendy desserts that everyone would enjoy like Korean shaved ice, smoothies, and of course, Dragon´s Breath. More…

Let’s Get Rid Of The Mess That Is Stress 2

0523180835-1Avi Walton

Simple stress is something that everyone has faced or will face at some point or another. It’s everywhere. From a student’s grades and homework to a parents bill’s to the crazy politics of the world we all face, stress is a normal thing to feel. However, if your life is full to the brim with stress and anxiety, it might be time to learn some coping mechanisms.

I, unfortunately, know that many of those who face daily stress and anxiety have tried to fix it and come up short; that’s okay. Many, if not most, of your attempts to lift stress from your shoulders, will fail. It’s unrealistic to expect every one of these tactics to work for every person. However, it’s always worth a try. Here are a few ways to lessen stress and anxiety. More…

Is Vaping Cool? 9

Dylan Weber and Savannah McVey

Ah yes, vaping with your friends, looking cool and making yourself look like a complete tool. It’s funny how people find blowing smoke out of your mouth and getting a possible nicotine fix makes you look cool at your own body’s expense. These days vaping is viewed by the younger generation as edgy or “savage.” The only thing is, kids know that vaping is unhealthy but they still proceed to do it. From the outside point of view, it is not cool, vaping makes them look like a complete loser. It’s essentially a millennial pacifier.

What are in vape cigarettes? Besides the obvious nicotine, there are chemicals like glycerol and propylene glycol. To make it easy to understand, those are highly explosive and addictive. As you are inhaling that explosive goodness, you’re also inhaling some good ol’ poison, literally poison. Many teens believe that these vapes have natural ingredients and water making them better than a cigarette, which is completely wrong. More…

Drug Abuse Is Life Abuse 2

Annabelle Lona

Drug abuse is known to take physical and mental control over a person body. What is it some may ask? Well, the answer is here.   

Currently, more than seven million people are suffering from a drug disorder. Drugs aren’t cool, nor okay to abuse. They have negative effects on the body and eventually take control of the brain and interfere with one’s ability to make their own choices.

There are different ways people use drugs, such as inhalation, injection, and ingestion. Ingestion of drugs has a delayed effect, while the injection goes into the bloodstream and has an immediate effect. Dopamine levels are affected by most of the drugs that people tend to abuse, which helps regulate emotion, motivation, and feelings of pleasure.

Drugs can have physical and mental effects on your body. They can affect your brain, body, behavior, and health. Substance abuse can stand for many things, like illegal drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions, improper use of a prescription, and underage drinking. Some drugs like cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy, and heroin are known to have the ability to controlling someone’s mood.

Different emotions can be either dampened or aroused by these types of drugs. Take cannabis and mix it with schizophrenia for example. Using cannabis gives you a higher risk of triggering a schizophrenic episode, and for people smoking it on a daily basis.

Drugs have negative effects on your brain, body etc. Your friends may think doing drugs is cool, but it can be deadly and not safe.

Let’s Lessen the Stressin’ 13


Juneau Resnick

No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop time. No matter how hard we try, the future will always come. It’s something we cannot stop, us growing up. We might be scared out of our minds about what it holds, but our future comes to make us better people. Even though we want to be more adult and more independent, getting there can be more daunting than we ever thought.


GSA’s Guest Speaker Reply

Screenshot 2018-05-11 at 9.28.25 AM

Kelsey Bisetti

Stacey’s GSA, or gay-straight alliance, an after-school club, recently introduced it’s participants to a guest speaker from the LGBT Center OC.

The speaker, Stephanie, mentioned that the Center hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year. In fact, on July 14, they’ll be hosting their annual Queer Prom. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, trans, et cetera, feel free to stop by to enjoy some dancing and make some memories.

They also host an “Inbetweeners” soiree on the first Friday of event night for LGBT youth, ages 10-13. As for you eighth graders, the Center will be hosting a Lavender Graduation for the graduating class of 2018 on June 9th, complete with catering, dancing, and anything else you’d expect from a typical teenage dance. We hope to see you there!

Their Rainbow Group is open to anybody and everybody between the ages of 13 and 18. Here, you can play video games, watch movies, listen to music, and meet new people. Similarly, they have a Trans*Fusion group for genderqueer teens to discuss their gender identities and issues surrounding them. More…

Find the Flavor in Food, Not Vapor 1

Screenshot 2018-05-03 at 10.14.31 AM

Juneau Resnick

Last week on April 27th, during Friday’s adjusted schedule, Dr. Victor DeNoble came and talked to grades six through eight about the dangers of smoking and vaping. He helped us realize how these addictions affect our bodies and what can happen if we keep up the behavior.

Sure, we’ve all been warned about smoking and vaping. Our parents and teachers all tell us not to do it, but up until now, we didn’t know why. DeNoble was able to explain what happens to the body when the brain gets addicted to a certain substance like nicotine. Now, if given the opportunity, we will know what will happen. More…

What Even is National Kick Butts Day??? Reply

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Gwyndalynn Kent

Days before National Kick Butts day plenty of people were jumping for joy as they were getting ready for the day March 21st, 2018. On a blog posted by Gustavo Torrez stated, “Tomorrow, advocates across the United States and around the world will stand out, speak up, and seize control against Big Tobacco with creative, impactful events.”

What is the point??

Most people get the wrong message when they hear “Kick Butts Day” they don’t realize that it means cigarette butts.  That’s right Kick Butts Day is “a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco,” according to

The whole point in National Kick Butts Day is to raise awareness of the problem that tobacco is being used by kids in certain areas, maybe even the one you live in now. Although there is only one official day titled “National Kick Butts Day” the organizers of these events are trying to gets this noticed as an everyday thing instead of a once a year thing. More…