Topsoil Disappearing Reply

Jolie Phan

In the past 150 years, there have been many changes on the Earth. One of those changes is the decreasing amount of topsoil. Topsoil helps grow 95% of food but it’s starting to disappear.

Known as one of the most important things to grow food, without topsoil, the earth will lose the ability to filter water, absorb carbon, and feed people. The most important consequence is that our food will no longer have their full vital nutrients.

“We never want to see our soil unless we go looking for it,” says Keith Berns, a Nebraska farmer whose land hasn’t seen a plow in three decades.

He and his brother, Brian, noticed that their soil started to decrease. They came up with a plan to keep watering it and see what happens. Soon, they noticed that their soil started to increase. Not only did they notice that their soil was increasing but for every 1% increase of carbon, an acre of land can hold up to 40,000 gallons of water.

There are still many other ways to help save our soil. But this is still a problem for most farmers and gardeners. “We have to have topsoil; it’s paramount to our survival,” says Myers, a researcher on this topic.

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