The Journalism/Yearbook/Leadership Disneyland Field Trip 8

Gavin Mercado

On May 28th, Journalism, Yearbook, and even Leadership embarked on a field trip to Disneyland together. This trip to Disneyland wasn’t any ordinary one as it also came with a tour. The Journalism/Yearbook kids took a tour on marketing while the Leadership kids did a tour on Leadership.

The Journalism/Yearbook kids did their tour first thing in the morning while the Leadership kids did theirs in the afternoon. After the tour was finished, the Leadership kids received FastPasses for Splash Mountain and the Journalism/Yearbook kids received a FastPass for Indiana Jones.

After the tour was over, everyone was free to roam the parks as long as they had a partner. More…

Stacey’s Broadcast Journalism World Records! 4

Gavin Mercado

Broadcast Journalism has had a good run, we have been posting weekly articles since 2014. Although Broadcast Journalism is going down to its last few articles. We have a few records that were broken on the Cougar Chronicle. Let’s get into this:

First Article Ever Published:

And the record goes to…

Teacher Aid or Distraction to the Action? by Kristen Fernandez, Thao Vy Phan, and Samantha Skocilic!

This article was the birth of the Cougar Chronicle and quite a historical feat for many Journalism students. Occasionally some current Journalism students will go back and read the article that created 96+ more pages of articles! Congratulations you three! More…

The End of Stacey’s Broadcast Journalism 12

Gavin Mercado

It had to happen someday. That’s right, Broadcast Journalism will have it’s very last classes and it’s very last articles this June! Many journalism students are very upset. Many of the students including Ashley Wolf and Gwyndalynn Kent were left with jaws dropped when Ms. Walters broke the unfortunate news.

However, Broadcast Journalism isn’t ending just because. There is a reason for it. As many people know, Ms. Karsh is planning to retire this June. This means that somebody had to teach art. As it turned out, Ms. Walters was the best candidate for the job.

Not only is Ms. Karsh retiring, but, Ms. Walters says that she can, “Barely fill the [journalism] class each year.” Later she said, “Broadcast Journalism was almost canceled this year due to the fact that I had trouble filling the class. It takes a special interest to want to write for an elective.” Only 14 students signed up for the class. Only 11 were actually put into the class. Currently, there are still 12. One student dropped out, however, and a new student joined. More…

Why Band Students Aren’t Feeling Very “Excellent” 14

Gavin Mercado

On March 7th, a long-awaited Band field trip took advanced band students to Kennedy High School. This wasn’t just any regular field trip, it was a band festival.

To those of you who aren’t in band, a festival is a field trip in which the band students go to get “graded,” if you will, on how well they play.

The bus came and took the students during first lunch with all of them having butterflies in their stomachs.

When the band students arrived at Kennedy High School for the festival, they were sent to unpack their instruments and practice in a large waiting/practice room. The students practiced their three songs, “Bryce Canyon” “Overture,” “Gentle Winds,” and “Latin Fire.” After the practice room, they were ready to go on stage in front of the judges. More…

STUDY SKILLS? Are You Kidding Me?!? 7

Gavin Mercado

School, school, school. We all have to endure that obstacle in life. Many students are fascinated by the topic and love their schools. However, some would consider eating a spoonful of salt rather than going to school.

Of course, school is all about language arts, math, social studies, science, and whatever other academic classes there are, there’s one more period of each student’s choice that everyone loves. That’s right, your elective!

There are so many electives at Stacey, from Broadcast Journalism to Marine Biology. However, there’s one more thing that the district throws in your face. The numbers on your report card, otherwise known as GPA. If the district doesn´t like your GPA, they get to take away a fundamental right, your chosen elective, that ever Stacey student should have.  More…

A Brewing Collaboration 1

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 11.48.30 AM

Avalyn Walton

Imagine you’re a Stacey Middle School student, going to pick up your yearbook. You paid for it early, and have been waiting all year to see your book of memories. You lift the yearbook into your hands and flip through to see it just as perfect as you remember, full of beautiful snapshots in time. But, how did it come to be that way?


Elective Choices 13


Mia Grasse

There are so many elective choices for the upcoming year here at Stacey. We have advanced art, band, broadcast journalism, AVID, instructional aide, leadership, Spanish, technology, theater arts, videography, the wheel, advanced woodshop, yearbook, marine biology, and robotics. There are so many choices.

Some may wonder what each elective is about, so here is a rundown:

Advanced Art– In order to take advanced art you must have completed beginning art in either 6th or 7th grade. This is a year-long elective and not a trimester elective. Mrs. Karsh teachers this elective in H2. More…

DBL Decision?!? 1

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 4.46.47 PM.png

Kevin Luu

DBL (Design-Based Learning), a sixth-grade elective here at Stacey, is learning about ecosystems, landforms, and history. As a team, the students have debated about their landforms and what their priorities were.  They used percentages to help them with their decision. The students created landforms for science, history, and math. 

This project furthers their learning about ecosystems in science. Their goal is to learn how land and ecosystems affect civilization.

The three teachers involved are Ms. Winemiller, Mrs. Kleen, and Ms. Faulkner. Mrs. Winemiller teaches the students how the ecosystem is affected by land. Mrs. Kleen teaches the students how to use ratios and area to design the land, and Ms. Faulkner helps by teaching how the land affects trade in history.

What Even Is Woodshop? Reply

Screenshot 2018-03-29 at 11.39.00 AM.png

Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

What even is woodshop?

Woodshop is a wood-making and design class that teaches students the basics of wood making and 3D figurine making. Woodshop is one of the 16 elective options here at Stacey Middle School. Woodshop is a class where you can interact with wood and learn some handy skills. More…