The Artist Living In Darkness 5

Kelsey Bisetti

Let’s face it, the majority of us can’t even draw a stick figure without feeling like a complete failure. So can you even imagine how hard it would be to create images as beautiful as the one below?

Now imagine doing it blind. That’s right, the artist behind this stunning photo is Pete Eckert, a photographer, and painter suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes its victims to slowly lose their vision until they can no longer see anything. More…

Advanced Art: Their Life Vision 1


Gwyndalynn Kent


Advanced Art students must be having loads of fun working on this awesome assignment that Ms. Karsh has given them.

For this assignment, they are making a vision board that represents them and their goals. They are to create a collage poster that depicts their vision of their life. This project is meant to be an inspiration to illustrate meaningful choices that reflect the goals you aim to reach in creating your future. 

Their final presentation will include a contoured silhouette of their face and a background poster with collaged images and words that illustrate their passions and interests. This assignment will help them explore who they are and who they want to be. More…

Watercolor Art Project Reply

Justin Pham and Evelyn Huynh

Hello, Cougars!

In Mrs. Karsh’s advanced art class, the students started a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired watercolor project! This project should take a couple of weeks. It will be due Friday, June 16th. Students will have to go through various steps in order to complete the whole project.

First, students will review different brush techniques and will also sketch out their design on a piece of A4 paper. Then, after they have finished their design and mastered their techniques, they will lightly draw the same design on a piece of construction paper and start painting their designs! More…

What Even Is West Arts? 6

Mariah Escatel and Averi Farren

Some may call it “Stacey Theater Club,” while others prefer “Drama Club.” But, what really is West Arts?

What even is West Arts?

West Arts is a non-profit arts program. They produce high-quality student productions. West Arts trains participants in singing, acting, and dancing, while at the same time bringing family and community together. Their goal is to “Keep the arts alive!”

West Arts runs the musicals, dramatic plays, mainstage shows, and also have a performance ensemble dance/choir group here at Stacey. Each year, they have a winter musical, a dramatic play, a spring musical, and a summer musical. In between all of those shows, West Arts produces a mainstage show allowing performance ensemble participants from sixth grade through college. More…

Weekly Art! Reply

Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 3.16.51 PM.png

Justin Pham

Hey, Cougars! So this is what’s going on in art.

Students are working on a new project in Advanced Art this week. The projects are Picasso-inspired portrait projects where they take different materials and piece them together to create a beautiful portrait of themselves! More…

The Aftermath of the Field Trip of Dreams Reply

Justin Pham

Advanced Art students had a great time observing the amazing art projects created by various high school students and talented artists at the AMOCA museum, as well as the Millard Sheets Art Center in the Pomona Fairplex on March 14. 

In the morning, all Advanced Art students met in front of the school so that they would be able to board the bus. The students then made their way to the AMOCA museum where they were escorted around the museum by a guide to observing the beautiful artwork created by many amazing artists.

Malia Noyes quotes, “I kind of liked it, but… actually, yeah; I kind of liked it.” More…

100 Years Of Fashion Photography 1


American Vogue, March 1943
John Rawlings—Condé Nast

Mikayla Mendoza

Conde Nast has opened a photography gallery in Beijing that shows over a hundred years of fashion photography.

The photography walk starts with photos from 1911’s Steichen collection. The point of the showcase was to show how fashion photography progressed over the years.

They have used photos from Vogue, Vanity Fair, and also Glamour. More…

The Field Trip of Dreams 1


Justin Pham and Delaney Powell

Advanced art students are going to take a field trip to the American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) and the Millard Sheets Art Center, at the Fairplex in Pomona on March 14. 

AMOCA, dedicated exclusively to ceramic art, is the largest ceramics museum in the country.

At the Millard Sheets Art Center students will take a walk in the museum to admire over 250 pieces of artwork created purely by high schoolers. This year, the theme at Millard Sheets is The Art of Dreams. All of the artwork pieces that the students will observe are tied to that one theme.

“I can’t wait for the field trip,” says Mackenzie Bailek, an eighth grader here at Stacey. “Last time we went on a field trip it was so inspiring.”

Students will receive an overview by the curator of the exhibition at Millard Sheets and engage in insightful discussions with the facilitators there about the artwork. They will have the opportunity to create a project that allows the students to collaborate and infuse their many thoughts and ideas into a beautiful work of art. Finally, they will have some free time to walk around and admire the artwork at their own pace.

All Advanced Art students are eligible to attend this field trip.

‘Oliver!’ Cast, How’s it going? Reply


Mariah Escatel

With their winter musical ‘Oliver!’ rapidly approaching on February 2nd – 4th, how could the cast and crew of the show not be excited? Some of the ‘Oliver!’ cast and crew were asked how they felt about their show being about less than a week away. Here’s what they had to say:

“Um, I’m pretty excited. It’s gonna be a really good show. Everyone is doing their best,” said eighth-grader Zane Collinsgru, who is Mr. Sowerberry in the musical. More…

Advanced Art! 3

img_7189Justin Pham

Advanced art is one of the electives that Cougars can take as their survey class in their 7th and 8th-grade year. This year Advanced Art is taught by Mrs. Karsh, and the classes are during 5th and 8th period. In Advanced Art, Cougars produce beautiful projects such as realistic gridded art drawings, painted wine bottles, fantastic collages, paper mache models, and much more. More…