Peter Pan Cast List Reply

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Ashley Wolf

Ready to be taken to the wonderful world of Neverland? Students can have sword fights with pirates, fly with fairies, swim with mermaids, and never grow up? All students need is faith, trust, and pixie dust . . . and a ticket.

West Arts Productions is starting their fall show. If you haven’t already guessed, they will be doing Peter Pan.  The shows will be performed on January 31st, February 1st, 7th, and 8th of 2019. Tickets are ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for seniors and students.

Auditions were held on October 2nd and the cast list was released on the West Arts Production website on October 5th. The following list shows all of the wonderful students portraying the iconic characters from Peter Pan. More…

Super Villain Profiles Reply

Avalyn Walton, Ashley Wolf, and Gwyndalynn Kent

A couple of weeks ago on the Cougar Chronicle, readers were able to experience superhero’s in a whole new way with our article, “Superhero Profiles”. The light, or goodness, in the Marvel and DC comics and movies, were delved into and explained with ease.

But no light can exist without darkness, and no good can exist without evil. So strap yourselves in, because this week the superheroes’ counterparts get their time to shine. That’s right, the fabulously malicious supervillains are taking their turn.


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Poison Ivy is a fabulous female supervillain from the DC comic and movie universe. Poison Ivy is probably most well known for her association with the superhero Batman, and her appearances in his comic series. The first appearance she made in a comic was in 1966 in Batman #181, after being created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. More…

Mean Girls: The Musical Reply

Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 8.46.03 AM.pngAvi Walton

Mean Girls, the movie starring Lindsay Lohan as the main character of Cady Heron, is no doubt a widespread and popular movie. From games to T-shirts, the movie has been spread across so many different mediums, it is almost impossible to not at least know of the movie. So it only makes sense to bring the story from the big screen to Broadway.

The musical comes from the same creator as the movie, Tina Fey. Of course, she wasn’t alone in the creation. She had help with music from Jeff Richmond and lyrics from Nell Benjamin.

Since sometime around 2013, a musical adaptation of the iconic movie has been worked on and developed into an amazing show. Rumors of the show have been spiraling since October of 2016, but nothing was sure at that point. That is, until the National Theatre confirmed the D.C venue on December 30, 2016. More…

Shawn Mendes’ New Album Reply

Gwyndalynn Kent  

Shawn Mendes is a well known nineteen-year-old singer who has gained a large amount of popularity from Vine (RIP VINE). Following his popularity on Vine came his two albums and sold out tours. Well anyone who is a part of the Mendes Army (ME) would know about the constant commotion on when his third album, SM3, would be coming out. Well, you can get your hopes up even more after reading this article about how he has gotten the track list out, as well as the official release date and the pre-order form.

That’s right, SM3 is out on May 25th, with songs featuring Julia Michaels and Khalid. The album’s title is. . . (Drum roll please). . .Shawn Mendes the album! Isn’t that just so original? The tracklist obviously includes “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan,” but it also incorporates unreleased songs titled:

  • “Nervous”
  • “Where Were You In The Morning?”
  • “Like To Be You” (feat. Julia Michaels)
  • “Fallin’ All In You”
  • “Particular Taste”
  • “Why”
  • “Because I Had You”
  • “Queen”
  • “Youth” (feat. Khalid)
  • “Mutual”
  • “Perfectly Wrong”
  • “When You’re Ready”


Elsa Gives Guys The Cold Shoulder 15

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Gavin Mercado

It has been long rumored that Elsa will not be getting a prince in Frozen 2, but a princess or queen. Frozen 1 was released in 2013, and since then people have been begging to make Elsa a lesbian going as far as creating a petition.

According to the Huffington Post, “In 2013, Disney was applauded for breaking its princess mold with Queen Elsa, a strong, independent female protagonist, in its animated smash, “Frozen.” Subsequently, some LGBT rights advocates began petitioning the company to make the character a lesbian in a “Frozen” sequel, going as far as launching a trending hashtag, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, on Twitter in May.” More…

Everything You Need to Know About Thirteen Reasons Why Season Two Reply

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Avalyn Walton

2017’s most tweeted about show, 13 Reasons Why, is nothing less than a phenomenon. And so, fans around the world have been buzzing about the release of season two, in hopes that it will come out soon.

There was even a rumor that it would come out at midnight on March 30, which many fans of the show took as a credible release date. However, those who believed the rumor were disappointed to see it was anything but truthful. However, as of now, there has been no given release date besides the year of 2018.

Even still, there is no doubt that a second season will, in fact, be coming and soon. Netflix has announced that fans can expect a second season sometime in 2018. This wasn’t a big shock though, because everyone from the fans to the cast was hoping for it. More…

What The Plush Is Toreba? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

They are in most to all toy stores, decadent plushies with beautiful buttons or ribbons around them. Instead of buying these plushies, many people may win these fabulous toys out of a claw machine.

What is a claw machine you may ask? Well, a claw machine is a machine with one, two, three, or even four prongs (arms) to pick up a toy or drag it.

When you think of these types of complicated games, you may think of them being in an arcade or at a supermarket like “Albertsons.” More…

Stacey is Alive with the “Sound of Music” 2

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Ashley Wolf

West Arts Productions is starting their new production “ The Sound of Music”. The cast list was recently released. Everyone on the cast and ensemble is really talented. Here is the cast:

  • Maria —Avi Walton and Kira Temple
  • Mother Abbess–  Trinity Kuzio
  • Sister Berthe —Sarah Davis
  • Sister Margaretta —Lexi Verino
  • Sister Sophia —Thao Tran and Noelani Lynch
  • Franz —Brandon Reyes and Clark Patcheak
  • Frau —Sam Rose and Jaclyn Moen
  • Liesel —Alison Davis and Sophie Kresge
  • Friedrich —Jack Adling and Sadie Cardenas
  • Louisa —Alexa Miller-Hartenberg and Isabel Lesser
  • Kurt —Logan Watson and Jacob Lesser
  • Brigitta —Cicily Thompson and Liliana Morales
  • Marta —Adrianna Taylor-Costa and Zoe Lord
  • Gretl —Ellie Kresge and Adelaide Katz
  • Rolf —Nate Powell
  • Elsa Schraeder —not been cast yet
  • Max Detweiler —not been cast yet
  • Herr Zeller —Johnny Yabarra
  • New Postulant —Noelani Lynch and Thao Tran
  • Admiral Von Schreiber —Dominick Ybarra


FROZEN, MARVEL, AND STAR WARS? New Stuff For Disneyland Paris! (Update) Reply

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Gavin Mercado and Kevin Luu

If you were intrigued by the number of new announcements about Disneyland Paris in our previous story “New Disneyland Paris Rides!,” today you are in for a real treat!

Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios Park will be expanded significantly. The price? Two billion euros! That’s almost 2.3 billion American dollars!

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, plans to completely reimagine the Walt Disney Studios Park with three new lands. More…