Run by Two? Reply

Katelyn Hooker and Denise Mena

The announcements run by only two students? An unlikely event, but true. Every morning, two announcers, Denise Mena and Katelyn Hooker, head up to the office to begin the morning announcements. But after every day, it gets more and more repetitive. Should only two students, (apart from Videography), be running the morning announcements? In the announcer’s eyes, of course not.

Denise Mena:

We feel as though every student in Journalism or Videography should at least try to once to do the morning announcements to at least see what’s it’s like because you never know what it’s like until you try. More…

Extra Credit Brings Down Grades? 8

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Evelyn Huynh

Students know that doing extra credit work is a great way to boost up grades, however after awhile, they start to bring down grades.

When a student does extra credit work, it puts more points into that specific category in Jupiter grades. However, once that category has over 100% and he or she does more work in that category, it starts to bring down the grades in both the category and overall grade because the average goes down. More…

Four Reasons The Border Wall Would Be Devastating To The Environment 10

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Kelsey Bisetti

Ah, yes, the infamous wall. There’s been plenty of debate over the economic effects of its construction, as well as the political impact, but one commonly overlooked disadvantage is to the land and wildlife surrounding the construction site.

1.) Carbon Emissions

Building a massive wall down a two thousand mile path would clearly require the use of a lot of heavy machinery, which, of course, releases unbelievable amounts of fossil fuels into the air. Not to mention, hundreds of new roads would be needed to transport materials and workers to the site, which would decrease the air quality of less polluted areas. But the most significant release of carbon would be from the steel needed to support the wall. Over twenty-four million tons of carbon would be released into the atmosphere via the construction for every foot the wall is thick. To put that in perspective, you would be required to drive along the U.S.-Mexico border nearly fourteen million times to reach that level of carbon emission! More…

Cyberbullying Reply


Leandra Gimenez

Bullying has always been a serious issue.  Teasing, making  threatening comments towards someone, spreading rumors, and leaving people out on purpose are just some ways that people get bullied. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to monitor every bully and punish them for it. Now, because of modern, advanced technology, authorities now face another issue, cyberbullying. More…

Stress: The Side Effects and the Solutions Reply

Frustrated student

Jennifer Ly

Stress is something most people deal with, especially students. Some stress is good, as it helps people prepare for the future. However, adverse and excessive stress can destroy a person’s well-being, mentally and physically.

According to Mayo Clinic, side effects of stress include headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, and sleep problems. Stress also causes anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, frustration, and depression, while also causing people to overeat/undereat, grow isolated, and exercise less. More…

The Fault in Our Generation 2


Quang Truong

Dear children born after 2000,

Please get your act together. Our generation is by far the worst generation of them all in many ways. Constantly, we get bashed and criticized for our bizarre behavior. Many worry about their eyebrows more than grades. The abundance of technology can help us make amazing advances, but yet many decide it is more important to see what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. Superficial.

Currently, our generation has not been named, but some names in speculation are the iGeneration or Generation Z. Some even call this generation the “Snowflake Generation” due to its sensitivity. More…

Put down your phone! 2


Destiney Hagberg

When we go out  with our families, it really is a time to spend time with them.  Yet, I have often been to restaurants and seen families sit in complete silence all staring at their little screens. Technology shouldn’t be taking over our lives. More…

Internet Safety Reply


Thao Vy Phan

Since the arrival of Chromebooks, the GoGuardian has been effectively blocking inappropriate websites. However, the software has also prevented legitimate sites such as along with other websites. According to Education World, the internet service provider of the public education system claims that 75 to 80 percent of the school districts filter the internet or plan to do so. The issue regarding the method of monitoring the internet has caused many intense debates among educators, parents, technological experts and others.

Who Runs the World? Girls! Reply

Tammy Barnett

Leandra Gimenez

Tammy Barnett is a 25 year old woman from the town of  Robeline, Louisiana who is making history. She was once a police officer in her hometown, but she is turning in her badge to join the military. Many women in the US are apart of the military but the reason that Tammy is making history is because she is the first woman in the United States to be a part of the infantry. More…

1960s PE vs 2016 PE Reply

push ups - Edited

Jennifer Ly

A Physical Education program at La Sierra High created by Coach Stan LeProtti in 1957 was notorious in the 1960s for regularly asking more of the students there than the military today. According to mental_floss, push-ups, pull-ups, and suspended sit-ups were done on a circuit throughout a twelve-minute warm-up and a five-minute exercise through an obstacle course. The program even had custom equipment like peg boards and monkey bars. More…