Is the “OK” Gesture OK? 4

Jolie Phan

A few days ago, Marine Le Pen took a selfie, posing with the “OK” gesture and didn’t know that it had a dark meaning. “I’d never heard of the second meaning of this trivial gesture,” she said.

The sign can mean “troll the media”, OK, or ruffle feathers from many murderers. But it’s known as the white power symbol to many (WP). The three fingers – middle, ring, and pinkie – represents the letter “W” and the thumb, index finger, and the palm under the thumb stands for “P”. It got its name when a suspect of the Christchurch killings gestured with it and attracted many people’s attention afterward the suspect’s arrest.

Many people in the world take it offensive or racist. This is the reason why some people are accused of being racist when using the gesture just to say “OK.” There were many people who were banned or suspended from their jobs due to the white power symbol. A US coast guard suspended a member for forming the alleged symbol. Four police were also suspended for posing the sign in a photo.

Others troll on social media using the sign and posing with it. It all started in February 2017 when a 4channer group announced “Operation O-KKK … We must flood Twitter and other social media websites … claiming that the “OK” hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy.” They created spam accounts and messaged people the OK hoax. Their plan became successful in late April. People started to pose with the gesture to help spread the hoax.

Young boys use the gesture in the Circle Game. It’s when they try to make their victim look at them with the gesture below their waist. If they do fall for the trick, their friend lightly, hopefully lightly, punches them.

Today, the “OK” gesture is the reason why people still are accused of being racist, suspended, troll, and punch.


    • No, we shouldn’t that’s just dumb, the symbol its self didn’t start that way and it was never the inception of it either. A loud but small minority of people started trying to use the symbol that way yes but that doesn’t mean that the specific intent of the symbol. People these days are too weak, and can’t take small things like that. They overreact and go as far as firing people because they belive it might be poltically incorrect. If you give in to banning this symbol your just giving those people what they want by acknowledging them. What’s to stop them from changing other innocent things into “Racist” symbols. The accusations are getting out of control too. Where the media is so desperate for news there fast to point the finger at people and call them racist for using gestures like that. For example, Pewdiepie has been accused of being racist for that reason too. The media isn’t going after the right people instead they rather go after innocent people because they know it gets clicks and views. The media itself only makes the problem worse by talking about it. Had this never been reported this dumb little trend would have died out and the symbol would have stayed just the “Ok’ symbol. One of the things the NZ shooter even said in his manifesto was that in the video he would say and do outrages things for the sake of attention. Basically manipulating the media. He said “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” in the video which made people think that this could be pewdiepies fault but clearly stated in his manifesto was that he only said that for shock value and he didn’t do any of that for pewds. He knew the media would report on it one way or another. To spread his own message. The media can’t report on things like that and instead ignore it. It sounds wrong but by giving the persons attention like that gives them power. And everything the media did was what the NZ shooter wanted.


      • Emmy is right, we should ban it. The ok symbol is Satanic (fingers say 666), + it represents White Power (fingers say WP)


  1. I gotta agree with Gavin, society is weak these days taking offense to the smallest of things. One way of showing this is some people are offended if others don’t know who some people famous people are. An example of this actually happened a few days ago when a famous couple who had been on Jake and Logan Paul’s videos, and are now famous themselves, came here to talk to some kids in a class. I had no idea who they were and I was talking with someone saying that nobody really know who they were and someone butted in and said that everyone knew who they were after scoffing.
    Sorry long tangent, but anyway I think the ok sign is used for different things and it shouldn’t be banned because 2 out of the 10 ways its used for are bad.


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