The Journalism/Yearbook/Leadership Disneyland Field Trip 8

Gavin Mercado

On May 28th, Journalism, Yearbook, and even Leadership embarked on a field trip to Disneyland together. This trip to Disneyland wasn’t any ordinary one as it also came with a tour. The Journalism/Yearbook kids took a tour on marketing while the Leadership kids did a tour on Leadership.

The Journalism/Yearbook kids did their tour first thing in the morning while the Leadership kids did theirs in the afternoon. After the tour was finished, the Leadership kids received FastPasses for Splash Mountain and the Journalism/Yearbook kids received a FastPass for Indiana Jones.

After the tour was over, everyone was free to roam the parks as long as they had a partner.

The following section is about my experience with students Grace Baer,  Jolie Phan, Teresa Nguyen, Dominick Ybarra, and An Tran:

As soon as the tour was over, myself, Grace, and Jolie all decided to ride Matterhorn while the other three students in our group rode Big Thunder Mountain. The freedom to roam the parks on our own was truly something special.

After the attraction, myself and Grace broke off from the rest of the group. From there, Grace and I were able to accomplish first getting ice cream, then riding Indiana Jones, and then Splash Mountain.

From there, we were absolutely starving, therefore, we decided to get lunch at the Red Rose Taverne. Grace had a beef platter, while I had a classic cheeseburger (I know, boring). After an hour meal, we also decided to split “The Grey Stuff.” We both thought it was delicious! The grey stuff was a red velvet cake surrounded in cookies and cream moose!

After our lunch break, Grace and I decided to go shopping for a bit and ride Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Grace bought a stitch phone case (picture below).

After we rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, it was time to leave the park after a long day of adventure. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to ride Space Mountain, however. It was one of the things we really wanted to experience. We left the park and bought two slushies on the way out (they were really good! 10/10 would recommend!).

Overall, the Disneyland field trip experience was something that I will never forget. Everyone that went on the field trip had so much fun riding attractions, eating food, and watching shows! If you are in Yearbook next year, then you too will get to experience an amazing Disneyland field trip.


    • You absolutely shouldn’t go randomly assuming that the girl next to Gavin is his girlfriend. 2 reasons: 1) If she was his girlfriend, love symbols might have been shown, + 2) Most people don’t date until high school or college anyway.


      • Hey whoever you are… don’t go a serious on this matter. Ok people can make mistakes on whether or not people are dating. Believe me it happens to me a lot.


  1. Wow Gavin thanks for the “amazing” story on you boasting that you and a select few got to go to Disneyland while the rest of us had to stay here. This story, in my opinion, is like a millionaire buying a whole freaking mall*cough* Mr. Beast*cough* just to flex on his money.


    • We weren’t “boasting.” We were simply reporting on our experience. The “select few” were students that worked very hard throughout the year. We’re not rich and the field trip wasn’t just given to us. We had to earn it.


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