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The Cougar Chronicle is Stacey Middle School’s Broadcast Journalism publication written by students for students. Although we encourage appropriate student comments on our stories, we do only post comments written by students or those affiliated with Stacey Middle School. Any comment deemed inappropriate will be deleted.

Twitter: @HBCougars

fullsizerender-13.jpg Kelsey Bisetti

Kelsey is a 13-year-old who loves reading and writing. Her favorite subject is history because she enjoys doing research and learning about the past. She is very creative and wants to be a writer. Some of her favorites things are watching Netflix, the color red, and sloths (but it should be goats). Also, she enjoys doing makeup, so if you see her in person, most likely her make-up will be perfect. She is in Math 8A and Spanish 2. If there a movie was written about her, she thinks the title should be “ The Incredible Average Life of Kelsey Bisetti” and the actress playing her would be herself.

0914170914-1 Mariah Escatel

Mariah Escatel is a thirteen-year-old, fun loving eighth grader attending Stacey Middle School. She is a cool, talented person and intelligent student. She has spent her entire life living in Huntington beach. She enjoys fun activities such as drama, CrossFit, reading, and writing, and hanging with her friends. Mariah’s close friends describe her as a kind and creative writer. It is her second year in journalism so Mariah is one of the more experienced writers on the journalism crew. She is excited for journalism this year and hopes that it will turn out as amazing as last year. She writes interesting, informative stories that are sure to keep you entertained. She is excited for a chance to continue her article series that she started last year, which contains multiple interesting topics that show off her excellent writing skills. Mariah is an overall awesome girl, that is sure to excel in journalism this year.

third_party_1505276606606 Averi Farren

Averi Farren is an interesting and different thirteen-year-old who is attending her second year here at Stacey Middle School. Living in Huntington Beach, California her entire life, you can consider her a real “Cali girl.” She is very excited for her 8th-grade year and all the new friends she will meet. It is her second year in journalism, so she will be one of the more experienced writers on the crew. Averi’s close friends describe her as an amusing and caring friend that they would not trade for anyone else in the world!

IMG_8121Maddie Fracassa

Madelyn Fracassa, also known as Maddie was born in March 2004. She loves Ms. Walters and Broadcast Journalism. One of her favorite things about Stacey is the wide variety of sports. She started journalism August 31st of this year. She joined journalism because she loves writing! But not only that, as she states “One of the reasons I joined journalism is because Ms. Walters is one of the best teachers.” She also loves reading and writing non-fiction stories. Her favorite place to think about these amazing stories is her homeroom class in school. If you ever run into Maddie herself, ask her a few questions, she is very friendly!

img_1353.png Mia Grasse

Mia Grasse is and intelligent and fun-loving 12 year old who will be attending her 7th grade year at Stacey. She is immensely excited for broadcast journalism! Mia picked this elective because of her love of broadcasting; she would rather send messages than speak in person. When Mia grows up, she plans to become a lawyer. She finds it interesting and would love to help others win their cases. She loves all sports (except soccer) and is on a softball team. What Mia loves most about writing is the fact that you can, “write what you want; there are no rules.” Some advice Mia has for newcomers next year is to, “Just be free with what you write and what you say; put your thoughts on paper.”

img_1355.png Gwyn Kent

Gwyndalynn is new to Stacey this year and came from Eastwood Elementary. She decided to join journalism because she really likes to write and felt she could persevere in the subject. Gwyndalynn, who usually goes by Gwyn for short, enjoys writing fiction and narratives. She is twelve years old and was born in Fontana. Gwyndalynn’s motivation comes from authors such as J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan. In her free time, she also enjoys singing and the performing arts. Her dream college is AMDA College in New York City. Gwyn highly recommends Broadcast Journalism to kids who may be interested in applying for the class. Gwyn states, “If you enjoy reading and writing, it’s a great class to be in!”

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 3.33.38 PM Juneau Resnick

Juneau Resnick is a thirteen-year-old eighth grader here at Stacey Middle School, and she is far from ordinary. Although Juneau now resides in Westminster, she was born in San Jose and has moved a few times. She loves to bake, read, write, and sing, and considers herself fairly good at these things. Being one of the few Jewish kids at the school, Juneau can be described as happy, complex, silly, excited, and determined. As far as journalism goes, Juneau is bound to be successful despite her being a new student in the class. She has only been in journalism since November 27th.  Her favorite subject in school is English, and she is a fabulous writer, which is sure to be great for her in journalism. Although Juneau is an eighth grader, this will be her first year in journalism. She is excited to be a part of journalism and is looking forward to having people read what she wants to say. Although she does need to learn how not to let her opinion in the way of her writing. Her ability to add her own voice into her writing is what really makes her work stand out. Expect the best from Juneau this year, she is sure to impress.

