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The Cougar Chronicle is Stacey Middle School’s Broadcast Journalism publication written by students for students. Although we encourage appropriate student comments on our stories, we do only post comments written by students or those affiliated with Stacey Middle School. Any comment deemed inappropriate will be deleted.

Twitter: @HBCougars

Screenshot 2018-09-20 at 9.58.00 AM.png Adrian Nguyen Dinh

Adrian Nguyen Dinh was born on June 13th, 2006. This Gemini is in 7th grade. When asked what his least favorite class was he hesitatantly answered math.

He has two siblings, Austin (8) and Crystal (5). Along with two siblings, his family has two rabbits. Although he likes his rabbits, his dream pet is a dog, specifically a bulldog.

Adrian enjoys playing and watching sports, especially soccer. Speaking of soccer, his favorite team is Real Madrid and when he is older, he hopes to be on the team.

Even though he enjoys soccer, he wishes he could play the piano. A soccer playing Mozart? That sounds pretty cool.

Another favorite of Adrian’s is beef noodles. His least favorite food might shock you a bit though; Burritos!

His favorite movie is The Fate of the Furious and his favorite superhero is…. Batman!

Also, just in case you were wondering, Adrian believes that pineapple, DOES  go on pizza.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 at 1.49.40 PM Madison Evans

Madison is a 12-year-old who is quirky and fun loving. She is an extrovert with some wizardry inside her.

Her favorite book series is “Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling, and her house is Gryffindor. The only sad part about being at Hogwarts would be that there is no steak and potatoes from Macaroni Grill!

Speaking of food, Madison owns a garden. There she grows lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots. With these ingredients, she likes to make a fresh salad with a raspberry vinaigrette on top.

She is also an animal lover. Her first and only dog is a husky malamute named snowy. If she could own an exotic animal, it would be a flamingo or an owl because they are both pretty and the flaming loves shrimp like Madison does.

Her family likes to go to different places such as the Bahamas, Las Vegas, and Disney cosmos. In the Bahamas, they swam with dolphins and cracked coconuts with her two siblings. At Disney World, she went to the animal kingdom and saw a lion and an albino giraffe.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 at 1.52.37 PM.png Gwyndalynn Raven Kent

Gwyn is 13 years old and an 8th grader who finds herself reading in her spare time. Gwyn is also an aspiring singer and is a huge fan of the singer Shawn Mendes. Singing lets her express her voice, which is much more fun and thrilling than just talking.

Not only is she a great singer and reader, but she is also a writer. She loves to write, for it is a way for her to be creative and think outside the box.

Her family is very important to her. Her brothers Connor and Bowen, ages 6 and 15, are both outgoing and can be, well, brothers at times. Her sister Deirdre, at the age of 21, has a very loving and selfless character. Her dog Millie is quite the character, with her short light brown hair, and her one blind eye. The dog was found as a stray in the mountains. She is very loved in the family and has been with them for ten years.

This outgoing girl’s favorite movie is Grease, and she loves the actor Tom Holland. The future songwriter also finds herself watching a lot of Disney movies, for it is her favorite filming studio.

Speaking of the bright lights and flashing colors of Hollywood, her favorite color is orange. She says “ The color is very bright and stands out in a crowd,” which is kind of like her bright personality. Overall she is a fun, outgoing person, who is a great writer and friend.

IMG_20180911_085029 Isabella Gonzalez

Isabella’s favorite color is yellow and she likes to listen to hip hop, pop, and old songs. Her favorite artist is Cardi B and Demi Lovato. Her favorite song is “Solo” by Demi Lovato.

She has three siblings and their names are Daniella, Diego, and Edgar. Diego is eighteen, Daniella is twenty, and Edgar is twenty five. She have five pets. Two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a fish. Her dogs are Fuzzy and Mona. The guinea pigs name is Caramel and Butterscotch, and the goldfish is Goldie the Goldfish. Fuzzy is twenty eight in dog years, Mona is twenty one is dog years, Caramel is four years old, Butterscotch is three and a half years old, and Goldie the Goldfish is two years old.

Isabella likes to learn new things and  do dance and piano after school.

Screenshot 2018-09-20 at 9.51.39 AM Savannah McVey

Screenshot 2018-09-12 at 1.46.13 PM Gavin Mercado 

Gavin Mercado is a local eighth grader here at Stacey Middle School and loves working here at Journalism. “It’s my favourite, I get to tell announcements and have all my friends hear me on the loudspeaker.”

Not only does he enjoy delivering announcements, he is an avid animal rights activist. He believes that no skincare or hair products should be used on animals, “It’s terrible, these animals are in cages and treated poorly. No living thing deserves that except for rats they can be tested on.”

Not only does he love animals but he also loves the earth. Gavyn despises global warming and the things causing it. “I love the earth, and putting harmful things into the atmosphere hurts the environment.” Gavyn loves the earth and everything that inhabits it. He is a vital part of the Journalism team.


Screenshot 2018-09-20 at 9.44.34 AM.png Avalyn Walton

Avalyn Walton, also known as Avi, is an incredibly talented and intelligent eighth grader currently going to Stacey Middle School. She is a great friend to all and over all really nice.

