“Donald Trump’s Treatment Compared to Obama’s Treatment and Why it’s Unjust”: A Counter Article. Reply

Grace Baer

In the article, “Donald Trump’s Treatment Compared to Obama’s Treatment and Why it’s Unjust,” author Dylan Weber tries to compare the 44th president (Obama) and the current president (Trump). He asks the audience “Are they really? (different)” and in my opinion, yes.

Obama is very different from Trump in many ways. First, he respects each and every minority seeing that each individual is equal to one another. Trump has expressed hate towards minorities on Twitter and even on live TV. He is seen many times expressing hate for these people by insulting their intelligence. He told a female reporter once “You’re not thinking. You never do” over a controversial question she asked. He also mocked a disabled reporter in talking about the Washington Post. The video is here. Trump later says that he didn’t know what the reporter looked like, but it doesn’t take away the fact that Trump will insult or mock anyone who disagrees with him. Obama, on the other hand, was praised for the work he’s done because he deserves it. He apologized for things he couldn’t control and tried to either repay or fix them.

The article also states that both presidents hated illegal immigrants. But there are key differences. Trump calls them “animals” in one speech. He is trying to make changes, but not thinking of the consequences. He also shows the media that they are a burden to America instead of people who, documented efficiently and quickly, could make significant changes to the economy. Obama simply wanted to have illegal immigrants registered citizens and the criminal ones out of America.

Dylan Weber also states that “the 2014 government shutdown affected 2. 2 million lives, according to PolitiFact. com. ” Going to the same article, it is found nowhere how the 2014 shutdown affected lives. This statement and beyond is also biased by not taking into account the “amount of lives” that the 2018 shutdown affected. Weber also does not take in scale for a fact. The 2014 shutdown lasted 16 days, while the 2018 one lasted 35 days. That is the longest government shutdown in US history.

Finally, at the end of the article, Weber guesses that Trump is hated simply because he is a Republican. While that might be the case for some it is not for others. Personally, I think the reason Trump is hated is that he has done nothing to prove that he is a good and professional president. The American people are looking for somebody to be professional, and many find Trump unsuitable.

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