IMG_20170906_084936 Kevin Luu

Kevin Luu was born on April 14, 2005 in Vietnam. He is currently in 7th grade and has joined broadcast journalism because he has a passion for writing and is craving to make videos for the Cougar Chronicle. His passion for writing came from his love of reading fiction/fantasy. Before becoming a Staconian, Kevin went to Fryberger Elementary. Kevin believes his strongest characteristic is his intelligence and hopes to use journalism to improve on that trait. His ambition in life is to become a doctor and hopes that journalism can take him one step closer to that goal. An achievement that Kevin is proud of is being claimed the student with the best grades in his class last year. If newcomers were to join journalism, Kevin’s advice to them would be, “When writing in journalism, speak your mind, be creative, never give up, and listen to the teacher and do what she says.” Outside of school, he loves to play his favorite sport, basketball, in his free time. Expect amazing stories and articles in the Cougar Chronicle from this prestigious scholar.

fullsizerender-14.jpg Alyssa Manson 

Alyssa is an amazing 7th-grade student here at Stacey. She was born on December 31st, New Year’s Eve, and is 12 years old. The reason Alyssa is a part of Stacey’s journalism class is that ever since she was little, she has had a huge passion for writing. She loves writing nonfiction stories the most. Alyssa is always proud of her writing and finds herself to be a really good writer. You should definitely read any of her articles in the Cougar Chronicle throughout the school year. Not only does Alyssa love to write but she also likes to listen to music and do cheerleading. So far Alyssa is really enjoying her second year at Stacey with all of her fellow Stacey Cougars.

img_20170906_084937.jpg Gavin Mercado 

Gavin Mercado is a 12-year-old creative and expressive person that attends Stacey Middle School’s journalism class. Gavin has grown up in Westminster, California his whole life. He went to Clegg Elementary School from the time he was five years old. Gavin loves writing fictional fantasy stories. Gavin has enjoyed writing stories since 4th grade, so he decided to pick journalism for his first choice elective this year. This year he has enjoyed journalism so far and will keep enjoying it because of his love for writing.

img_0236.jpg Katie Mills

Katie Mills is 13 years old. She was born on May 24, 2004, and has a brother named Nicholas who is 20 years old. Every other Christmas Katie and her family visit her grandmother in Utah. She hopes to go to a performing arts college such as Juilliard, Tisch, or Chapman. Katie loves to take dance and piano lessons. Her best friend, Caitlyn, said she was funny, kind, and petty. They have known each other since 5th grade and are now facing their 8th-grade year together. They both love to dance, sing, perform. If she had to write a book about Katie, it would be titled Living with Weird. Katie started taking Journalism to help prepare her for high school and college. “I really enjoy writing and writing about things with my friends,” says Katie. Her favorite part is writing about “beats” especially clubs and sports because she finds them the most entertaining and exciting. If she had to choose Broadcast Journalism or regular journalism, she would choose Broadcast Journalism, “…because I like speaking freely, and it’s easier to me than writing;” she says. If she were to advise someone who wants to join she would say, “Do your work, actually pay attention, and don’t think it’s an easy class where you can talk whenever you want.”
This is her 3rd year at Stacey Middle School. If she were the principal of the school, she would allow all students to change the wallpaper on their Chromebooks. Now that you know more about Katie Mills you know whose articles to be reading.

img_8132.jpg Caitlyn Timmons

Caitlyn Timmons is 13 years old, and she was born on July 20, 2004. So far Caitlyn is really enjoying journalism and is grateful that she gets to spend her writing time with all of her friends. Caitlyn’s great passion for writing inspired her to join the Broadcast Journalism team, along with the fact that writing and language arts are her favorite subject. Outside of school, Caitlyn loves to sing and dance. In fact, she is an excellent dancer at the OCSD dance academy. Overall she is very excited to see where her 8th-grade year will take her in Miss Walters Broadcast Journalism class along with all her classmates.

