One Snowy Carnival? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

Did you go to the One Snowy Night dance? If you did, you may have seen some carnival games set up at the dance. These games were provided by Stacey’s Builders Club. There were two games available for you to play.

One of the games was called “Three Snowy-Hoops”, in which players had three wreaths. The Builders Club members and board members instructed the players to throw the wreaths like frisbees. There were cones as well, and every time a wreath was rung around a cone, the player earned one raffle ticket. They also won a pencil and eraser.

The second game was called “Icicle Toss”. This was a tossing game (as the title implies). Players had three hula hoops. If they made one or less around the “icicle” they would get nothing. If they made two, they would get an eraser. Last, if they made all three, players would have gotten a pencil and maybe an eraser as long as the club wasn’t running out. They would have also gotten a raffle ticket, so long as they landed at least one hula hoop. More…

Cougars for What? Cougars for Christ! 13


Mariah Escatel and Caitlyn Timmons

Throughout the years here at Stacey Middle School, there have only been clubs that are for gaming, service hours, dance, etc. But as the years go on, one particular Stacey Middle School student realized that Stacey needed Jesus. She then created a Christian club for students to gather and share their common beliefs.

What even is CFC?

CFC or Cougars for Christ is a new Christian club at Stacey Middle School.

When asked what the club is, Mia Grasse, 7th-grade founder, said, “CFC is a club where even if you’re not Christian you can just come in and, uh, figure out what we’re all about. It’s for the most part pretty religious, we talk about a lot of stories from the bible. But it’s a lot of fun.” 

During the club, they participate in many Bible trivia games and prayer. More…

What Even is Builders Club? 6

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Averi Farren

What even is Builders Club?

Builders Club is a new club here at Stacey, and it is a student-led service organization. Ms. Walters decided to advise Builders Club because it is similar to clubs you may participate in later on in High School such as Kiwins, and Key Club. These can be joined by students that attend Marina High School. If attending another high school, check the online website of that school for the clubs that they have listed and provided, depending on the high school or college you are attending. More…

What is Volleyball Club? 1


Mia Grasse

Volleyball Club started officially after school on Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Mr. Cota, the teacher who runs volleyball club, says, ¨We welcome all students who want an opportunity to just have fun, make new friends, and are interested in this sport.¨

Mr. Cota started this club last year because he saw a lot of interest from students at Stacey. Mr. Cota always welcomes new people to his club.

If you are interested, Volleyball Club meets Tuesdays and Fridays after school until 4 p.m. At Volleyball Club, Mr. Cota teaches new skills, drills, and arranges fun, non-competitive games. More…

What Club Are You Going to Join? 5

Avalyn Walton and Maddie Fracassa

After the excitement of Club Rush, students have been buzzing about which club they want to join. With so many options, it’s a wonder how students choose. Clubs give students a chance to have fun and get involved with Stacey Middle School.

Better choose quickly, though, clubs are starting and positions are filling up. Some of the clubs listed below have already started, so it may no longer be possible to join. Still, with so many options, students are bound to find one they would enjoy.

What a Rush! 1

School News PicMariah Escatel

Stacey students were introduced to this school year’s clubs, some old and some new, during Club Rush on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.

As students finished eating lunch and exited towards the field to play, they had a chance to pick up a flyer with information for each club at the booths set up along the way.

“It was really cool. All of the clubs had a table with flyers. There were so many choices,” said eighth-grader Kira Temple. More…

Come Learn About our Beautiful Earth in Garden Club! 1

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Katie Mills

Garden Club is a great opportunity for kids to play and mess around with dirt, grow plants, and learn more about our resources! It is for anyone who wants to come out and be in the sun and to get in touch with nature. Who knew that playing with dirt could help our ecosystem?

Last year, the students from Garden Club got to not only grow their own plants but sell them at different farmers markets throughout the year. The also sold succulents, different herbs, and much, much more. More…

Is It Time for Club Rush Already? 16

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Katie Mills and Caitlyn Timmons

Is it time for Club Rush already?

Clubs are a very important aspect of a student’s middle school career. After middle school, they may not remember what Language Arts class they were in or their Math teacher’s name, but they will most likely remember all of the fun times they had and all of the great friends they made while being apart of a club.

Maybe a dance club or a program for a student’s specific needs and interests may quench their thirst for a great year. Well, Club Rush is the perfect event to find out what you can do as a Stacey cougar.

Club Rush will be happening during lunchtime on Wednesday, October 4th. The student leadership will be advertising all the clubs that they’re trying to get up and running. Students can see a list of the clubs on the Stacey website. More…

NJHS is Here! 4

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Katie Mills

Hey, Stacey Cougars!

If you have scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship, then you may want to consider trying NJHS! NJHS is the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding middle-level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serve to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character and Citizenship for NJHS.

To join, bring a report card from last year, and a 3.2-grade point average is required. 6th or 7th graders are not eligible until 2nd trimester Have a parent sign the permission slip, and make sure to bring a $6 donation—it is a requirement! On the report card, a student cannot have any N’s or U’s. More…