The End of Stacey’s Broadcast Journalism 12

Gavin Mercado

It had to happen someday. That’s right, Broadcast Journalism will have it’s very last classes and it’s very last articles this June! Many journalism students are very upset. Many of the students including Ashley Wolf and Gwyndalynn Kent were left with jaws dropped when Ms. Walters broke the unfortunate news.

However, Broadcast Journalism isn’t ending just because. There is a reason for it. As many people know, Ms. Karsh is planning to retire this June. This means that somebody had to teach art. As it turned out, Ms. Walters was the best candidate for the job.

Not only is Ms. Karsh retiring, but, Ms. Walters says that she can, “Barely fill the [journalism] class each year.” Later she said, “Broadcast Journalism was almost canceled this year due to the fact that I had trouble filling the class. It takes a special interest to want to write for an elective.” Only 14 students signed up for the class. Only 11 were actually put into the class. Currently, there are still 12. One student dropped out, however, and a new student joined.

This means that Ms. Walters will be teaching beginning and advanced art next year instead. Many journalism students, both 7th and 8th graders were understandably not fond of the plan considering that they enjoy Broadcast Journalism sincerely. It is what they look forward to every day.

Our very last article for Broadcast Journalism will be published in June. There is no official word of what will become of the Cougar Chronicle; it is still being decided.

Ms. Walters has floated the idea of journalism being an after-school club, and even having the honors ELA classes keep the Cougar Chronicle going. Opening up the platform to all Stacey students is an exciting idea. We will just have to wait and see.


  1. I really think that y’all should either turn Journalism into a club, have Ms. Walters’ ELA/Reading Honors students do it, or have any SMS student do it. Journalism has existed for a very long time, but the Cougar Chronicle has only existed for 4 years, since September 2015. 1 year before I was an SMS Cougar, 2 years while I was an SMS Cougar, + this year, 1 year that it has existed while I’m not an SMS Cougar anymore.


  2. As long as my picture doesn’t stay in the about us page then im good. I think that it is good to keep the articles up to look back on.


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