Journalism Story Contest! 6

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Gwyndalynn Kent

As most people know Journalism had a story contest. A specific genre and word count were given. Because of the small number of entries, we decided to make an extension in the due date and the number of pages.

Thanks to language arts students and their second-trimester narratives, we got plenty of amazing stories. Some stories didn’t fit the action-adventure genre exactly, but they were still accepted.

With a total of 15 stories entered, we chose the winners. All that can be said at this point is the that there are three winners and every story that was read was amazing. More…

I Love my Lunch Lady! Reply

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Mariah Escatel

The familiar faces, the walkie-talkie, the friendly smile. Who wouldn’t want to award our lunch ladies or men!

Noontime supervisors, or “Lunch ladies” across southern California are finally being rewarded with the thanks they deserve. A new “I love my lunch lady (or man)” video making contest has come to Stacey Middle School.

To be eligible, an entrant must be a student, teacher, administrator, or parent representing a student. The entrant must create a 1-2 minute video telling the judges, Stacy Sagowitz, John Rivera, and Emily Miramontes, why they love their school lunch hero. Judges are looking for an entry that will “make them feel something,” whether it be laughter or tears. More…