Stacey’s Broadcast Journalism World Records! 4

Gavin Mercado

Broadcast Journalism has had a good run, we have been posting weekly articles since 2014. Although Broadcast Journalism is going down to its last few articles. We have a few records that were broken on the Cougar Chronicle. Let’s get into this:

First Article Ever Published:

And the record goes to…

Teacher Aid or Distraction to the Action? by Kristen Fernandez, Thao Vy Phan, and Samantha Skocilic!

This article was the birth of the Cougar Chronicle and quite a historical feat for many Journalism students. Occasionally some current Journalism students will go back and read the article that created 96+ more pages of articles! Congratulations you three!

The Longest Article Ever Published:

And the record goes to…

Knott´s Field Trip Guide; Making Sure You Don´t Wait In Lines by Gavin Mercado!

This article has nearly 4000 words and took many hours to write. Gavin Mercado used sources from the Knott´s website and other students to put together a ¨what to expect¨ kind of article. Good job Gavin for breaking this record!

The Article Published With The Most Comments:

And the record goes to…

Opinion – America is the Best by Dylan Weber!

When this article was published it stirred up quite a controversy on the Cougar Chronicle. Many were upset and claimed that America isn’t the best country in the world. Many others were heartbroken when they heard this and tried to defend their country´s reputation. All controversies aside, it was a very well put together article that brought a lot of traffic to the Cougar Chronicle! Congratulations Dylan!

The Poll With The Most Poll Votes:

And the record goes to…

Lawyers in the Making: Pet´s Edition by Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, & Nikki Do!

This article was the very first poll posted on the Cougar Chronicle and was also the most popular poll! With an outstanding 235 votes (⅓ of the school!), It was clearly one of the most popular. This is the second record broken by Kristen Fernandez! Congratulations to her, Heather, and Nikki as well!

Person With The Most Articles Published:

And the record goes to…

Gavin Mercado with 6 pages of articles!

Gavin Mercado currently has 6 pages of articles, that is more than 60 articles! Gavin likes to write on his own time a lot which is why he has so many articles! Props to Gavin for being an avid Cougar Chronicle writer!

Person With The Most Comments:

And the record goes to…

Dylan Weber with over 300 comments!

Some of Dylan’s most popular articles include “Opinion-America is the Best” and “My Treatment of Being A Trump Supporter. Both caused much controversy.

Although Broadcast Journalism, is ending, we can now acknowledge some of the best moments in Broadcast Journalism history.


  1. Wow. No one really cares that someone wrote a lot of words or had tons of people look at the story and say something.


    • It is a simple nostalgic reflection on Journalism for avid readers and current/past Journalism students. If you don’t like the article you do not have to read it; further, comment on it.


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