Soda Causes Worse Memory Function 1

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Evelyn Huynh

According to two research studies, researchers have found out that people who drink soda, with sugar or without, may be more likely to develop memory problems and have smaller brain volumes. An article published on April 24 by researchers explains the effects of drinking soda.

In one of the two reports, published April 20, researchers found that people who drank diet soda every day were three times more likely to develop dementia, which is a persistent disorder of the mental process. They had also found that they are more likely to develop a stroke over a 10 year period than those who do not consume any diet soda.

In the other study published in March, the same researchers have found out that people who consumed at least one diet soda a day had a smaller brain volume than those who didn’t drink diet soda. The same study concluded that people who consumed more than two sugary beverages a day, some including soda or fruit juice, had a smaller brain volume and worse memory function. More…

McDonald’s Has Stepped Up 2

Evelyn Huynh

Recently, McDonald’s announced a major change to their Quarter Pound. By next year, the foods will contain fresh instead of frozen beef patties.  

The frozen to fresh switch has been hyped as the “most drastic menu change in decades.” These changes come from a consumer’s demands for fresher ingredients. Similar to this, many other brands such as Wendy’s and Five Guys, advertise the facts that their burgers are never frozen.

However, while fresh meat appeals to consumers, it also carries risks. A similar risk includes the infamous E. coli outbreak at Chipotle. There are many concerns about the risk of increasing foodborne illness by switching from frozen to fresh.

“If we do not handle the meat perfectly, there is the opportunity for bacterial invasion of our product,” a person wrote. More…

Garden Club-What IS happening? Reply


Katelyn Hooker

With the second farmers market coming up on Friday, Feb. 3, Garden Club is preparing for waves of students.

But, the club is actually doing other things to make the school as beautiful as it can be. A little section near the field where Stacey students run is turning into another garden to grow healthy foods.

There will be three beds in all. One bed will be devoted to the Science Department to experiment with different growing methods to experiment which recycled resources work best. They will begin using three types: hay, newspapers, and regular mulch. All Garden Club has yet to do is put the cinder blocks together, and start planting.

The club is doing Stacey a favor, however, as they are fixing all the cinder blocks that have been damaged.   

As time progresses, the bounty of Garden Club will be headed for their farmer’s markets.

Students are encouraged to attend tomorrow’s event with their parents and family members.

Chocolate Will Be Better Than Ever Reply


Evelyn Huynh

Chocolate is a very well liked sweet. However, the sugar amount in each bar is quite hazardous to our health. Each candy bar and brand are manufactured with different amounts of sugar.

However, one brand, Nestle, best known for the Aero chocolate bar, the Crunch chocolate bar, the KitKat bar, as well as the Butterfinger chocolate bar,  More…

Animal Agriculture Impact Reply


Oanh Tran

Some might have tried saving the planet by simply using less of everything. Such as driving less, and taking shorter showers, but have you ever thought about the products and food you eat?  According to the investigators in the documentary Cowspiracy,  51% of climate change is from livestock and their byproducts.  This has a negative impact on the world and our health. More…

Veggie Burgers at In-N-Out? -Poll inside 3


Justin Pham

Recently, some have been asking for a vegetarian option on In-N-Out’s hamburger menu. There has even been a petition on to find out if the numbers support making a change to add a vegetarian option.

If not they will keep In-N-Out’s menu the same. So far, 57.2% of the people want to have veggie patties at In-N-Out, and 42.8% want to keep the original menu. With the two percentages neck in neck, who knows which side will win? More…