Grumpy Cat-Astrophe Reply

Madison Evans

Before his success and fame, Tartar Sauce, a deformed snowshoe cat, was an American cat owned by Tabatha Bundesen. He suffered from an underbite in his mouth and feline dwarfism, causing his forever-grumpy expression.

He was born on April 4th, 2012. He instantly became a celebrity through the internet; mainly making his appearances through memes. His pictures, taken by his owner, spread throughout the world wide web with captions such as “Mondays Suck,” “I had fun once; it was horrible,” and so much more. He made people laugh and smile daily, even though his face showed no care for it.

Unfortunately, on May 14th, 2019, our favorite internet animal passed away. She had a urinary tract infection. She died peacefully in her mother’s arms. Her death was announced on Grumpy Cat’s social media thirteen days after her death. It is understandable that the owners waited to put the information out there. It truly is sad.

In the end, with copyright, various photos, meet and greets, and more, Tarter Sauce made her owner millions of dollars. She had her own movie, a book, and millions of merchandise sold. Although Tabatha refuses to give out the exact amount, reporters suspect that she made a total of 100 million dollars in her short life of seven years. Seems skeptical, but no one may ever know because of the owner playing coy about the cat’s entire income.

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