David Airth Legacy Awards 2

Annabelle Lona

Ahhh, awards. A symbol of a person’s accomplishments. However, at Stacey, there aren’t just Student of the Month and AR awards. We have the David Airth Legacy Awards.

Some may be wondering, “What are the Legacy awards for?” or “What is the purpose?”

First, a little bit of background knowledge. The awards were created by Mrs. Airth who explains, “They chose the name in honor of my husband who passed away 2 years ago.”

There are 3 different legacy awards: Perseverance, Art, and Community Service. Community Service and Perseverance are only for 8th graders. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders can earn the Art award. Mr. Airth’s first college degree was in art, and he was a professional photographer. The art awards honor what he valued in life.

To earn these awards, there is a selection process. For art, there are a number of art pieces chosen by teachers. Ms. Airths daughter, Evangeline, chooses the winner.

To earn the Community Service award, students need to write an essay on why he/she should earn it. One is then chosen by Mrs. Airth and one of Mr. Airth’s friends. This award was added because Mr. Airth spent most of his time doing community service.

For the perseverance award, teachers choose. The perseverance award is to show that a student was able to overcome obstacles and not give up, as Mr. Airth would want them to keep going to achieve.

“Each award comes with $100 cash because Mr. Airth was a very generous man,” she says.

The David Airth Legacy awards, what a great addition to Stacey’s list.


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