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0207171356a-2 Elaine was born October 13, 2003, and is in 8th grade. Elaine is interested in Journalism because of Ms. Walters. Elaine had gone to Clegg before she came to Stacey. Other electives Elaine was interested in were STEM and Spanish. Mrs. Walters is one of Elaine’s favorite teachers, and that’s why Elaine decided to join journalism.

0207171400-2 Justin Pham is a proud member of journalism. He’s thirteen years old, and before he came to Stacey, he went to Fryberger. He was born in California and decided to join journalism for his 8th-grade elective since he enjoys writing. He enjoys writing fiction stories, and at the moment, he enjoys the class. If any newcomers were to join journalism, the advice he would give them is that you need to love writing to join the class.

fullsizerender-2 Delaney Powell is thirteen and has a passion for writing and interviewing. Many viewers may recognize her from her article series, Musical Mondays. She is a recurring student to the elective broadcast journalism. Delaney is a very talented writer, but that’s all thanks to her fifth-grade teacher for opening her eyes to see all of the amazing things writing had to offer her. In case you’re wondering why Delaney chose this elective out of all of them, she says it’s because, “I liked having a smaller class, and there is a great teacher.” She enjoys the fact that interviewing is go with the flow and not much pressure is put on her. Besides broadcast journalism, Delaney has a “secret” talent, which really isn’t a secret at all! Because she loves singing and acting. She has been in many West Arts Productions. Powell believes she can use her wonderful writing skills in the future. She says that she could minor in broadcast journalism, or even become a lawyer. Overall, Delaney Powell is an amazing student, and you should look forward to more amazing stories from her. 

fullsizerender-10 Kenny Tran is an 8th grader who attends Stacey Middle School. He was born on June 7, 2003, in California and attended Eastwood School in his elementary years. Kenny is in Ms. Walters’ journalism class for one reason- to get better at writing. He found his love for writing when he had realized that he needed to get better, and he hopes that Ms. Walters’s course will help him become much, much better at writing.

fullsizerender-8 Meet one of the shining stars of journalism’s future; Katelyn Hooker. This is her first year working on the Cougar Chronicle, an experience both exciting and nerve-racking. But, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her favorite author and most apprized idol, Rick Riordan. One of her favorite qualities concerning his books is the different perspectives he presents. That means you can expect plenty of polls and interviews to keep your mind jumping. Speaking of which, if you’re hoping to gather any information on a club, or you have a club you would like to read about, Katelyn is surely the person to see. All news concerning clubs will be reported by… you guessed it, Miss Katelyn Hooker. The endless possibilities of her articles are sure to seize the attention of fans worldwide, so stay tuned for illumination in this incredible place we call, Helen Stacey Middle School.

fullsizerender-7 Evelyn is a 7th grader who goes to Stacey Middle School. She was born on August 23. She is part of the Cougar Chronicle. Her motivation for choosing this elective was because she enjoys writing creatively and making her own stories. Enthrallingly, she once wrote a 14-page story. Evelyn also chose this elective because she wanted to improve her writing skills and knowledge. She began to love writing when she was in 1st grade. When I had asked Evelyn who inspired her to love writing, she said it was her mom. Evelyn also loves to learn new things. She has a tutor that teaches her well beyond Evelyn’s grade level. According to Evelyn, her grandfather gave her the motivation to keep on studying. 

fullsizerender-6 Her passion for writing is what led seventh grader, Jordyn Russell, into Broadcast Journalism.  “Since elementary school, I began to have a love for reading, I then was inspired to write after reading the Percy Jackson series because it was not only creative but, very informative about Greek Mythology,”  says Jordyn Russel.  Not only does she seek inspiration from authors, but she also seeks motivation and inspiration from artists, musicians, and teachers.   “My favorite class is journalism, and I would love to enhance my writing to introduce more and more curious readers after every story!” says Jordyn.  “My intention is to grab attention to curious readers such as fellow students, parents, and teachers.  

fullsizerender-5 Oanh Tran is a person of many talents. She enjoys volleyball and tea a lot. She also likes to watch anime, hang out with her friends and read. She chose journalism as her elective because she enjoys writing. She plays piano and admires Rudy Francisco’s poetry. She is also fond of drawing and occasionally writes her own poetry.

fullsizerender-1 The year of 2016-2017 is Averi’s first year at Stacey as a 7th grader. Averi enjoys all of her classes while being surrounded by her friends and kind teachers. Among those classes Averi takes journalism. Averi has a strong passion for writing, which drives her to be part of journalism. She has a diverse preference that allows her to research several different topics. Furthermore, Averi is an only child, accompanied by a friendly indoor dog named Richie. She is 12-years-old, born on March 24, 2004. Averi partakes in journalism and Stacey with a positive attitude. She is a competent worker with classmates grateful for her dedication.

fullsizerender-4 Kelsey Bisetti, a lover of turtles, hopes to be the best writer she can be. Asked why she wanted to join journalism, she said this, “I have always had a passion for writing.  The Nancy Grace show really inspired me to start writing…”  She also said that if she had to teach any subject, it would be writing.  Journalism is her favorite class, and she wishes to further her skills and wow the crowd with the interesting articles she is going to write.  If she could be any animal, she would be a turtle. Her hobbies are reading and writing. So if you ever run into Kelsey, say hi and get to know her. She’s great!

fullsizerender This is Mariah Escatel, she is a seventh grader here at Stacey. Last year Mariah attended Schroeder Elementary School in the sixth grade. She chose journalism as her elective because she enjoys writing and her favorite genre is fiction. She even thinks of a possible career in journalism. This is Mariah’s first year learning at Stacey. However, she has been going to the school after her day has ended at Schroeder on every Tuesday and Thursday for the drama program that is held in our school’s MPR. Mariah will be writing stories throughout the school year, so make sure to keep an eye out for any of her stories.

fullsizerender-3 Mikayla Mendoza

fullsizerender-9 Denise Mena is a smart 7th grader. She is 12 years old. Denise’s favorite activities are watching Netflix, mainly Switched at Birth. Her other favorite activities consist of drawing, writing fiction, and hanging out with friends. She enjoys fettuccine alfredo the most out of any other food. Denise joined journalism because she enjoys writing, and she wants to improve her writing skill. 


  1. Hi people! I’m Andy Pham, in 7th grade I like time zones, geography, and I love math. Bye, and have a nice day!


  2. Also, if I were to rate the looks of the Journalism students, Kelsey would be a 10, Mariah would be a 5, + Justin would be a 1.


  3. Q: How many of the 7th grade Journalism students are returning? How many that are not in Journalism now want to join next year?


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