Keeping Up With the Karsh Kids Reply

Madison Evans

Emily Nguyen is a caring, friendly, and energetic seventh grader who has a lot to say about her Karsh classes. She is juggling three classes with Karsh and can’t wait for the school year to be over.

As a seventh grade all-honors student, she is expected to keep her grades up, and she does. She has A’s in all of her classes; just like most Karsh Kids. She likes all her classes equally, saying, “All of my classes have the same people, so it’s really all the same.” Her favorite part of her classes is working on group projects because she gets to work with her friends.

Emily has never thought of dropping out of any of her Karsh classes, saying the work isn’t all that hard when you get used to it. She usually has one hour of homework, but never more than two. “In general, I only have one hour every day,” she says. Her extracurricular such as dance, band, and other activities almost never interfere with her homework from any class. She says that her homework crosses with after school only “sometimes, depending on what I have on Tuesday or Thursday.”

Other than classwork and homework, Emily describes essays as usually not too bad. “We usually work through essays together, peer edit paragraphs one by one, and write and edit our last paragraph by ourselves.” She says they usually have about two weeks to write an essay, which seems reasonable.

Ms. Karsh is described as caring by her students. Emily says that she “cares a lot about us, how we do or if we do well; she wants us to become successful in the future.” Ms. Karsh sure is lucky to have these students.

Lastly, Emily says that with her friends, the classes are so much better. She has her Karsh classes with all the same people. She says Alvin, her childhood best friend, and Jason, her cousin, sit with her at her table, making it “really fun.” She loves joking around with her friends and getting to meet new people. “I’m friends with mostly everyone in these classes.” Emily is a prime example of a successful Stacey scholar.

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