To get to know Avi here are the basics: Avi has the fun birthday of Halloween (October 31st) and enjoys musical theatre, reading, writing, and playing softball. Currently Avi is a part of the west arts productions community and is playing on two different softball teams. An interesting fact about Avi that not everyone knows about is her love for archery. She’s just always been drawn to it.

Being a part of Journalism is incredible for Avi and her love for words. Since she was a child Avi has always had a love for words which comes in hand when writing. While this year in journalism there will be more videos, you can always count on Avi finding a way to get writing, and not so much editing. That’s Avalyn for you, she is probably the most talented, nice, and kind person you’ll ever meet. So, see you later, Cougars!

Dylan Webber

Meet Dylan J. Webber, an extraordinary student at Stacey Middle School and a new journalism student this year. Dylan´s favorite subject is science. He loves it because ¨It’s very interesting and it flies to everything in life,¨ he says. Unlike many Dylan thinks that pineapple does go on pizza.  ¨The reason is, pizza is a universal kind of food, you can put all kinds of things, there’s no line of what you can and can’t put on pizza,¨ he tells us. So far, Dylan is really enjoying Broadcast Journalism. He says that his favorite thing about the class is, ¨The freedom of writing anything you want to write about.¨ Of the hundreds of thousands of movies out there, Dylan’s favorite is The Patriot, ¨Mel Gibson is a god and he makes really good movies,¨ Dylan explains. Finally, if the whole world was listening, Dylan would say, ¨Whatever you do, don´t smoke!¨ he further explains, ¨it’s not healthy, don’t even try it.¨ Dylan is a very interesting and welcome addition to the Journalism team, if you see him walking around or exploring the school, be sure to say hi!


 Screenshot 2018-09-20 at 9.48.05 AM Ashley Wolf 

Ashley Wolf, or as some people like to call her Wendy’s girl, is a 13 years old born on March 13, 2005.  Her most favorite hobby is poetry. She also likes to read. She likes animals, but she loves goats. Another thing is that on her phone she likes to take funny pictures of her friends on her phone.

Ashley’s favorite place for vacation is her family’s riverhouse.  She likes the riverhouse because there are many things she can do at her family’s riverhouse. She especially likes to extreme wake surf.

This is Ashley’s second year at Journalism. So she is very experienced in this elective. She is also a nice and funny person. So if you see her say hello.

fullsizerender-15.jpg Miss Walters

Miss Walters, known to her journalism class as The Holy Walters, has taught at Stacey for the past five years, but, to blow your mind for a minute, she’s been teaching for over twenty-five years. She worked as a veterinary nurse for fifteen years before going back to school and getting another degree, this time in education. Looking back at her decision to abandon her original career, she’s proud. Her advice to students is, “Figure out what you want and figure out how to get it.”

1012161105-2 (1) Turtlehead – The one true master of the universe

Turtlehead has been a part of Ms. Walters class for 26 years. While he enjoys quietly being a part of the class, he prefers eating mealworms to coming up with ideas for new stories. You may see him sleeping under his log, bathing in his water, or giving Ms. Walters stink eye when he is hungry and she has not yet fed him. He is fine with people coming by to say hi, but he prefers not to be touched and would likely only hiss at you if you did.



  1. Also, if I were to rate the looks of the Journalism students, Kelsey would be a 10, Mariah would be a 5, + Justin would be a 1.


  2. Q: How many of the 7th grade Journalism students are returning? How many that are not in Journalism now want to join next year?


  3. I just noticed that out of all of the Journalism students, only 3 are returning 8th graders:Kelsey, Mariah, + Averi. All of the others are totally new to Journalism.


  4. Can someone tell me why Caitlyn didn’t do the morning announcements today?


  5. Dear staceycougars, I tried to make a comment, but it said, “Duplicate comment detected.” All of my comments are unique + special.


  6. Here’s when I saw each Journalism student:

    Kelsey:during lunch on M-Th

    Averi: during Science, PE, + lunch (saw both Averi + Mariah afterschool today 10/2)

    Mariah: during PE + lunch

    Grass:during PE, lunch, + math

    Mia G.:never seen her

    Gwyn K: I see at lunch on Fridays

    Brian Lam: once at lunch on a Friday + once during the fire drill

    Kevin L.:once during the fire drill

    Alyssa M.: I always see during lunch. She also has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch (on) Friday.

    Gavin M.:never this year

    Katelyn aka Katie:I see during PE, + lunch (I saw her with her friends today afterschool)

    Caitlyn:I see during Science + lunch (see above in parentheses)

    both Avalon + Ashley W.: never


  7. Can someone tell me if the CC (Cougar Chronicle) still does Ask Sams?


    • Yes, the Cougar Chronicle is continuing on with the Ask Sam series. If you would like to ask for some advice, come to B-3, Miss Walters classroom, and ask for an Ask Sam slip to submit.


  8. Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

    What was the Journalism about + where did they go to?


    • this is a false statement please back this up with evidence did ms walters teach u this way..? evidence first claim NEXT!!!!!


      • i seem to be the better senior because i am on here instead of studying for my finals so you need to understand that my dedication tops yours times 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% i have all the evidence i need (or i will have it in the next three days) when you look at my finals grades and they are all going to be lower than your level of dedication because YOU ARE NOT DEDICATIONED ENOUGH. ily!


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