img_2440-e1504982499126.jpg Avalyn Walton

Meet the jack of all traits, Avalyn Walton. Better known as Avi, Avalyn is a new 7th grader to Stacey Middle School. Previous to Stacey, Avi was a Mustang from Schroeder Elementary. She not only has a passion for writing but is intelligent in all subjects, and has such a charismatic personality that you’re bound to become friends with her. Although Avi scores high in all subjects, she prefers math because there’s only one answer. In her spare time, Avi can be seen attending the West Arts Productions after school drama program. That’s right, Avalyn claims to love the spotlight and is looking forward to filming and starring in videos for Broadcast Journalism. What other talents could she possibly have? Avalyn has played 14u softball for five years.
Her reason being for joining journalism is to improve her writing skills further. She is really looking forward to the class. When asked, “What is something not many people know about you?” Avi responded saying that she “secretly” loves to sing (which is no secret at all) and surprisingly is good on the trapeze. So, look out for this jack of all traits, Avi Walton, and her stories on the Cougar Chronicle.

Screenshot 2017-09-11 at 8.56.04 AM Ashley Wolf 

Ashley’s life can be summed up in one word: Goats. What’s her favorite animal? Goats. What are her hobbies? Surfing, gymnastics, photography and looking at pictures of goats. What does she want to do for a career? Write poetry, design surfboards, work as a photographer, or, of course, run a dog and goat farm!

But really, all goats aside, Ashley is a hard working writer with a passion for writing poetry, reading books, and journalism. She spends her spare time writing poetry, studying photos, and making short films to prepare for her future career. We all have high expectations for this future goat rancher.

fullsizerender-15.jpg Miss Walters

Miss Walters, known to her journalism class as The Holy Walters, has taught at Stacey for the past five years, but, to blow your mind for a minute, she’s been teaching for over twenty-five years. She worked as a veterinary nurse for fifteen years before going back to school and getting another degree, this time in education. Looking back at her decision to abandon her original career, she’s proud. Her advice to students is, “Figure out what you want and figure out how to get it.”

1012161105-2 (1) Turtlehead – The one true master of the universe

Turtlehead has been a part of Ms. Walters class for 26 years. While he enjoys quietly being a part of the class, he prefers eating mealworms to coming up with ideas for new stories. You may see him sleeping under his log, bathing in his water, or giving Ms. Walters stink eye when he is hungry and she has not yet fed him. He is fine with people coming by to say hi, but he prefers not to be touched and would likely only hiss at you if you did.



  1. Also, if I were to rate the looks of the Journalism students, Kelsey would be a 10, Mariah would be a 5, + Justin would be a 1.


  2. Q: How many of the 7th grade Journalism students are returning? How many that are not in Journalism now want to join next year?


  3. I just noticed that out of all of the Journalism students, only 3 are returning 8th graders:Kelsey, Mariah, + Averi. All of the others are totally new to Journalism.


  4. Can someone tell me why Caitlyn didn’t do the morning announcements today?


  5. Dear staceycougars, I tried to make a comment, but it said, “Duplicate comment detected.” All of my comments are unique + special.


  6. Here’s when I saw each Journalism student:

    Kelsey:during lunch on M-Th

    Averi: during Science, PE, + lunch (saw both Averi + Mariah afterschool today 10/2)

    Mariah: during PE + lunch

    Grass:during PE, lunch, + math

    Mia G.:never seen her

    Gwyn K: I see at lunch on Fridays

    Brian Lam: once at lunch on a Friday + once during the fire drill

    Kevin L.:once during the fire drill

    Alyssa M.: I always see during lunch. She also has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch (on) Friday.

    Gavin M.:never this year

    Katelyn aka Katie:I see during PE, + lunch (I saw her with her friends today afterschool)

    Caitlyn:I see during Science + lunch (see above in parentheses)

    both Avalon + Ashley W.: never


  7. Can someone tell me if the CC (Cougar Chronicle) still does Ask Sams?


    • Yes, the Cougar Chronicle is continuing on with the Ask Sam series. If you would like to ask for some advice, come to B-3, Miss Walters classroom, and ask for an Ask Sam slip to submit.


  8. Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

    What was the Journalism about + where did they go to?


    • this is a false statement please back this up with evidence did ms walters teach u this way..? evidence first claim NEXT!!!!!


      • i seem to be the better senior because i am on here instead of studying for my finals so you need to understand that my dedication tops yours times 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% i have all the evidence i need (or i will have it in the next three days) when you look at my finals grades and they are all going to be lower than your level of dedication because YOU ARE NOT DEDICATIONED ENOUGH. ily!


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