AVID Interviews Reply

screenshot-www.tustin.k12.ca.us-2019.06.12-09-32-37Annabelle Lona

AVID Interviews took place in Room G4A on Tuesday, May 28th, to Friday, May 31st.

The AVID teachers Mrs. Ortega, Ms. Thach, and Mrs. Valverde were interviewing 6th, 7th graders, including kids from Stacey and other elementary schools.

“The questions we ask are what subjects students excel in, what their challenges are, and why they think they would be a good candidate,” says Mrs. Ortega. Like most classes, the have to commit to AVID and be willing to work hard. 

Behind the Scenes- One Starry Night 2

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 10.10.53 AM.pngMadison Evans and Jolie Phan

One Starry Night, hosted by Ms. Thach, Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Valverde, and the students from AVID is upon us. They have been preparing for the December 12th  spectacular. An inside look of the dance will definitely show everyone how much work and time has gone into it.

AVID kids have been running around and helping Ms. Thach prepare for the spectacular night and getting some last-minute things done for the dance. (Ms. Thach doesn’t like when students do things at the last minute) “AVID is always busy…go go go!” says Ms. Thach.Ms. Thach claims that the AVID kids are 100% involved in the dance and that the teachers are only there to supervise. More…

What Is AVID? Reply

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Annabelle Lona

AVID is an elective class that helps students prepare for college, and meet the early requirements for a 4-year university. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a “self-sufficient” program that requires students that strive to get good grades, have excellent citizenship, etc. It is an elective that helps “B” and “C” students to reach their true potential with additional support.

Completing the requirements results in about a 75% higher advantage than the overall student population in getting into college. Students have to be willing to do two hours or more homework a night, commit to doing service hours and/or leadership before and after school and need to be willing to raise funds for field trips as well. More…

AVID’s Angel Scholarship 2

IMG_3367.JPG Mariah Escatel

Stacey’s very own Lauren Duong took home the title of Stacey’s AVID standout. Lauren, an eighth-grade student at Stacey Middle School, was chosen out of all of the AVID students to represent Stacey for the AVID Angel scholarship.

The AVID Angel scholarship is a college scholarship awarded to a deserving AVID contestant. Each contestant must submit an essay as to why he or she should receive the award. If the essay is chosen in the second round, they become a runner-up for the big prize that will be awarded during a ceremony at Angel’s Stadium on May 7th. Lauren’s essay was chosen to make her a runner-up for the big award.

Each middle school with an AVID program picks one student to represent their school. The candidate is entered into a competition between numerous other students in hopes of receiving the scholarship. Scholarship awards range from five thousand to eight thousand dollars. More…

Coins For Kindness Reply

Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 8.42.49 AM

Mia Grasse

At lunch last week, students wrote kind notes to other students on little yellow (paper) coins. This campaign, sponsored by AVID, was another way for Stacey students to show kindness.

The coins were delivered during eighth period Friday, March 16. The best part about these small little grams is that they were free. So students could write as many as they wanted to as many people as they wanted.

Most importantly, the people who have shown the most kindness are the AVID student and teachers who put together this event. So let’s remember to thank them and show them a little kindness. More…

So, Why Did Boo Grams Get Sold? 9

Screenshot 2017-11-07 at 9.02.26 AM

Avalyn Walton

This year, AVID did something new for Halloween. Many of the students are already aware of the fundraiser AVID had last week, but in case someone wasn’t, Boo Grams were sent out this year. They were a fun little gift that almost all students enjoyed, but most students don’t even know the reason behind them.

AVID sold these Boo Grams to raise money for future AVID field trips.

Boo Grams officially were sent out October 31st, Halloween. AVID hopes to have raised enough to help them get a field trip to Chapman University, and maybe even UC Santa Barbara. More…

A Walk Towards the Future 1

Screenshot 2017-09-22 at 12.44.18 PM

Avi Walton

Not too far from here, only a walking distance away, is the Goldenwest Community College. This is where our very own AVID program plans on taking a field trip. They are hoping for the chance to learn about what it would take to get into community college, and how to get through community college to a University.

Tuesday, October 10th, the AVID group will take a walking trip to Golden West College. It will be good for the students to see firsthand what college is like, and the tour will hopefully make the idea real to them.

Mrs.Valverde, an AVID teacher here at Stacey, believes that knowing ahead of time how to plan for the future is important. She says, “A dream without a plan, is just a wish.” More…

AVID’s Trip to UCSD 1

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 1.45.58 PM

Oanh Tran and Evelyn Huynh

For AVID’s final field trip this third trimester, the 7th and 8th graders visited the University of San Diego. On Tuesday, May 30, AVID classes visited UCSD for a field trip.

AVID students, at 6:30 in the morning, took a two-hour bus ride to reach the campus, according to 7th grader, Maily Nguyen. From approximately 9:00 am to 10:40 am, the students had free time, having the ability to walk around and explore the school’s campus. At 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, the students received a tour around the campus. Afterward, the students were given extra time. The students stayed there for about 5 hours. More…

Shoutouts! 6

Delaney Powell and Justin Pham

Hey, Cougars!

If students did not already know, AVID just hosted a Shoutout for both students and teachers! The booth was visited by many students during first and second lunch on Wednesday, March 22nd, as well as many staff members.

The booth had all the materials for students and staff to write a nice note to their fellow students or teachers. Some teachers visited the booth as well, including Mrs. Cleckler, Mrs. Valverde, Ms. Thach, Ms. Walters, and Mrs. Ortega. More…

Glowintine Dance 3


Jordyn Russell

Stacey’s Glowintine Dance Thursday, Feb. 9 was a huge success, Cougars!

The black lights and glow sticks really made the event shine. Flowers were sold at the dance for a dollar and people were handing them out to their friends. Many students were also taking photos with friends in a room leadership had filled with balloons.

Student Ellie Atkins says, “The dance was fun, it was different from the others. They played good music.”

The event was the last dance sponsored by Leadership and AVID this year. The last dance for all grade levels will be in the spring and will be hosted by the PTSA.